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  • . He was nominated as the Executive Producer/Director/Writer to the NAMIC Hall of Fame for his TV show Romantically Yours

    All-Reviews.com: The Country Bears
  • . While on the road, he happens across the Country Bear Concert Hall, which is going to be demolished by snide banker Reed Thimple (Christopher Walken) unless they can come up with $20, 000
  • . Soon, Beary has set out with his new friends to gather up the old Country Bears bandmembers in order to throw a reunion concert and raise the needed money to save the hall

    The 80's Movies Rewind: The Color of Money
  • . There's no big showdown, little romance or feel good musical montage; this is old school moviemaking, with the use of mise en scene exploited to the full, in a shot where Newman walks back into an empty Vegas poolhall and sees row upon row of tables just waiting to be played
  • . In "The Color of Money", Eddie makes reference to the The Hustler by saying that "someone retired him along time ago from pool" The owner of in Chalkies pool hall in "The Color of Money" is owned by the same character who, in "The Hustler", cleans up the tables after Minnesota Fats and eddie play
  • . [Thanks to Glenn Magpili] Rock legend Iggy Pop makes a cameo appearance in one of the dingy pool halls, first winning but then, in classic hustler fashion, being taken to the cleaners and having to hand all the money back

    WWWF Grudge Match: Adrian Cronauer vs. Dr. Johnny Fever
  • . Shall I further observe that he actually smashed the shit out of the phone with the bomb itself ? And lived? The point is, we don't know whether Dr
  • . T is not an unblemished champion in these halls
  • . Rather, let's take what little knowledge I have and make a response, shall we? Dr
  • . They had the Cincinatti Kid, but the Toronto Kid sure put him in his place(You didn't see that? Go watch Kids in the Hall.)

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    Warner Independent Pictures - Good Night, And Good Luck
  • . Radulovich footage and was part of the team that broadcast the brave shows challenging Senator Joseph McCarthy
  • . It was at this point that he began to feel the importance of accuracy, "Milo Radulovich was there, Fred Friendly's two sons and one of his wives was there, there was the real Joe and Shirley Wershba, everybody had come in for the table read, which is almost unheard of in film production." He continues, "To listen to them speak and see all the photographs; look at the documentation of ‘See It Now' (Murrow's news show) is a huge challenge to access but deserves the attempt." Of course, playing such a towering, important figure as Murrow would be a daunting task for any actor
  • . Murrow) David Strathairn attended Williams College before launching a successful acting career and has appeared in many of his Williams College classmate John Sayles' features, including "Matewan, " "Eight Men Out" and "Passion Fish." He has also worked with some of Hollywood's top directors including Mike Nichols' "Silkwood, " Stephen Gyllenhaal's "Losing Isaiah, " Sydney Pollack's "The Firm, " Tim Robbins' "Bob Roberts, " Penny Marshall's "A League of Their Own, " Taylor Hackford's "Dolores Claiborne, " Curtis Hanson's "LA Confidential" and Philip Kaufman's "Twisted" to name just a few

    Greatest Films: Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981)
  • . Spielberg was encouraged to make two more sequels: Raiders Films Director/Producer Facts Main religious artifact or icon: Jewish Ark of the Covenant that once held the 10 Commandments Year: 1936 Spielberg/Lucas (Composer John Williams) Introduced character of whip-carrying Indy Jones (Harrison Ford); with 8 Academy Awards nominations and 4 Oscar wins; grossed $242 million Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) Main religious icon or artifact: the Sankara Stones, three sacred Hindu stones Year: 1935 Spielberg/Lucas (Composer John Williams) A prequel to the first film, an inferior, darker remake that paid homage to Gunga Din (1939) , with an evil cult and enslaved children; inspired the creation of the MPAA's PG-13 rating; the film that introduced Spielberg to his future wife Kate Capshaw, a miscast character in the film; grossed $179 million Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) Main religious artifact or icon: legendary Christian sacred vessel, the Holy Grail, the cup Jesus used at the Last Supper Year: A prequel (1912), then the late 1930s Spielberg/Lucas (Composer John Williams) With Sean Connery as Indy's dad Henry; 13 year-old Indy was played by River Phoenix; grossed $197 million 4th in series ? Spielberg/Lucas Jeff Nathanson (screenwriter) To be filmed in 2005 and screened in summer of 2006 ABC-television series, The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (1992-1996) the 17-year-old Indy was played by Sean Patrick Flanery, 93-year-old Indy by George Hall, and 10-year-old Indy by Corey Carrier; these were released on video in 1999 under the name The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones Numerous other films have been influenced by the trilogy of Raiders films: King Solomon's Mines (1985) with Richard Chamberlain, Romancing the Stone (1984) and Jewel of the Nile (1985) , the Spielberg-produced The Goonies (1985) , and more recently The Mummy (1999) and The Mummy Returns (2001), and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001)

