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Wikipedia: Jesse McCartney
Hyperlinked encyclopedia article including biography, filmography, discography
and awards.

New Age Music - Shirley Cason - New Age Radio & Spa Music & Reiki ...
Biography, music philosophy, sound samples and reviews from the keyboardist.

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  • I also love early singer and songwriter Janis Ian when she was on Columbia Records.

  • She used to have the most wonderful orchestrations for her songs.

  • It has hundgreens of sample sounds that I can choose to paint songs from.

  • Jim's site also offers piano sheet music online for his piano songs that is great for piano lessons.

  • Listen to his CDs, the disney songbook, grace, peace, love songs & lullabies, simply things, my romance, destiny and no words.

  • MP3s song samples and CD available.

    Wholesale catalog for karaoke retailers, includes a downloadable database of song
    titles for merchant use.


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    CBC Television
    Canadian radio and TV network. Includes news, air schedules, corporate profile,
    and message forums.

    WKHX Kicks 101.5 FM
    Country music for Atlanta. Station personalities, events, and news.
    A comprehensive list of resources to give you something to do when bored. Your Hawaiian Music and Entertainment Website
    Hawaiian adult contemporary station with streaming audio. Music news, reviews,
    artist information,...


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    WJJZ 106.1 FM
    [Philadelphia, Pennsylvania] - Virginia Media News & Information
    Including Richmond, Hampton Roads and Fredericksburg VA - station news, listings,
    descriptions, backgroun...

  • He's done "Love Songs", "After Dark" and "The Quiet Storm" for many years and will be the perfect addition to one of the market's top ranked stations and one of the market's best air staffs." Thomas replaces Theressa Brown who moved to middays when MD/middays Brion O'Brion was let go earlier this month.

  • Rage Against the Machine, Butthole Surfers, whatever Theres no corporate VP telling me to play these 5 songs every week. Eight days later, the same newspaper reports that Somar had canned Moondog.

    The Orlando Jeep Club of Florida
    Family oriented club with monthly meetings, trail rides, socials,show-n-shines,
    and swap meets.

    Who Killed Rock Radio?
    Article by Keith Moerer discussing the waning popularity of rock radio stations.

  • Every five minutes or so, the DJ promises a "new alternative." Apparently, this means 10, 000 Maniacs, minus Natalie Merchant, covering a 15-year old Roxy Music song, and Blues Traveler's John Popper screeching about his "most precarious mental state." Sandwiched in between is Kurt Cobain, sadly singing "The Man Who Sold the World." Eight months before, this same signal supported REV 105, an adventurous station that flowed effortlessly from Beck to James Brown, emphasizing emerging artists like Soul Coughing, Ani DiFranco and Portishead, and seasoning the mix with older heroes such as Husker Du and Prince.

  • How is Modern Rock radio defined in 1998? Mostly by songs that are bigger stars than the here-today, gone-tomorrow artists who perform them: "Walking on the Sun" (Smash Mouth), "Push" (Matchbox 20), "Come On Eileen" (Save Ferris), "Fly"' (Sugar Ray).

  • We're succeeding right now with songs that are huge and of the moment.

  • For any station, the trick is to play enough new music to satisfy loyalists (a station's score ), while snagging channel-jumpers who tune in to six different stations and never stick around longer than a song or two (they dominate a station's "cume" or cumulative audiences).

  • "Radio is designed for people who listen for ten minutes at a time." At a typical station, only three new songs are added each week.

  • According to Los Angeles radio consultant Jeff Pollack, a song has to be played for "at least four weeks" before stations can start testing its commercial viability, and six weeks or more before they know if it's connecting, To determine whether to stick with a song or not, stations weigh several factors: the number of phone-in requests, local CD sales as tracked each week by SoundScan, and call-out research, in which listeners are asked to rate songs for favorability, familiarity, and burnout.


    Hilary Duff Central
    Includes pictures, a biography about the actress, a forum, and links.

