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  • Rackham is often considered to be among the greatest book illustrators of all time.

  • The animation presents an atom, how energy is released from certain kinds of atoms, the peacetime uses of atomic energy and the byproducts of nuclear fission.

    Sterling Holloway
    By Jim Fanning. [Persistence of Vision] Biographical article. Includes photo.

  • "I came to Hollywood at a bad time.

  • (Narration became something of a crutch for Disney at this time; this period represented Disney's low-point in his confidence as a storyteller, and almost all of his output of this time, whether appropriate [e.g., Uncle Remus telling the Brer Rabbit stories in Song of the South ] or not, featured a narrator.

    The Big Cartoon DataBase
    The latest on cartoon and animation news, home video and DVD releases.

    Giants Log Interview
    Conducted by David Simpson and Jenny Lovering.

  • On behalf of everyone involved with Giants Log we would like to thank Jonathon for his time and for sharing his thoughts with us.

  • I saw, HIM, the prospector, as thin, gaunt, fanatical, unhealthy in his mad zeal to blow up Paris to get at the oil beneath the city, I felt that I was too plump and sanguine at the time to realistically portray this man.

  • Did you enjoy working on projects as diverse as these with him? On the subject of the 'Third Man' when you were in London recording episodes with Michael Rennie, did you get much time or opportunity to explore the city or surrounding areas? J.H.

  • We had a wonderful time together filming 90 episodes of 'The Third Man'.

  • I made side trips to Amsterdam, Paris, Lisbon, as time permitted.

  • I rarely saw or spent time with the actors on Irwin Allen's other shows.

  • I was working extremely hard on 'Lost In Space' and there was not much time to fraternize or socialize.

  • I did visit Dick Basehart, an old friend, on the set of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea from time to time - his stage was very close to mine.

  • I work very hard on these concert performances - so many music cues to deal with - but we do have ample rehearsal time.

  • Very Colonel Blimpish - I had a grand time doing him.

  • - and for its time our sci-fi special effects were wonderful.

  • Was there ever a time during your acting career you considered changing direction completely and doing something else? J.H.


    Interview with Jim Varney
    Transcript of a radio interview conducted by Peter Anthony Holder in talkshow on
    Canadian channel...

  • I apprenticed at the Barter theatre in Virginia and did summer stock for a long time before I ever got in front of a camera.

  • Do you find sometimes when you go to casting directors, especially in New York and L.A., they hear the good old boy southern accent and they go, "oh, there's only one thing this guy can do." Has that been a problem? JIM: Well, it almost became a problem on BEVERLY HILLBILLIES, because Jed Clampett was basically a straight man and most of the comedy takes place around him.

  • The first time in my life I had to do screen test.

  • You sign a lease that says, "I will write country songs and pay my rent on time." Just showbiz.

  • I'm on a variety show, " even though variety was kind of dying at the time, but you're on a variety show on a major network.

  • CJAD: In television, with the exception, I guess, of the children's show you did, most of the time you would be a sidekick, I guess.

  • It's a musical version of HUCKLEBERRY FINN, and I was doing a movie at the time and I couldn't do it and I thought, "God, I thought I'd never turn down a role on Broadway", but as fate would have it.....yeah, but I would love to do some Broadway.

  • If you lose, you lose big time.

  • CJAD: Another type of work that is sometimes lonely work for a different reason is doing voice in animation.

  • People were going back to see it three or four times.

  • CJAD: Is there ever a situation with two years of work like that, do you sometimes want to say, "gosh can we get this over with?" or when you see the end result do you say, "oh well, it was well worth it?" JIM: Yeah I could see where you would do something for two.....I mean, something like CLEOPATRA.

    Daily digest and commentary about what is going on in the world of theatre.

  • [ ] Anything Goes Los Angeles Review by Sharon Perlmutter [ ] Fences Review by Terry Morgan [ ] Once Upon a Time in New Jersey Review by Steven Oxman [ ] Evita Review By Ray Bennett A fine old musical with a new star in a smash hit revival.

  • [ ] PHOTO CALL: The Drowsy Chaperone Celebrates a Drowsy Hit [ ] PHOTO OP: A Summertime Toast to the Cast of The Drowsy Chaperone! [ ] PHOTO CALL: Nilaja Sun Garners Support As No Child Reopens [ ] PHOTO OP: Jacques Brel Cast Celebrates Bastille Day [ ] ON THE SCENE: BROADWAY BARKS! 8 Reviews: [ ] Lucy and the Conquest News: [ ] Durang, Gurney, Mee, Swados, Wellman, et al.

  • [ ] The nine lives of 'Seven Brides' By Christopher Rawson Sha Newman has stayed with musical since its early stage incarnation in late 1970s [ ] 'Sisters' to speak to new generation of women By Janice Steinberg [ ] Third time was the charm for 'Gatsby' playwright BY DOMINIC P.

    Hamrick, Joshua P.
    Includes portfolio with photographs, resume, production list and contact details.

