Metacritic: 25th Hour

  • . 90 The New Yorker David Denby It captures the city's bitter, wire-taut mood after September 11th, and I hope that Disney -- finds some way to bring this acrid and brilliant little picture to the large audience it deserves

    Masculine Identity in the Service Class
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    Kinoeye: Suspiria
  • ademic analysis by Linda Schulte-Sasse.
    Vol 2 Issue 11 10 June 2002 KINOEYE E-MAIL UPDATES ARCHIVES COUNTRY ARCHIVES SEARCH HORROR The "mother" of all horror movies Dario Argento's Suspiria (1977) In this multi-layered examination of Argento's undisputed magnum opus, Linda Schulte-Sasse analyses the use of gothic spaces and sly references to fascism and the film's eligibility for being "Disney's hidden reverse." Dario Argento has been called the "Italian Hitchcock" and the "Visconti of Violence." Perhaps, but if we must pin a catchy canonical label to Argento, my vote would go to "Disney's hidden reverse, " and Suspiria (1977) is the best reason why
  • . Like Disney, Argento has no interest in realism whatsoever; Suspiria is self-consciously stylised, artificial and, as the first victim will remark in a kind of meta-commentary, "so absurd, so fantastic."] The characters are not psychologically developed, but correspond with folkloric types]: a protagonist on a quest by which she will lose her innocence; helper figures who show the way; and a malevolent maternal trio composed of dance instructor Miss Tanner (Alida Valli), administrator Madame Blanc (Joan Bennett), ] the whiteness of whose name stands in ironic contrast to the "Black Queen" of witchcraft, Helene Marcos, a 19th-century Greek immigrant and now the school's elusive "Headmistress." In a conscious if ironic tribute to Disney, Suspiria is about intense color as much as it is about anything; Argento has commented that "we were trying to reproduce the color of Walt Disney's Snow White ; it has been said from the beginning that Technicolor lacked subdued shades, was without nuances—like cut-out cartoons."] Suspiria is about sound as well, overlaid with a repetitive, frantic and compelling musical soundtrack by the rock group Goblin, whose sound has become a hallmark of some key Argento films

    TV Guide Online: Tron
  • te includes movie review, plot synopsis, cast/crew information and picture.
    NEW! Search for TV Listings, Movies, Celebrities, Photos and Video Bruce Boxleitner and Jeff Bridges TRON Steven Lisberger, 1982 Our rating: This Disney kids' adventure, released in an attempt to capitalize on the video game craze, features the first on-screen attempt to represent what later became known as "cyberspace." Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) is a computer-game designer whose advanced ideas are constantly being stolen by the villainous company head, Ed Dillinger (David Warner)
  • . At the time of the film's release, Disney was trying to bridge the market from the near-dead "family film" to a more sophisticated product


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    Vampyres Film List
  • . Vampire, Saga Three(Hong Kong 198?) (USA 1988, Dir.Jimmy Houston) (USA 1973, Film Co.World of Disney Films) (USA ?, Synopsis.a comedy, one of the 'classmates' is a closet vampire) (USA 1987, Dir.Kathryn Bigelow, Cast.Lance Hendriksen) (Hong Kong 199?) (Italy/France/West Germany 1971 Dir.Antonio Marghre.Cast.Anthony Franciosa, Michele Mercier) (Philippines 1964, aka The Secrets of Dracula) (USA 1989, Dir.Farhad Mann, made for TV movie) (USA 1990 Dir.Dominique Otherin-Girard, Isa Anderson as Lilith) (USA 1972, Dir.John Llewellyn Moxey, made for TV movie) (USA ?, Producer.Bernie Brillstein, Synopsis.policeman turns vampire, Status.In Production) (Mexico/USA 1989, Dir.Daniel Taplitz, Cast.Ben Cross, Maryam D'Abo, Film Co.Cine Mexico, made for TV) (USA 1976, Dir.John Stanley, Cast.Kerwin Matthews) (USA 1978, Dir.Arthur HIller, Screenplay.Steve Shagan, Edwin Shrake, Cast.NIck Mancuso, Kathryn Harrold, Stephen Macht) (USA 1971, Dir.Dan Curtis, not DS cast or Thread) (Italy? 1987, Dir.Giorgio Ferroni, Cast.Gianna Garko, Artgostina Belli, Mark Roberts) (USA 1968, Dir.George Romero, aka Night of Anubis (Spain 1975, Dir.Leon Klimovsky, Cast.Emma Cohen, Carlos Ballesteros) (Spain 1971, Prod.Armando de Ossorio) (USA 1972, Dir.Dan Curtis, sequel to The Night Stalker) (USA? 1988, Dir.David DeCoteau, Cast.Linnea Quigley) (USA 1978, Cast.JOhn Carradine, Yvonne De Carlo) (Mexico 1960, Dir.Frederick Curriel, Cast.German Robles) (Germany 1922, Dir.F

    Kon Ichikawa: Profile
  • . It's perverse yet suitably uncompromising that Ichikawa should reveal a long-term affection for Walt Disney