  • Amber doesn't make it easy, since she insults Tracy at every turn, asking her, "Aren't you a little fat for the show?, " and dedicating the song "Cooties" to her.

  • I mean, a song like 'Wake Up' is not for a 50-year-old man with arthritis who doesn't want to get out of bed".

    Order radio, TV jingle or theme song
    Order customized music for any purpose from Tommy Marolda, who has written many
    award winning commercial...

  • You can custom music, jingle, theme song, radio or TV spot from Tommy! Original Songs for: New Jersey NETS - Pro Basketball team Miss Europe Pageant - 1992 The CROSBY Golf Tournament CANNES, France/Beverly Hills "Sister City Program" WALT DISNEY Theme Park National Association of Record Merchandisers (NARM) AAMH of Princeton, New Jersey War Of The Worlds, 50th Anniversary Father Ritter's covenant house for runaways Touchtone Pictures Composed and produced music for three award winning ROLLING STONE magazine TV commercials HARTZCARE For Your Pets RADIO GOLD - over 100 music sound-alike cues SIX FLAGS Great Adventures WENDY'S - Where's The Beef? CANNES, France Film Festival PALMS Casino, Las Vegas CALLENETICS Video - The #1 selling video in America in 1988 THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER Casino MONTELAGO, Las Vegas VICTORIES Casino, Michigan Tommy offers a full range of services from radio and television jingles to scoring for theatre and film.

    KPLX - 99.5
    The Wolf - Country Music, Dallas.

  • Here's your chance to download MP3s, listen to songs online, sample new CDs, watch videos and more.

  • Cody Alan counts down the Top 30, and your votes decide what hits make the show! Then listen to 99.5 The Wolf, Saturday mornings 8-11AM for the Country Now Countdown with Cody Alan! Now you can enjoy 99.5 The Wolf in High Definition Digital sound! Hear your favorite Texas Country songs with CD quality.

    Karaoke Song List Creator
    Makers of Karaoke Song List Creator software.

  • Unlimited and Totally FREE Karaoke Data Updates For LIFE Creating your Karaoke Book has never been easier! The Best Karaoke Songbook Software available GUARANTEE! you will not find better Karaoke Song Book Maker All data updates are FREE! There are no monthly or yearly update charges to pay, EVER! Karaoke Song List Creator has the BIGGEST and most ACCURATE Karaoke listings available ANYWHERE! Unli mited and Totally FREE Karaoke Data Updates T he most complete Karaoke listings available in the world We challenge anyone to find better Songbook software! Just look at some of the fabulous features! Hide Vocal Tracks, Add your own Custom, One of a Kind Discs Fast and Easy! Update your Data Files TOTALLY FREE! Create your own Data Update files for sharing with other users, Merge separate Karaoke Lists into ONE List, Fully Customizable Songbook design Choose Font Style, Size and Color, Add your own logo image to printouts.

  • Upper or Lower Case Karaoke Songbooks, Karaoke Disc Manufacture Quick Link (TM) Hide Individual Tracks, Print Karaoke CD Labels and Covers Easy! Allows you to use your own unique disc numbering.

  • Easy Change any Karaoke Disk Code with one click! and Much Much Much MORE! What users are saying about Karaoke Song List Creator " It is so easy to create Karaoke Song Books." M Hunter "Airwer is far superior to any other karaoke music book software that is on the market." J Challo (Arizona) "keep up the great work in providing the best karaoke book software!" Mike Parson (New York) "Karaoke Song List Creator is an excellent program.

    Greek Radio - - greek radio stations, Greek ...
    Κατάλογος με τους ραδιοφωνικούς σταθμούς που μεταδίδουν...

    Colony Music
    Karaoke and sheet music dealer that ships anywhere in the world.
    Includes streaming radio, message boards, Sing-A-Long, and photographs.

    Princeton Folk Music Society
    Encouraging the growth of folk music in central New Jersey for almost 35 years.

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