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  • - comprehensive online game collection with no signup process or complicated steps to get started...just a simple way to play games online for free! Baseball is Back! Kids Sports Inc for and .

    Surfing the Net with Kids: Stamp Collecting
    A web guide from the United Feature Syndicate columnist.

    Discover Easy MEMO - THE Concentration Games
    Free Java applet for single or multi players. Features hall of fame.
    A comprehensive list of resources to give you something to do when bored.


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    Play Qbert online. FREE! Brought to you by Triplets and Us
    Presents a Shockwave clone titled W*bert.

  • Please DO NOT email me with any problems encountered while playing these games! All copyrights are upheld with their respective game owners.

    Disney Store Online
    Shop online for Disney-themed merchandise.

    Kidzworld - Kid & Teen Site | Teen Chat | Free Online Games | Free ...
    Includes online games, message boards, sports, fashion, music, reviews, news,
    and homework help. Requires...

    The Trivia Portal
    A collection of categorized trivia games and quizzes. Includes rankings, community
    forums, an archive...

  • Welcome, Guest ! | Chat Boards | Daily Trivia | Create Tournament | Gold Membership | Services | players online 780, 000 questions 1.2 million members Most Popular 1.

  • Interesting and entertaining! Quiz Me Now! Editor's Choice Senior Breakfast:The Granddaddy of "3 South" Who Said It? "Drake and Josh" Editi Marcel Proust - Life and Work Basenjis-Dogs of Another Era Deduct some letters Play against other players live in our multi-player trivia gameshows! Go to Live Gameshows! Over 700, 000 questions.

  • Thousands of people from over 50 countries playing each day.

  • Free entry! Play Challenge! Want to meet people near you for a fun night of team trivia at a pub or arrange a games night? Use our local boards to find like-minded people near you! Daily Team Trivia Regional Competition The world's most interesting encyclopedia! Over 1.3 MILLION fun facts, figures, and frequently asked questions on over 70, 000 topics! Most Recent Entries 7:58 AM: (closetpoet17) 7:26 AM: (LeoDaVinci) 7:26 AM: (toadsworth65) 6:23 AM: (Gatsby722) 3:47 AM: (ArleneRimmer) 2:48 AM: (Diamondlance) 11:43 PM: (Blueee) 9:16 PM: (seventy-one) 8:34 PM: (IndieQueen) 5:04 PM: (horselover736) 3:15 PM: (T-4-L) 3:01 PM: (Flynn_17) Use our to generate everything you'll need to pull off a successful quiz event ! Just want trivia questions ? Check out the professionally created Trivia Question Packs in our online store.

  • Play over 350 crossword puzzles, created by members of our community! Feeling adventurous? Create one of your own! Compete in cash prize skill-based games against other players at Skilljam, a FunTrivia partner.

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    Boing Boing
    A directory of wonderful things.

    Eat My Games - Free Online Games, Download Games and more...
    Games in the genres of sports, puzzle and arcade. Offers 3-D games as well as
    high score boards.

    Free Online Pinball Games Directory
    Directory of online pinball games featuring preview screenshots and brief review
    for each game.

  • Use your arrow keys to control the flippers and launch the ball into the playing field.

  • Get 'inside out' as you play this non-traditional pinball game.

  • Although this game isn't the best, it's still pretty fun to play.

  • Play the online version of the popular downloadable pinball game.

  • Play against the computer and try to score a 'goal'.

    The Pinball Zone - A directory of free games to play online
    Pictures of machines, history, downloads and information on new games.

  • Use your arrow keys to control the flippers and launch the ball into the playing field.

  • This game has a very nice layout and fun game play.

  • Use your mouse to control your soccer players as you battle against the computer.

  • Test your trick shot skills in a freestyle game of basketball Horse at! Choose from three modes - Practice Shooting, Play vs.


    Rules for The Game of Hearts
    Information on how to play, deal and keep score.

    Super Bowl - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Encyclopedia article covering the history of the Super Bowl, including trivia
    and statistics.

    Video Game Review
    Selection of user reviews about the game, including ratings.

  • Sort Reviews by:  Latest Review  |  Reviews 1 - 5 (7 Reviews Total) | Review Date November 25, 2000 Overall Rating  2 of 5 Gameplay  1 of 5 Graphics  2 of 5 Sound  2 of 5 Visitors rate this review 5.00 of 5, 1 votes Rate this review? Reviewed by:  Bret(Unregistered User) ,  from Kansas City, MO Price Paid:  $19.00 at game store Product Model Year:  2000 CPU:  Pentium 3 800 MHz RAM:  128 VideoCard:  none General/Summary: you open the game up and it won't even let you skip the intro making you sit through it every single time! then if you don't type your name in fast enough regis will kick you out! Then you see the hot seat where you get the first question and regiswon't read you the question but he'll make fun of you if you get it wrong.

  • Gameplay: after the first few games the questions repeat themselves.

  • Sound: regis is a smart aleck!!!! Review Date October 15, 2000 Overall Rating  2 of 5 Gameplay  4 of 5 Graphics  5 of 5 Sound  5 of 5 Rate this review? Reviewed by:  GohanDZ(Unregistered User) ,  from New Hampshire Price Paid:  $20.00 at EB Product Model Year:  2000 CPU:  Cyrix II 300 RAM:  64 MB VideoCard:  None General/Summary: I'll start off by admitting I am a HUGE fan of the TV show.

  • REPLAY: 1/5 Here is the game's MAJOR flaw...After only about 4 or 5 games you'll start getting repeat questions...all the time.

  • Gameplay: You'll have a blast because it stays true to the show.

  • Well, unless you play in front of other people like I do.

    DAPs for Disney Magic
    Fan site for Disneyland Annual Passholders.

    Disney World Trivia - Secrets, history, and fun facts behind the ...
    Disney trivia, games, rumors, news, forums, puzzles, and photo galleries, associated
    with a book on...

    Disney Vacation Home Rentals in Orlando, Fl by private owners ...
    Rental information for 5 and 6 bedroom family homes for rent. Close to all major

    Vacation planning information for Florida theme parks and Disney Cruise Line.
    Includes news and forums.

    Kids Domain PC Freeware by Age
    Free software and screensavers organised by age group.

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