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  • Order any 4 products and pay no shipping & handling charges on the 5th product! Hurry! Supplies are limited! The Internet addresses to: Disney Vacation Countdown Program - tracks days before you arrive, tests your knowledge of Disney trivia, and records your vacation notes! Character Location Matrix - lists character locations at WDW! Priority Seating Calculator - this calculator instantly lists the dates to call to arrange priority seating at all of WDW restaurants and events! Priority Seating Report Writer - this printed report lists the dates to call for priority seating at specific dinner shows, restaurants, entertainment venues, character meals, kid programs and recreational activities! Thrill Seeker Guide - determines the rides and attractions at WDW that are appropriate for your child! Plus! 5 Walt Disney World Insider Reports...

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    Wikipedia - Rush Limbaugh
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  • [] ESPN commentator On, , announced that Limbaugh would be joining ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown show as a weekly commentator when it premiered on .

  • I love NFL Sunday Countdown and do not want to be a distraction to the great work done by all who work on it.

  • After Limbaugh's resignation, Sunday NFL Countdown co-host Tom Jackson, who is African American, said on the air: "Let me just say that it was not our decision to have Rush Limbaugh on this show.

  • Rush Limbaugh was not a fit for NFL Countdown.

    Female Celebrity Pictures, Sites and News
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  • Clark and Seacrest will report "live" on the festivities in New York, including the final minutes of the year 2005 with the traditional Times Square ball drop and countdown to midnight.


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    The Orlando Bloom Files
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    Sports Memorabilia Fraud
    ESPN report on sports memorabilia fraud.

  • "NFL Countdown" in 60 minutes, Chris and the gang taking a look this morning at Donovan McNabb and his campaign to be known as more than just a running quarterback.

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  • The Apprentice (US Version), australian big brother (Beginning & end), bilby, bob's full house, bring me sunshine (morecambe & wise), casualty (2005 version), charlottes web, Countdown (2004 version), desperate housewives, dr who (2005 version), fantastic max, firefly (2 versions), forest rangers, fosters home for imaginary friends, gardeners world, hearts of gold, in it to win it, jeopardy, max & paddy (Vocal version), midsommer murders, navy nCIS, Ned's declassified school survival guide, smallville (WMA format), sporting occasion, springwatch, stars in their eyes (No voice over), taggart (Vocal version), this morning (1989 version), unfabulous, water margin (Full vocal version), zoey 101.

    Gilbert, Ron - Grumpy Gamer
    Personal page of Ron Gilbert, designer of Secret of Monkey Island.


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  • Mathematical Entertainment! • GAMES and PUZZLES (Cut-the-Knot) (Wolfram Research) (CIMT, Plymouth Uni) (Nick Hobson, UK) + + + (Many worksheets to download, Bob Greenlee, USA) (Gary Kramer) - Millionnaire, Countdown, etc - • CSF Software (Chris Farmer) AND a game designer -, etc • FIBONACCI and the GOLDEN RATIO Ron Knott: - - Gary Meisner: • SIMON SINGH BBC Broadcasts (Radio 4) (0, π, φ, i, ∞) (4, 7, Largest Prime, Kepler's Conjecture, Game Theory) • PI and Infinity - (BBC, David Whitehouse) • PRIME NUMBERS and INTEGERS, etc [Powers of 2, Pythag.
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  • Fox Kids Countdown.

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    Internet Movie Database: Edie McClurg
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