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  • . Meanwhile, Clarisse is still continuing her muted romance with Joe (Hector Elizondo, , ), her security guard

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  • . And for that matter, consider Joseph , the chief of palace security

    All That Heaven Allows (1955)
  • . Hollywood gave them more money and security than they'd probably ever known, and when it also gave them hackneyed and meretricious scripts to capture on film, they devised new ways to freshen them up and, against all odds, make them work

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  • . Marshal's airplane, which the inmates nickname Con Air (Convict Airlines), to a new maximum security prison


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  • . In 1999, the bridge was officially re-opened for bicycle and pedestrian usage after renovations and security improvements
  • . The city of New York is now a maximum security prison

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  • . In 1988, the crime in USA has quadrupled and the government, unable to preserve law and order by any other means, decided to turn Manhattan into maximum security prison

    Masculine Identity in the Service Class
  • . There was a time when blue-collar workers could invest in a kind of honor and mythology of hard physical work, but "the world has changed" (as one Bruce Springsteen song laments ) and now former steelworkers are parking cars, waiting tables, and watching security monitors
  • . Part of the way that the working poor are lulled into cooperating and staying in the service of richer classes is by this unspoken promise that if they work hard they will ascend to higher security and status

    E-FilmCritic - Defending Truth: Slate's Chris Hitchens Does a Hatchet Job on Michael Moore
  • . Viva democracy! "We are shown some American civilians who have had absurd encounters with idiotic "security" staff
  • . By pointing out the ridiculous stories of encounters with overzealous security staff, then pointing out that the State of Oregon only has eight state troopers on duty at certain times through the week, leaving huge swathes of coastline unprotected, then pointing out that three matchbooks and two lighters is a-okay to take on a plane but four matchbooks and two lighters is not (despite the evidence showing that shoebomber Richard Reid would have succeeded in blowing up a civillian flight if he'd had access to a lighter), Moore is making a very salient point
  • . That point is that homeland security is a JOKE.You can see that, right? Because I saw it clearly
  • . You'll notice the originating IP address is, the website of a private security company who actually provided interrogators to the Abu Ghraib prison

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    The Australian: Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11: The Barbarian Invasion of 'Cretinism'.
  • . Tony Blair and Bill Clinton courageously pre-empted the UN Security Council which was paralysed in the face of genocide a familiar pose for that body

    Warner Independent Pictures - Good Night, And Good Luck
  • . One such story is that of navy pilot, Milo Radulovich, who has been kicked out the navy for being a security risk
  • . In 1953, Radulovich was served with discharge papers having been deemed a security risk, because his father and sister were supposedly communist sympathizers

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  • . Disney lulled us into a false sense of security with the unexpected quality of

    ReelViews Review: Inspector Gadget (1999)
  • . When we first meet John Brown (Broderick), he's just an average security guard with dreams of becoming a policeman and saving the life of Brenda Bradford (Joely Fisher), a lady scientist he has a crush on


    WWWF Grudge Match: Crocodile Hunter vs. Jurassic Park

  • . (A billionaire putting a blatant malcontent in charge of security
  • . On the other hand, if this is the hollywood version, Steve & Terri make it back to within shouting distance of the helipad only to see the helicopter take off without them and the two kids, panicky accountant, and ex-military head of security they have found on the island, at which point they make their way toward the dock (where there is a convenient seaplane that is fully fueled and remarkably untouched by the fires raging around the docking facilities)
  • . Just as they are about to step on the pier, the ex-military head of security senses that "something's not right here - its too easy, " and as the group sprints for the seaplane, the head of security is devoured by six velociraptors (who conveniently ignore the rest of the people sprinting for the plane), and Terri uses her piloting skills from back in her days as a Southwest stewardess to fly herself, Steve, and the two kids to safety
  • . In Jurassic Park, Lex manages to access a state-of-the-art computer and turn the security system back on, locking the raptor out (I'll ignore the fact that it then comes through the window)

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  • . Genre: Action; Comedy Color or b/w: Color Production Co(s).: Ben Myron Productions; Nearsighted Productions; UPA Productions; Walt Disney Pictures Released By: Buena Vista MPAA Rating: PG Parental Rating: Acceptable for children Running Time: 97 Quincy Magoo Luanne Leseur Agent Gus Anders Agent Chuck Stupack Bob Morgan Waldo Stacey Sampanahoditra Ortega Peru Austin Cloquet Schmitt Gosha Hebzinski McManus Molinaro Javier Museum Curator Ralston--Stage Manager Rosita Desk Clerk Tenor Female Tourist Newswoman Soprano Security Guard Tour Guide Train Station Porter Radio Announcer Opera Patron TV Trainer Cook Show Host Fix It Guy Rosita's Dresser Snowboarder Snowboarder Snowboarder Snowboarder Snowboarder Snowboarder Baboon Performer Animated Magoo Voice Producer Exec

    WWWF Grudge Match: Mad Max vs. Snake Plissken
  • . - SkullKrusher (There Is No Jihad) Australia is a former maximum security penitentiary

    'Mad Max' Sequel Appears Dead
  • . Gibson had originally intended to shoot in the southern Africa country of Namibia in May but halted preproduction citing security concerns following the outbreak of war with Iraq

    End of the Road for 'Fury Road'
  • . Originally set to film last July in Namibia, the production was postponed because of security concerns
  • . Oddly, Namibia, which is mostly Christian and is located in southern Africa, is not regarded as a terrorist target, and no security advisories have been issued for the country
  • . In an interview with today's (Monday) Wall Street Journal , Jobs said that he had decided to wear his "Pixar hat" and to urge Hollywood not to release any of its movies on digital hi-definition TV until security software can be integrated into home theaters that sport high-definition recorders

  • . You have a social security number, you pay your taxes and you help your landlady carry out her garbage

    The 80's Movies Rewind
  • . one scene which highlights this is when Chevy Chase's character takes a black security guard hostage and commands him like a dog..
  • . Then it cuts to the runway, and you hear the ground control radioing in for security about a cabin disruption

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  • . Coles Ozzie Arthur Harriet Emma Marcia Gus Pfeiffer Granger Angeli Klein Richardson Woody Richard Elton Ed Helicopter Pilot Concierge Kate's Neighbor Samuels Security Guard Receptionist Receptionist Garfield's Office Valet Japanese Waitress Bart TV Reporter FNN Reporter Reporter No.1 Reporter No.2 Camerawoman Factory Worker Proxy Moniter Garfield Supporter Japanese Businessman No.1 Japanese Businessman No.2 Japanese Businessman No.3 Producer Exec

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