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  • 1998 Dance in Time (North American Premiere) Master Electrician Clarence Brown Theatre Company Clarence Brown Theatre Aug.

    Tiscali Film: Clive Owen
    Features comprehensive biography, full filmography and links to related movie reviews.

  • Yet the US critics loved it and, Stateside, it raked in millions, at the same time lifting Owen into the upper echelons.

  • And, this time, he was ready.

  • Another alumnus of Binley Park had been John Bradbury, drummer of the band The Specials, and The Specials' Number One hit Ghost Town had pretty accurately described the state of Coventry at the time.

  • "I was doing what half of Coventry was doing at the time, " he said later, "playing pool and waiting for the next Giro".

  • Though their relationship would occasionally be turbulent, with the couple splitting up several times, it would last, the pair marrying in 1995 and eventually producing two daughters, Hannah and Eve.

  • Come 1993, and Clive was back onscreen and, for the first time, working in the US.

  • This was a pilot for a TV series that saw Clive as "seedy but saucy" cop-turned-PI Nick Sharman, having a tough time on complex cases in South London.

  • Closer would not be the last time Clive would test himself on the boards.

  • And anyone who's ever spent time playing pool and waiting for the next Giro would understand that.

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    Global Arts Review
    An magazine of arts and culture covering music, theatre, film, dance, visual art,
    and literature.

  • By Shel Horowitz By Shel Horowitz By Shel Horowitz By Karen Rothmyer By David Kilpatrick By Shel Horowitz sponsored by Winning Writers , author of "A Wrinkle In Time" and more than 40 other books, explores her struggles as an unknown author trying to find a home for "Wrinkle, " and explores the difference between truth and fact.

  • : Shel Horowitz reports on the Book Expo of America, 1997: the largest booksellers event in the US : A Lost Opportunity : A Sentimental Success A Note on Reviews and Reviewing The opinions expressed on this website are those of the individual articles' authors, and do not necessarily represent those of Global Arts Review, the Frugal Fun website and webmaster, or AWM Books & Publications/Accurate Writing & More.

  • An occasional update (probably two or three times a year) on Shel's campaign to change the world and make future Enron scandals impossible.

    Film Rotation
    Film and entertainment news, movie and DVD reviews, editorials, and links.

    Hayley Mills
    Includes upcoming television broadcasts, four image galleries, personal and
    professional information,...

  • So, when I have the time to add images (content additions/changes will take priority), most of them will appear as "thumbnails".

  • Sir John Mills' Moving Memories video was released by Green Umbrella Productions on 5 Mar 2001: colour; VHS; PAL (not compatible with US videotape players); Run Time: 55 minutes.

  • Beginning Thursday, May 4 at 7:30am EDT (times vary on succeeding days), will be airing the first season (13 episodes) of: Saved by the Bell 1988-1989; runtime: 30 minutes/episode (DirecTV satellite channel 301) is broadcasting episodes from "The Love Boat" series.

  • Stars: Gavin Macleod, Bernie Kopell, Fred Grandy, Ted Lange, Lauren Tewes Guest Stars: Sir John Mills, Celeste Holm, Hayley Mills, Juliet Mills, David Hedison, Keith Mitchell And Reggie Jackson The Love Boat (60 Min.) - originally aired Feb 9, 1980 - season 3, episode #74 Not So Fast, Gopher / Haven't We Met Before / Foreign Exchange Gopher is upset when his recently-widowed mother appears to be having too good a time with a new man; a group of young men posing as millionaires find out money isn't everything when one of them falls for a lovely woman ; a reporter is attracted to a comedian -- until she sees his act.

  • and a reincarnation of the Springtime for Hayley website.

  • Having looked at that portion of the film numerous times, I'm convinced that footage of "Infant Hayley" was used to portray "Infant Julie", but that Hayley wasn't listed in the credits because she didn't really act in the film.

    Eternal Thoughts of a Sunshine Mind
    Pop culture, technology, life, entertainment, marketing, advertising and other
    folly are observed.


    Actor Profile: Anthony Perkins
    Detailed profile of the actor by writer Brian W. Fairbanks, and filmography.

  • As Laura Kay Palmer observes in her book, Osgood and Anthony Perkins , other actors may have played baseball more believably, but "No one else could freak out in Fenway Park like Anthony Perkins." The Tin Star , another western, this time with Perkins as a sheriff tutored by bounty hunter Henry Fonda, was not a worthy follow-up, nor was Desire Under the Elms with Sophia Loren or the genteel comedy of The Matchmaker with Shirleys Booth and Maclaine.

  • "I am ashamed of your fellow actors, " Hitchcock told his star via telegram after Perkinsí work was ignored come Oscar nomination time.

  • His terrific and amusing cameo in The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean was less notable than the off-camera relationship he had with co-star Victoria Principal.

  • An all-star cast that included Albert Finney, Sean Connery, and Lauren Bacall brought the audience out in big numbers for this handsome, though sometimes sluggish, mystery.

