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    East Fairmont High School Busy Bee Band & Honeybees
    Includes band history, upcoming events, member information, links, guestbook,
    and multimedia.

  • busybeeband.com Guestbook 2005-2006 2004-2005 2003-2004 2002-2003 Galleries Alumni Events Links   Summer Practice Underway Full band rehearsals for the Busy Bee Band & Honeybees began Monday, July 10th at East Fairmont High School.

  • Following the performance, the band traveled to the new "Top of the Rock." As the 2006 school year closes, the Busy Bee Band & Honeybees would like to thank the Class of 2006 for their contributions over the past four years.

  • On Tuesday, May 30, 2006, the East Fairmont Junior High School band presented their annual spring concert in the East Fairmont Junior High Gymnasium.

  • This marked the 30th annual show at East Fairmont Junior High School.

  • The Busy Bee Band most recently performed in the Marion County Band Showcase on Thursday, May 11th at the East Fairmont High School Gymnasium.

  • Participating in the event were North Marion High School, Fairmont Senior High School and East Fairmont High School.

  • Download Summon the Heroes from the Follies 2006 opened Thursday, April 6th, at East Fairmont High School.

  • The Busy Bee Band & Honeybees perform at the 2005 Morgantown Band Spectacular at Mountaineer Field in Morgantown, West Virginia Group Performs at Disney The Busy Bee Band & Honeybees ended the 2004-2005 school year by traveling to Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

  • In addition to playing for all East Fairmont home football games, the band participated in band spectaculars in Fairmont, Morgantown and a performance at Bethel Park High School.

    St.Marys Area High School Music Department
    Includes staff profiles, members roster, photos, fundraisers, schedule, competition
    results, and details...

    Mouse Info
    Information about all things Disney, with an emphasis on the theme parks.
    Includes visitor information,...


    Photo by corporate.disney.go.com

    Blogcritics.org: Superior Bloggers on Music, Politics, TV, Film ...
    Group of authors write on music, books, film, popular culture, politics, and

  • | |, , , The ACLU has won in a Florida Federal Court against the Miami school board's ban of a children's book on Cuba.

  • DJRadiohead | |, , , , The ACLU has won in a Florida Federal Court against the Miami school board's ban of a children's book on Cuba.

  • Eric Olsen | |, , , If you’re expecting dance numbers with opposing gangs like the Sharks and Jets, forget about it; this is a Disney version of high school.

    North Allegheny High School Marching Band
    Performance and rehearsal schedule, staff information, band manual, music, photos,
    and news. Located...

    Kingdom Hearts / KH - Music, Cheats, Walkthrough, Movies, Wallpapers
    Contains walkthrough, characters profiles, equipment list, images and wallpapers.

  • It's much easier to cope with than the camera problems in the old school Resident Evil games since you can just rotate the camera to suit the situation if you need to.

    Author Biography: Music Theatre International - MTI - Musical ...
    Biography, photograph, and purchase, rental, and licensing information from Music
    Theatre International...

  • | Music Theatre MTI, License a School Play.

  • Children Will Listen, Get a Musical License, Licensing, for Children’s musicals (children musicals) and kids shows plus school musicals.

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    Karaoke Music
    Offers for sale karaoke CD+g's, DVD's, and karaoke machines.

    Fairmont Senior High School Band
    Polar Bear Band in Fairmont, West Virginia. Web site introduces the band staff,
    and offers event informat...

    Daily digest and commentary about what is going on in the world of theatre.

    K-Zone Philippines
    Kids online forum and information center. Freebies and magazine subscription available.


    Kids Click
    Hundreds of educational software titles in all subject areas for babies to teens.
    All programs are...

    Broadway World
    A comprehensive theatre resource featuring news, message boards, video previews,
    show information,...

    The Wacky Shack
    Fun games, puzzles, quizzes, and wack attack jokes.

    Disney's Magical Mirror Starring Mickey Mouse for GameCube Review ...
    Review by Ryan Davis, [4.6/10]. "Serves as a bullet-point list of reasons why
    adventure games are...

  • The game starts off with a real-time cinematic of Mickey's dream-self being lured into his bedroom mirror by what is supposed to be a ghost, but what more closely resembles the bill from School House Rock .

    Waxin' Lyrical
    Traslations of various Anime, Game, Jpop Japanese song lyrics into English.

  • What if I were to give all else up for that? What if I were to drop out of an Ivy League college, to abandon years of education at elite schools, to lay waste to all previous hopes and expectations on me becoming, for lack of a better term, "an outstanding member of society" (Which, to most Asian parents, normally means either becoming a doctor, a lawyer, or something that generally earns an obscene amount of money.

  • Or, as a close second, a university professor or some position highly regarded as learned)?It's funny, because when I come to think about it, the only reason why I ever found myself performing well in school (other than my innate ability, which, honestly, looking at some of the people I know, isn't all that much) is because a) I couldn't stand being labelled as stupid, and b)I couldn't stand other people I labelled as stupid being better than me, i.e.

  • performing better in any kind of test, be it your regular school examination, or whether he got some scholarship or not, or whether he ended up at a better job than me, etc.

  • Sure, the school work is hard, the sleep I get is far too little for my liking, the weather's unearthly cold, and there's fnark all to do and no way to get there in the little shite-hole of a college town that is Ithaca, but, through it all, I think I've been genuinely happy.

    Apple's official Quicktime Movie Trailer page with the newest and preview release

    Gamequarium: A portal to hundreds of free, online learning games ...
    Game links for K-6 students arranged in more than 30 categories.

    Theatre Arts Center
    Performing arts summer camp and workshop in drama, dance, and children's theatre
    summer. Two locations:...

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