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Disney's Donald Duck Goin' Quackers Review - GameCube
Reviewed by Carlos McElfish, [6.2/10]. "Does this version offer anything beyond
what we've already...

  • › › Disney's Donald Duck Goin' Quackers Review Detail Sections - by GZ - from Web - by GZ - from Web Categories Platforms GZ Sites Newsletter Helpful Links More you can do Email by Ubisoft Reviewer: Review Date: 04/16/2002 After being released on three systems in the past year and a half Donald Duck is now headed to the Gamecube, does this version offer anything beyond what we’ve already seen? Not really.

  • 6.2 Gameplay 7.1 Graphics 6.9 Sound 7.8 Difficulty 2.6 Concept 5.5 Multiplayer 0 Overall 6.2 more for Disney's Donald Duck Goin' Quackers downloads news buy now In an effort to milk the title for all its worth, Donald Duck: Goin’ Quackers was recently released for the Nintendo GameCube.

  • You may recognize this game from its previous incarnations on the PSX, Dreamcast, and PS2 – nearly a year and a half ago.

  • While the graphics look marginally updated the game remains essentially identical to its predecessors.

  • Goin’ Quackers is a 3D platform game that stars everybody’s favorite fowl, Donald Duck.

  • Character movements are seamless and fluid, and thanks to the increased horsepower of the GameCube Donald has never looked better.

  • Fans of the cartoon Duck Tales or even the NES game of the same name will certainly enjoy the aesthetic qualities that this game offers.

  • When you consider the fact that this game was released over a year ago on three different systems, it’s a wonder that the developers did not give this game an intensive graphical makeover.

    GameZone - Review
    Review, by Louis Bedigan: "Billy Hatcher is an addictive platformer for anyone
    who loves Super Monkey...

  • 7.8 Gameplay 7.9 Graphics 8.5 Sound 5.9 Difficulty Easy/Med Concept 9 Multiplayer 7 Overall 7.8 more for Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg buy now Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg is more than just a game about a boy who collects giant eggs.

  • In actuality, this game is more about using eggs than it is collecting them.

  • Billy uses them by pushing (rolling) them across the game's uniquely designed worlds.

  • Every egg starts out the same size (roughly the size of the game's star, Billy).

  • This is where the game's fun factor is heightened and where all of the replay value is generated.

  • It's also where Billy Hatcher becomes an unofficial side-game to Super Monkey Ball.

  • With an egg in Billy's hands, he can roll around, run over the game's many strange-looking enemies, or fly through blue and green-colored rings, Sonic-style.

  • It's no surprise that the game would feel at least a little like Sonic.

  • So why if the game is such a wonderful game does this sound like a setup for a complaint? Probably because it is.

  • Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg is one of the most inventive games I've played all year.

  • But no matter how fun it is, nothing can take away its two damaging factors: 1) it is a very childish game, and 2) it isn't very difficult.

  • However, most of the game's objectives are simple.

  • This means that you could literally sit down and finish the game in a day and still have time to go to a movie, hang out with friends, or, if you dare, finish your homework (shudder!).


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    Dragonball Mega Big
    Raccolta di immagini e di gif animate tratte dal fumetto e dalla serie a catoni

    Wall of Fame.net - Gundam, WWE, Dragonball Z, CCG Card Games ...
    Featuring American & Japanese booster packs, decks, and singles. Includes other
    collectible cards,...

    "Like the cartoons, this game can be recommended to anybody. 8/10" also includes


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    Native Views on Disney's Pocahontas
    Criticism of the animated film and links to more discussions on exploitation and

  • Why does this remind me of Sierra's King's Quest V Cartoon adventure computer game, the singing and weeping woman-willow tree? Maybe because I never heard of any Grandmother Willow Tree Spirit, maybe because nobody now has the foggiest what Powhatan religious beliefs might have been back then, and no info was recorded before they were wiped out.

  • Visually, graphically, the movie owes more to Sierra On-Line computer games than anything Indian.

