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  • . But on second… or third… or more viewings, the picture starts to unravel: It’s still a powerful piece, but – to quote from William Goldman in a wonderful essay on why the film isn’t nearly as effective as Walt Disney’s Bambi (I’m not kidding – check out pages 152-154 of Goldman’s book Adventures in the Screen Trade for details) – “all of this was exciting, and I enjoyed it every bit as much as I used to be enthralled by Batman having it out with the Penguin – and precisely on that level.” Bingo

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  • . Movie Year Director Cast Age Recommendation/ Comments Alice in Wonderland 1951 Clyde Geronomi (animated) 3+ Alice in Wonderland 1999 Nick Willing Tina Majorino, Whoopi Goldberg, Ben Kingsley 4+ Atlantis - The Lost Empire 2001 Gary Trousdale, Kirk Wise (animated) 8+ A proof that Disney can do better than just produce unimaginative stuff for the dumb
  • . Emperor's New Groove 2000 Mark Dindal (animated) 8+ 1940 James Algar, Samuel Armstrong (animated) 4+ In my opinion the best and most imaginative film that Disney ever made
  • . (My 5-year-old daughter who is into classical music prefers this movie to any other Disney film.) Fantasia/2000 1999 James Algar, Gaëtan Brizzi (animated) 4+ Keeps up with the original from 1940

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  • . "I was in the 1968 Walt Disney production of The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band with Pamelyn
  • . Perhaps, in the light of shows now disfiguring Saturday-morning television, beyond anyone's powers." The Flying Nun (TV 1970) "Cousins By the Dozens" Steve Allen's Hollywood Bowl (TV 1970) Mannix (TV 1970) "Fly Little One" Play It Again, Charlie Brown (Voice) (TV 1970) "Lucy Van Pelt" The Christine Jorgensen Story (Movie 1970) [Disney] Wonderful World of Color "Smoke" (Movie 1970) "Susie" From the TV Feature Film Source Book: "Drama of a stray German shepard dog who helps a young boy adjust to life with his new stepfather

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  • . That made Walter Elias Disney, who supplied Mickey's squeaks, the first-ever cartoon voice actor
  • . I honestly don't know anyone thinks it works better in splits but it still seems to be the norm for theatricals, especially at Disney

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  • formation on Walt Disney's life, ideas, and creations, featuring a 100th birthday card to be delivered to his daughter, Diane Disney Miller.
    Untitled Document 100 Years of Disney! On December 5, 1901, Walter Ellias Disney was born to Elias Disney, and Flora Call Disney
  • . Walt Disney was a true dreamer, a person who could take the imagination and put it into reality
  • . This site has been established to celebrate Walt Disney's 100th Birthday
  • . December 5, 2001, will be the 100th Anniversary of Walt Disney's birth
  • . Walt Disney's 100th Birthday Card Currently Walt Disney's 100th Birthday Card is en route to Mrs
  • . Diane Disney Miller
  • . December 5, 2001 WALT DISNEY'S 100TH BIRTHDAY November 20 We've just been told that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (the folks who do the "Academy Awards") are honoring Walt Disney
  • . 2001 Walt Disney's 100th Birthday Card has been updated
  • . We would like to compile all the names, print them out, and send them to Diane Disney Miller by December 1

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  • ography of Walt Disney.
    W E L C O M E T O M R
  • . H E I T M A N N ' S W O R L D O F THIS is t he Web Page T o Link To For Ev ery Imaginabl e Internet Co nnection For Everything Associated With The Name: WALT DISNEY
  • . THE MAN BEHIND THE NAME WALT DISNEY HAS MADE A PERMANENT "MOUSEPRINT" "To translate the world's great fairy tales, thrilling legends, stirring folk tales into visual theatrical presentations, and to get back warm response of audiences in many lands has been for me an experience and a lifetime satisfaction beyond all value." Animation historians love to say "It all started with a mouse"
  • . In fact it actually began with a visionary named Walt Disney
  • . Walt Disney went on to become the single most important man in the history of animation
  • . The creator of Mickey Mouse and founder of Disneyland and Walt Disney World was born in Chicago, Illinois, on December 5, 1901
  • . His father, Elias Disney, was an Irish-Canadian
  • . His mother, Flora Call Disney, was of German-American descent

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  • cludes history, list of cartoon shorts, and message board.
    Search: The Web Angelfire « | » "I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing.....That it was all started by a mouse." --Walter Elias Disney This is a website devoted to Mickey Mouse!

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  • dicato alla memoria di Walt Elias Disney e ai valori promossi dai suoi cartoni animati: amore, fantasia, bontà, coraggio e intelligenza

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  • . Dinah Dinaric Alps Dinesen Dinka Diocletian Diodorus Siculus Diogenes Diomede Islands Diomedes Dione Dionysia Dionysiac Dionysian Dionysius Dionysius Exiguus Dionysius of Halicarnassus Dionysus Diophantus Dior Dioscuri Dirac Directoire Dirichlet Dis Disciples of Christ Dismal Swamp Disney Disraeli Distinguished Conduct Medal Distinguished Flying Cross Distinguished Service Cross Distinguished Service Medal Distinguished Service Order District of Columbia Distrito Federal Diu Dives Divine Mind Dixie Dixieland Djakarta Djambi Djerba Djokjakarta Dneprodzerzhinsk Dnepropetrovsk Dnieper Dniester Dobell's solution Doberman pinscher Dobruja Doctor of Philosophy Dodecanese Dodge City Dodgem Dodgson Dodona Doe Doenitz Dog Star Dogberry Dogger Bank Doha Dollfuss Dolly Varden Dolomites Dom Dom

  • . All credit types accepted! Video of new Pirates ride at Disney World Added by: A^C^E Date: 02.07.06 Time: 21:37:16 Category: Check It OUT! Source: http://www.boingboing.net/2006/07/02/video_of_new_..
  • . W Elias Disney sez, 'Inside the Magic has posted a high-quality (640x480) Virgin France is music pirate We twa hae run about the braes, And pu'd the gowans fine

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  • . So while some, such as Walt Disney, "may indeed have largely transcended product line differences, " the circumstances for each brand must be weighed on its merits
  • . Mattel's Barbie and Veuve Clicquot, while hardly Mickey Mouse outfits, simply don't match Disney's product reach, Binnie suggested