    NationMaster: Encyclopedia
  • . Babes in Toyland is a 1961 musical film, directed by Jack Donohue, produced by Walt Disney, and distributed to theatres by Buena Vista Distribution
  • . Bedknobs and Broomsticks is a Disney musical film, which premiered October 7, 1971
  • . 102 Dalmatians is a 2000 live-action motion picture, produced by The Walt Disney Company and starring Glenn Close

    Reel Movie Critic: Ethnic Categories
    List of films where actors of non-white American origin are featured in starring and supporting roles.
    Reel Movie | Ethnic Categories 2003-1 | Ziyi Zh;ang Ethnic Categories 2003-1 2002-1 Only on this page Ethnic by Category Below Listed 1st by ethnicity (e.g.. Latino) and then by country of origin, Japan African-American & Black Tyrese, John Singleton Spike Lee Yaphet Kotto Ice Cube & Mike Epps Along Came a Spider Morgan Freeman Amandla! A Revolution in Four Part Harmony Jennifer

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    African Americans in Motion Pictures
  • . Ward/Buena Vista The Thing Called Love - Peter Bogdanovich/Paramount Hocus Pocus - Kenny Ortega/Disney Captain Ron - Thom Eberhardt/Disney School Ties - Robert Mandel/Paramount A League of Their Own - Penny Marshall/Columbia Honey I Blew Up the Kid - Randal Kleiser/Disney Star Trek VI - Nicholas Meyer/Paramount Dead Again - Kenneth Branagh/Paramount Naked Gun 2 1/2 - David Zucker/Paramount Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Steve Barron/New Line Cinema I Come in Peace - Craig R
  • . His credits include: Supervising ADR Editor Scary Movie - Keenan Ivory Wayans/Miramax The Warden - Turner Network Television The 10th Kingdom - Hallmark Entertainment House Arrest - Harry Winer/Rysher-Sony The Tie that Binds - Wesley Strick/Interscope Weapons of Mass Distraction - Home Box Office Casino (West Coast Supervisor) - Martin Scorsese Grace of My Heart (West Coast Supervisor) - Allison Anders/Gramercy Pictures Copy Cat (West Coast Supervisor) - John Amel Big Bowling Ball - Home Box Office Body Bags - John Carpenter/Home Box Office The Red Coat - Robin Swicord In the Name of the Father (ADR Consultant) - Jim Sheriklan/Universal Gridlock'd - Vondie Curtis Hall/Interscope ADR Editor Pay It Forward - Mimi Leder/Bel Air Entertainment The Thin Red Line - Terence Malick/Warner Brothers The Shrink Is In - Richard Benjamin/USA Films Mercury Rising - Harold Becker/Universal Titanic - James Cameron/Fox-Paramount Batman and Robin - Joel Schumacher/Warner Brothers Kazaam - Paul Michael Glazer/Buena Vista Tin Cup - Ron Shelton/Warner Brothers Steal Big Steal Little - Andrew Davis/Savoy Batman Forever - Joel Schumacher/Warner Brothers Four Rooms - Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez/Miramax Stuart Smalley - Harold Ramis/Paramount Star Trek: Generations - David Carson/Paramount The Brady Bunch - Betty Thomas/Paramount Clear and Present Danger - Phillip Noyce/Paramount Roomates - Peter Yates/Disney On Deadly Ground - Steven Seagal/Warner Brothers The Fugitive - Andrew Davis/Warner Brothers The Program - David S

    OnVideo Guide to Home Video Releases: DVDs
  • . Extras: "DisneyPedia: My First Circus" learning game with matching cards, "Baby Mine" music video, "Dumbo's Big Discovery" DVD storybook, sing-along songs, "Celebrating Dumbo" featurette, Walt Disney's original TV introduction for the film, art gallery, animated shorts "Elmer Elephant" and "The Flying Mouse." (Disney)
  • . (Walt Disney)
  • . (Disney)
  • . Extras: Commentary by the filmmakers, Disney song selection sing-alongs, "Junkyard Games, " "Hide & Seek Game, " "The Making of Lady & the Tramp II: From Tramp to Scamp, " three classic Disney bonus shorts
  • . (Disney)
  • . Disney Channel Original Movie
  • . (Disney)
  • . (Disney)

    American Movies Worth Seeing
  • . Movie Year Director Cast Age Recommendation/ Comments Alice in Wonderland 1951 Clyde Geronomi (animated) 3+ Alice in Wonderland 1999 Nick Willing Tina Majorino, Whoopi Goldberg, Ben Kingsley 4+ Atlantis - The Lost Empire 2001 Gary Trousdale, Kirk Wise (animated) 8+ A proof that Disney can do better than just produce unimaginative stuff for the dumb
  • . Emperor's New Groove 2000 Mark Dindal (animated) 8+ 1940 James Algar, Samuel Armstrong (animated) 4+ In my opinion the best and most imaginative film that Disney ever made
  • . (My 5-year-old daughter who is into classical music prefers this movie to any other Disney film.) Fantasia/2000 1999 James Algar, Gaëtan Brizzi (animated) 4+ Keeps up with the original from 1940

