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  • . There were things I appreciated about the film, such as the critique of capitalism in the portrayal of the worship of "the golden calf." That's in the sequence when the two fallen angels go into the boardroom of Mooby enterprises and challenge the corporation's executives about their immorality and hypocrisy

    Stomp Tokyo: The Stepford Wives
    Movie review and pictures.
    The Stepford Wives (1975) Own it! • review by Scott Hamilton and Chris Holland See also: The Stepford Wives Our rating: four LAVA® motion lamps . "And then I married the Gipper." The term "Stepford wife" has been in the American vocabulary for the last couple of decades, despite the fact that the film has been out of circulation for years. Out of print on tape until a couple of years ago, the concept still proved engaging enough that three

    Vampyres Film List
    Comprehensive alphabetized listing of vampire movies, that includes years of release, directors and accompanying links.
    the VAMPYRES Film list. MOVIES (about Vampyres, containing Vampyres, etc.) From the archives of VAMPYRES@GUVM.BITNET - the VAMPYRES Film list. VAMPFILM DATA A LAST UPDATE: 09/15/92 The Vampfilm is a compilation of vampire movie titles of members of the VAMPYRES discussion list. Corrections and Updates to all material may be sent to: (Count Duckula) (USA 1948, Dir.Charles Barton)

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  • . Spock choosesthe Enterprises crew to lead this peace treaty mission

    Chris's Gargoyles Page
  • . Hungry for more? I knew you would be! Other Gargoyles (and Gargoyleish) Sites --I was amazed to learn that there really is a Xanatos Enterprises, owned by (believe it or not) David Xanatos

    LJC's Disney's Gargoyles Primer
  • . He runs Xanatos Enterprises, a multinational conglomerate with subsidiaries including Genutech Systems ("Metamorphosis"), and Pack Media Studios ("The Thrill of the Hunt")

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    Happy Birthday, Chuck Jones!
  • . in 1962, he launched Chuck Jones Enterprises, which produced numerous television specials and other projects from 1970 onwards, including The Cricket in Times Square (1973), Gay Purr-ee (1962) and animation for feature films such as Mrs
  • . Through a unique license agreement with Warner Bros., they began producing and distributing the limited-edition art through Linda Jones Enterprises, Inc.(LJE)

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    Fort Tender
    Character analysis, episode guide and quiz for Disney's Recess.
    Hey gang! Welcome to FORT TENDER! This is the page where you can find all sorts of great stuff about Disney's Recess. OK...here is how it works. All the information that is to be found by clicking on the pictures on the left. Have fun!! The Permenant Records: Go to Principal Prickly's office and check out the Private Records on your favourite Recess characters. Miss Groetky's Class: In this class we will check out the history of

    Heroes Wanted: Stan Lee Media Struggles to Stay Afloat
  • . Soon after the launch of its stanlee.net Website in February 2000, Stan Lee Media's market capitalization was well over $300 million, about $100 million more than Marvel Enterprises, where Stan Lee still serves as chairman emeritus

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