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Play your favorite 1980s arcade games online. FREE! Shockwave ...
Classic 80's arcade games online (Java, Shockwave, and DOS games).

  • PLEASE All games on this site are FREE.

  • If you find these games fun, please consider donating some money via PayPal.

  • Any amount (even $1) is appreciated! Thanks! Below are s ome of my favorite arcade games from the 1980's.

  • Each game takes a few minutes to load, but they are amazingly close to the real thing.

  • Best of all, no tokens required! Vist our all New New New Free Classic 80's Arcade Games Free Games Requiring Shockwave Plugin (Online play only) JAVA Games (Online play only) DOS & Windows Games (Download and play) Shockwave plug-in required to play these games.

  • It's Free! Video Game Emulation (Download and play) Games: Tapper, Football, Jungle Hunt, Baseball, Galaxian, Zaxxon, Star Trek, Super Donkey Kong Jr, Popeye, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr, Time Pilot, Frogger, Fury, Burger Time, Centipede, Qbert, CosmoFighter, plus many more...

  • Games: Adventure Island, Arkanoid, Bad Dudes, Baseball, Bill and Teds Adventure, BurgerTime Castlevania, Commando, Dig Dug, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr, Elevator Action, Frankenstein, FunHouse, Galaga, Gauntlet, Jurassic Park, Mario Brothers, Millipede, Ms.

  • I did not write any of these games myself.

  • These games are provided AS IS and with NO warranty.

  • Please DO NOT email me with any problems encountered while playing these games! All games copyright's are upheld with their respective owners.

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  • DEMOS NEW MOVIES DEMO INDEX Newest Files | 03/07/2006 PC DEMO 237 MB Mixing miniature mayhem with maximum multiplayer racing, MICRO MACHINES v4 game will arrive packed with knockabout, breakneck racing in the fastest scale miniatures, complete with explosive weapon power-ups.

  • 24/05/2006 PC DEMO 338 MB A tactical real time strategy game set on the European battlefields of World War II.

  • Mexico City will be your playground and you will quickly be overwhelmed by the number of enemies with a million hiding places… 02/05/2006 PC DEMO 443 MB GTI Racing is an official racing game about the legendary European Volkswagen Golf series.

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  • Downloads Back in the early 80s, I worked on some great games for Sierra that haven't been available in over a decade.

  • While the graphics really show the age of these games, I think the game play still holds up.

  • All are adventure game format, with the exception of "Donald Duck's, " which is more skill-based, and none requires typing, use any controllers other than a few keys and perhaps an optional joystick.

  • To download any of these games, just click its title.

  • As far as I know, these games are no longer of any interest to my friends at Disney or Sierra, so feel free to copy them and share them with your friends.

  • Check it out for lots of abandoned, but still fun, games! "" was the last of the pre-Michael Eisner Disney animated feature-length movies.

  • Disney had no software developers back then and had seen my very early game, "Troll's Tale." They asked me to do a movie spinoff using its simplified Spacebar & Enter key-only interface.

  • There are at least six different variations of the ending, based on decisions made throughout game play.

  • Running Windows XP? Matt Vassar shared how he got this game to run: Download the game (link above) and unzip it.

  • Enjoy this game? "" won several awards from educational software magazines as best educational game of the year.

  • Brendan Onfrichuk sent instructions on how to play: Train Controller The object of this game is to guide the train to the station shown by operating the levers.

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  • The best choice for free games and downloads.

  • | [] Search FilePlanet: -File Type -Special Features -Other FilePlanet , the best choice for free games and downloads.

  • Fixed a soft lock that some players were experiencing within the game or while logging in, this is the v1.11.1 patch updating ONLY from v1.11.

  • The all-new demo contains a huge variety of worlds, equipment upgrades and alien races, offering the player an estimated two+ hours of gameplay.

  • This patch updates Warhammer 40, 000: Dawn of War from version 1.41 to version 1.50, fixing several balancing issues and much more! Step into the shoes of an Assassin character in this short clip of stealth gameplay from Ubisoft's Dark Messiah of Might & Magic.

  • What's Hot What's New 1 Filename: Author: Blizzard Entertainment Size: Reader Rating: Created: 5/12/2006 3:02:00 PM Updated: 6/29/2006 4:35:00 PM Downloads: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 Filename: Author: GSC Game World Size: 21.9 MB Reader Rating: Created: 6/30/2006 5:31:00 PM Updated: 6/30/2006 5:31:00 PM Downloads: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 | Copyright 1996-2006, IGN Entertainment, Inc.

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