  • (Sierra is influenced by Disney who advised them on a game made to go with a mid-80's release Disney featue cartoon, Black Cauldron , derived from Welsh mythology, Chronicles of Prydain .) I'd love to see a feature cartoon made someday by Indian artists.

  • Click a nearly-invisible arrow in the background and go to the "Web Game".

  • I wouldn't expect them to equal NCSA's Carlos, the forms and web server programming magician, who has an online coloring book (see GAMES page here) that you can actually color on-line, although his designs aren't very fancy.

  • And those Asylum software engineers who do the nifty Scratchpad (see GAMES), too.

  • So the game (which could be a lot of fun) is almost intolerably slow because of its heavy use of big, slow-loading graphics.

    Judith's Winnie the Pooh Page
    Includes pictures, sounds, stories, games, and recipes.

    DollieCrave.com, Home of Cartoon dolls, MySpace Codes, Glitter ...
    Cartoon dolls, dollmakers, blinkies, fonts, and other graphics.

    Walkthrough, reviews, and screenshots.

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  • What you end up with is a comicly, complicated game that is not a turned based RPG! Yes, you read it correctly; it is not an RPG.

  • The game is best labeled as an adventure/platformer.

  • At first glance, the game seems like a Zelda-64 clone.

  • Here is where the similarity between Zelda and this game end.

  • It shares similarities with Mario or even Crash Bandicoot, but this is not a true platform game.

  • It is also an adventure game.

  • To further add to the games diversity, there are even RPG elements to the game as well; like, leveling up, spell casting, character statistics, and multiple weapon upgrades.

  • The game breaks down like this.

  • Graphics- The game has some of the best graphics that the PS2 has to offer.

  • The mouth movements are a bit off, but this game came out in Japan first, so that is understandable.

  • These are points in the game when you travel in a ship between worlds.

  • These sequences seem to be a bit of an afterthought because they do not fit in the general graphics that the rest of the game supports.


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  • Lee prevailed; according to a 2002 Los Angeles Times report, Lee "was paid $3, 500 a week for her work in the 1955 film, but in 1991 was awarded $3.83 million in videocassette profits." Television actor and game show regular was a familiar face throughout the 1960s and '70s.

    The Disney Afternoon Ring
    Webrings of sites related to Disney Afternoon shows.

  • Current topics: pets, movies, music, video games, comics, villains, cartoons, Disney stuff, writing, politics, and things I believe in.

    Cincinnati.Com: Video Games
    Review by Marc Saltzman, with screen shots. Score: 4/5.

  • | Currently: 84°F Partly Sunny | The Cincinnati Enquirer: Video Games - October 1, 2002 Cartoon fantasy awaits players in 'Kingdom Hearts' By Marc Saltzman Gannett News Service Kingdom Hearts out of 5 Platform: PlayStation 2 Genre: Role-playing game Price: $49.99 Rating: "E" for everyone S C R E E N S H O T S What do you get when you combine role-playing game (RPG) action with familiar cartoon characters? The answer is "Kingdom Hearts, " an oddly matched yet successful marriage between Disney Interactive and Squaresoft, the Japanese game maker best known for its "Final Fantasy" adventures.

  • At the start of the game, a violent storm separates Sora the main character from his close friends.

  • Celebrity voices The game features voices from Disney voice actors as well as celebrities including Haley Joel Osment ("The Sixth Sense, " "A.I.

  • Other voice talents include Lance Bass from *NSYNC and Sean Astin, who played Sam Gamgee in "The Lord of the Rings." Game play in "Kingdom Hearts" involves exploration, combat and puzzle-solving.

  • Later in the game, there are a few shops where characters can buy or sell these items.

  • Popular Japanese singer Utada Hikaru provides the theme song, "Simple and Clean, " which was written specifically for the game.

  • "Kingdom Hearts" is a fun and refreshingly accessible RPG that fuses Japanese storytelling and game play with an unprecedented repertoire of recognizable Disney icons.

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