  • Norman would be back for a 1990 cable TV movie that reeked of desperation, but mercifully there were a few other worthy roles for his creator before the curtain came down a final time.

  • MORE ON FILMOGRAPHY: The Actress (1953), Friendly Persuasion (1956), The Tin Star, Fear Strikes Out, The Lonely Man (1957), The Matchmaker, Desire Under the Elms, This Angry Age (1958), Green Mansions, On the Beach (1959), Tall Story, Psycho (1960), Goodbye Again (1961), Phaedra (1962), Five Miles to Midnight, The Trial, Two Are Guilty (1963), The Ravishing Idiot (1964), The Fool Killer (1965), The Champagne Murders, Is Paris Burning? (1966), Pretty Poison (1968), WUSA, Catch-22 (1970), Someone Behind the Door (1971), Play It As It Lays, The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, Ten Days Wonder (1972), Loviní Molly, Murder on the Orient Express (1974), Mahogany (1975), Remember My Name (1978), Winter Kills, Twice a Woman, The Black Hole (1979), Double Negative, Ffolkes (1980), Psycho II (1983), Crimes of Passion (1984), Psycho III (1986), Destroyer (1988), Edge of Sanity (1989), Demon in My View, The Naked Target (1991).

    Warner Independent Pictures - Good Night, And Good Luck
    Official site provides the film's trailer, synopses, cast and crew details, photos
    and video clips...

  • They are read as Lisp forms and treated as an implicit progn the result of which will be inserted into the string at execution time.

  • (Technically this is done by temporarily making the syntax of the closing right bracketing character in the current readtable be the same as the syntax of ) (right parenthesis) in the and then reading the forms with .) The result of the forms following a $ (dollar sign) is inserted into the string as with at execution time.

  • * (let* ((a "foo") (b #Space) (c "bar") (d (list a b c)) (x 40)) (values #?"$ @" #?"$(a)" #?"$<a>$[b]" #?"U${a}E u${a}" (let ((cl-interpol:*list-delimiter* #*)) #?"@{d}") (let ((cl-interpol:*list-delimiter* "")) #?"@{d}") #?"The result is ${(let ((y 2)) (+ x y))}" #?"${#?'${a} ${c}'} ${x}")) ;; note the embedded CL-INTERPOL string "$ @" "foo" "foo " "FOO Foo" "foo* *bar" "foo bar" "The result is 42" "foo bar 40" Interpolations are realized by creating code which is evaluated at execution time.

  • [Special variable] The contents of this variable are inserted between the elements of a list at execution time.

  • Note that this variable has effect at read time so you probably need to wrap an EVAL-WHEN around forms that change its value.

  • Note that this variable has effect at read time so you probably need to wrap an EVAL-WHEN around forms that change its value.

    IMDb - John Colicos
    Biographical details, filmography and notable television guest appearances.

  • Sometimes Credited As: John Collicos Filmography as: , - filmography () () () () () (1999) ....

    Micky Dolenz
    A brief biography.

  • "I had a wonderful time at the BBC...it launched my career as a director, " Micky says.

    Pine Cliff Resort
    A Four Season Resort on the Madawaska River near Algonquin Park. Providing information
    about vacation...

    BroadwayWorld.com: Photo Flash: Cast Announced for Lestat, Show to ...
    Comprehensive article offering biographies on the creative team for the musical.

    Manchester Online
    Provides up to date news, sport and weather, city guide, classifieds, jobs, auto
    hunter and personals....

    Jump the Shark: Captain Kangaroo
    Commentary on when people stopped watching the show. Contains broadcast information.

  • Captain Kangaroo First Show 1955 Last Show 1985 Genre Kids Network CBS Slot Day Weekdays Slot Time 7 am Jumped The Shark when...

  • This was and is one of the best shows of all time.

  • It features prominently in the memories of mid-to-late boomers because it filled the children's show niche between the time of Howdy Doody and Sesame Street/HR Pufnstuff, etc.

  • G) I see, it still looks like a horse in striped pajamas to me! I grew up with this showin the 60's! I was introduced to many books by the Captain- Ferdinand, Mike Mulligan, Stone Soup- to name a few! I also developed my fear of clowns through this show-jeez the guy in the caboose was frightening! Dancing Bear also wigged me out - but I have come to love him and I can never look at a ping pong ball with out thinking of the show.:-) And I don't know about you, but I still use Crest and my family rides on Schwinns! I think two of the other cartoons they showed were "Roger Ramjet" and "Ruff and Reddy" (what's with all the R's?) I remember when Ruff and Reddy went to the planet Munimula and every time the announcer would say the planet's name he would also say "That's aluminum spelled backwards." I even remember most of the theme songs for the two, but I'm too shy to sing in front of strangers...

  • The Cap & friends would tell us the time every few minutes & that's how we got out the door to school.

  • He got them, but was mad because his MORTIMER ICHABOD MARKER didn't beep when he rubbed across a P-Page like it did when COSBY used it.

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