    The Guardian: 'I Capture the Castle' comes to the screen
  • . Into this eccentric household come two eligible and rich young men - Simon Cotton, an American who has inherited the nearby pile, Scoatney Hall, and his handsome younger brother, Neil

    Bright Lights Film Journal: Imitation of Life
  • . (It is a more subtle version of what Hitchcock did when he killed off Janet Leigh one-third into .) The classic woman's picture is the female variant of the archetypal plot defined by Robert Warshow in his "The Gangster as Tragic Hero" essay: working stiff becomes low-level hoodlum, attracted by big cars, fancy shirts, loose women, and shoots his way to the top; lest crime should appear too attractive an example, a peripeteia ocurs in the middle of the film — the clean-up at City Hall, the rival mob closes in
  • . Appearing in John Springer's "Legendary Ladies" series at New York's Town Hall in 1975, Turner replied to a question (from ) about her sole experience with Sirk: "Douglas Sirk

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    The One Lion
  • . Before seeing them, I have a look at some places that are starting to look familiar - the courtyard of the Witch’s house, and the great hall of Cair Paravel
  • . Weta, along with Canadian co-producers Nelvana, won the animation prize at the Banff World Television Festival in Alberta, Canada, for Jane and the Dragon: Shall We Dance

    Reel Faces: Miracle
  • . Chucke Menke of USA Hockey said that Brooks was coming from a Hall of Fame celebrity golf event
  • . (Roster page loads in frames - Content from the US Hockey Hall of Fame Website) Link to Learn More: - Hockey Movies - A List - Coming Soon Watch the Miracle Movie Trailer: - Quicktime (.mov) - Quicktime (apple) Message Board (Recent Posts): - by MattParks Discuss the true story behind this film in

    IMDb: Marvin's Room (1996)
  • . thanks (as Conrad Hall) ...

    Entertainment Zone: Matrix Sequels
  • . “The kung-fu sequences are more sophisticated and more challenging than the first film
  • . UPDATE: Futuristic Movie To Debut at Futuristic Hall 11 September 2003 The futuristic Walt Disney Concert Hall, which opens with an inaugural gala, on Oct
  • . Daily Variety indicated on Wednesday that producer Joel Silver was able to use his friendship with architect Frank Gehry to land the hall as the site for the film's premiere


    IMDb: The Mighty Ducks

  • . Jesse Hall (as Brandon Adams) ...

    Rotten Tomatoes: Magnolia
  • . Her father (Philip Baker Hall), the host of the game show "What Do Kids Know?" MPAA RATING R RELEASE DATES Video: Aug 29, 2000 GENRE , , , OFFICIAL SITE • My Friends' Reviews of Magnolia Want to see your friends' ratings and Tomatometer appear here? Create a journal and start rating films in your entries