    The Warner Bros Cartoon Companion: Blanc, Mel
  • . Blanc also supplied the dialogue forGideon, the cat in the Disney feature Pinocchio (1940);however, except for a hiccup, all of his dialogue was deleted in thefinal cut
  • . Schneider credits Bletcher as one ofthe voices of the Peg Leg Pete character at Disney, and he also didwork for the Lantz studio ( Boy Meets Dog ) and the Iwerksstudio ( Little Boy Blue )


    The Warner Bros Cartoon Companion

  • . Blanc also supplied the dialogue forGideon, the cat in the Disney feature Pinocchio (1940);however, except for a hiccup, all of his dialogue was deleted in thefinal cut
  • . Schneider credits Bletcher as one ofthe voices of the Peg Leg Pete character at Disney, and he also didwork for the Lantz studio ( Boy Meets Dog ) and the Iwerksstudio ( Little Boy Blue )

    The Warner Brothers Cartoon Companion: Robert Clampett
  • . Katz also cites Cannon as being an ex-Disney employee, though when is not clear
  • . Legend has it that around this time, he helped design the first Mickey Mouse dolls, along with his aunt, who worked at the Disney Studio
  • . His big break came with the hiring of Tex Avery in late 1935; along with Chuck Jones, Bobe Cannon, and other radicals, Clampett was put in the original Termite Terrace, and was part of the process that developed a style of cartoons that eventually departed significantly from the Disney style then popular
  • . Colonna did lend his voice to the Walt Disney feature Alice in Wonderland (1951), in which he played the March Hare opposite the Mad Hatter (Ed Wynn)
  • . Colvig, Vance (Pinto) One of the great voice actors in cartoons, Colvig is indelibly associated with the Disney character Goofy; the voice he added to that character gave the character much of its charm, and certainly had a hand (along with brilliant animation by Arthur Babbit) in making Goofy a major character

    Ralph Bakshi´s problem with postmodernism
  • . While many animation directors like Walt Disney and Tex Avery had distinctive styles, Bakshi was probably the first auteur animator

    Tom Chandley Ltd
  • . Customers new and old recognise Tom Chandley Ltd as leading bakery engineers producing quality commercial baking ovens and range from the smallest baking operation to the most prestigious - Virgin's Norton House Hotel, The Citricos Restaurant in Florida's Disney World, Cunard's Sea Goddess I and II and Terence Conran's Bluebird Gastrodome on the Kings Road, Chelsea

  • . There's a reason why industry giants like Broderbund, Voyager, Cyan, Pixar, Lucasfilm, Macromedia, Microsoft, Disney and CNN use QuickTime in their digital media offerings:QuickTime is the standard for digital videoand streaming media

    Robert Louis Stevenson en el cine
  • . Robert Stevenson (sin relación familiar con el escritor), un habitual director de los estudios Disney, realiza una versión de "David Balfour", la famosa obra de su tocayo
  • . Película de animación de la Disney que adaptaba el clásico de "La isla del tesoro" con la dirección de los autores de "La sirenita" o "Aladdin"

    The Buzz that Was
  • . Disney halts big-budget Robin Williams flick ..

    Tennessee Books We Own Site (RootsWeb)
  • . Surnames listed in index include: Amerine, Anderson, Avis, Baker, Bernhardt, Billingsley, Blount, Bolling, Boone, Bostic, Boyd, Braden, Brock, Brown, Bruce, Bryan, Burnett, Burnside, Bush, Butcher, Carden, Carpenter, Carroll, Carson, Clear, Coolidge, Coward, Cox, Crenshaw, Cross, Crossno, Crozier, Cullom, Dail, Daniel, Demarcus, Daughtery, Dickson, Disney, Donaldson, Dunaway, Duncan, Elkins, England, Estabrook, Evans, Farmer, Foust, Fowler, Fox, Gadsen, Gamble, Geier, Gerding, Gibbs, Grant, Grotelueschen, Hall, Hannah, Harding, Harriett, Harrington, Haun, Henderson, Hendrickson, Hensley, Henson, Hicks, Hightower, Hill, Hollingsworth, Holt, Horton, Hoskins, Houk, Hughes, Hutton, Irwin, Jarnigan, Johnson, Jones, Kincaid, Knott, Ladd, Landrum, Leath, Lee, Leinart, Lewallen, Liles, Lind, Lindsay, Long, Longmire, McAdoo, McCoy, mcGhee, McGintley, McKinley, Magill, Maire, Medaris, Mee, Meredith, Miller, Moore, Moser, Murmann, Narramore, Newman, Norman, Norris, Oliver, Owen, Patterson, Peak, Peters, Procise, Reeves, Reynolds, Rhea, Richards, Rives, Roane, Robbins, Ross, Rothrock, Rutherford, Sanders, Sawyer, Scruggs, Seeber, Seivers, Shelton, Shinliver, Slusher, Smith, Stair, Stansberry, Strader, Suddarth, Tate, Taylor, Toms, Trimble, Tunnell, Underwood, Viles, Wallace, Weaver, Wells, Whitson, Wilder, Woodside, Wynne, Yarnell, Young @CallCenter