    Grudge Match: Freddy vs. Jason
  • . Since we're talking about who we can bring in to help, let's look at both sides of the story, shall we? Freddy can call in "Fab 5 Freddy" and Fred "Freddy" Savage
  • . Plus, he has a video and in the video he defeats them both, along with Michael Meyers from "Halloween" and some asylum doctors
  • . "Evil shall see itself and it shall die" indeed...Freddy's going to catch his reflection in Jason's machete and perish without the big guy even touching him
  • . HYPOTHESIS: Freddy wins the Battle of Halloween
  • . CONCLUSION: Freddy breakdances on Jason's shallow grave in 4.3 minutes
  • . - "Fuck! This shitbox stinks" or "Why Jason has it easy" Yeah, right! I'm supposed to vote for one of these two? I vote Jason: Freddy introduces his poster-boy-for-fire-safety self into my nightmares and I'm human sushi(tm) from oversized fingernails! I vote Freddy: Jason comes out of the one place I expect him to be, but don't bother to look there, and I'm in pieces somewhere in the bottom of a lake in Minnesota! I'll take my chances on Satan himself, if you don't mind! - The Weeze Freddy: -the school janitor thing (need I say more?) -the fedora -manicure by Garden Weasel -the one-liners -killing Johnny Depp *Double bonus points!* (in the first movie) -the one-liners (enough already!) -ugh! soundtrack by Dokken (the third movie) -The fourth movie sucked -the fifth movie sucked -the sixth movie really sucked -ripped off the "killer in dreams" concept from that movie with Dennis Quaid Jason: -The goalie mask *Triple bonus points!* -ummm, the most ludicrous methods of being revived -appearance on the Arsenio Hall show (Kane Hodder, in character...) -ripped off the "silent unstoppable masked killing machine" concept from Halloween -movies 3 through 9 sucked Hmmm

    The 80's Movies Rewind
  • . The film commences at a sterotypically dodgy car dealership where Clark Griswold (Chase) has gone with son (Michael Hall) to trade in the "old gas guzzler" and pick up the new "Antarctic Blue Super Sports Wagon with CB and optional family fun pack"
  • . Staple John Hughes actor Anthony Michael Hall, who was to go on to appear in most of John Hughes's movies throughout the 80's makes an very young appearance as Griswold's son Rusty

    UltimateDisney.com: Old Yeller
  • . In this cartoon, Mickey’s dog takes a bone from a big bulldog, running into a hall of mirrors to escape him
  • . An elevator takes us into a vast 3-D hall, and a menu is presented specifically for Old Yeller
  • . The right side of this hall presents 3 selections
  • . .never mind.) On the opposite, left side of the hall are 3 more selections
  • . The next option, Production Archive , zooms us into yet another hall with several more options
  • . Back in the main hall, we discover our very last offering

    LDSfilm.com: The Other Side of Heaven
  • . Three days before being cast in Get Real, she performed in two concerts at Carnegie Hall as member of All-Eastern U.S
  • . "It was such a tremendous challenge; but at the same time, it was spiritually uplifting." Garbett, a member of BYU's Film School Advisory Council, started his film career at Disney where he met Davis
  • . Gerald Molen, who also produced "Schindler's List" and "Jurassic Park, " has taken on the challenge to make a movie based on the memoirs in Elder John H
  • . The plot revolves around the challenges and blessings he faced as he learned to love this unknown world
  • . Garry Marshall(Runaway Bride), her director in The Princess Diaries, has rightly describedher as"a combination Julia Roberts, Audrey Hepburn, and Judy Garland." The article also mentions accomplished producer Jerry Molen, the film's $7 million budget, and first-time director Mitch Davis

    Robin Hood Films
  • . A Challenge for Robin Hood
  • . With Jon Hall and Patricia Morison
  • . With Brian Heidik and Gabriella Hall

    The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)
  • . And Hammer Studios produced three Robin Hood movies in the 1950s and 1960s: Men of Sherwood Forest (1957) , Sword of Sherwood Forest (1960) , and A Challenge for Robin Hood (1968)
  • . To introduce the next memorable scene, another description: The great cold hall of Nottingham Castle, the stronghold of Sir Guy Gisbourne, knew an unaccustomed warmth this night, for Prince John and his friends were met to celebrate a promising future
  • . At this point, introducing himself with a dramatic entrance, the handsome, but uninvited, devil-may-care Robin unexpectedly bursts through the gate to the great banquet hall with the body of a slain deer draped across his shoulders

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