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  • :// AM station back on the air | Wednesday, July 26, 2006 Radio Disney's WRJR/1010 Portsmouth is back on the air.

  • WRJR's sister station is expanded band (AM 1610~1700) Radio Disney outlet WHKT/1650 Chesapeake.

  • Radio Disney's WRJR has a LMA (local marketing agreement) with Chesapeake-Portsmouth Broadcasting Corp (CBPC).

  • CapSan Media, LLC today announced it has hired former Hampton Roads radio personality Mark Jackson to be the Director of Programming for the company’s four newly purchased FM radio stations.

  • | :// Another WTKR-TV vet jumps to radio | Tuesday, July 25, 2006 VARTV reported first, in early May, that Chief Meteorologist Dave Parker, a 9-year station vet at New York Times "Your NewsChannel 3" WTKR (CBS) Norfolk, will exit Channel 3 in July.

  • What will he be doing next? Radio.

  • Parker joins former Channel 3 colleague Ted Alexander in radioland.

  • Alexander was doing sports for WTKR and was a radio personality for 2WD for awhile before he decided to leave TV and go back to radio.

  • They begin their official duties and assume these titles immediately." | :// Sinclair Communications Radio Group wins it back to back | Tuesday, July 25, 2006 This one got buried in our inbox; never too late...

  • On Saturday July 15, Sinclair Communications Radio Group took home the media softball championship trophy with a 14-2 win over the Norfolk Jailbirds.

  • Their digital HD1 stream is a simulcast of their analog programming -- "103 Jamz." WOWI becomes the first commercial Hampton Roads radio station to stream a second channel (HD2).

    Who Killed Rock Radio?
    Article by Keith Moerer discussing the waning popularity of rock radio stations.

  • WHO KILLED ROCK RADIO? Modern Rock radio once offered serious music fans refuge from the one-hit wonders, mind-numbing repetitions, and classic schlock of Top 40.

  • by Keith Moerer for SPIN -- February 1998 This particular radio station calls itself Zone 105.

  • The reason why this one good station is no longer on the air, and why so many bad stations still are, says a lot about what's wrong with radio in 1998.

  • For anyone who loves music, most commercial radio frustrates because it's programmed for everyone's benefit -- advertisers, record companies, the most casual listeners -- but their own.

  • REV 105, by defining modern rock in a broad but informed way, and by avoiding the mindnumbing repetition that drives dedicated music fans crazy, violated two tenets of the ratings-obsessed radio programmer: Keep your playlist tight, and pound the hits till your most fickle listeners are familiar with them.

  • At the outset of 1997, music fans in the Twin Cities enjoyed two quality Modern Rock radio stations.

  • Must commercial radio suck?? Increasingly, the answer appears to be a resounding, disheartening yes.

  • Not even Modern Rock radio's ratings champ likes what he hears these days.

  • "In general, Modern Rock radio is boring, " admits Kevin Weatherly, vice president of programming at KROQ, the top rated rock station in Los Angeles, the nation's most lucrative radio market.

  • There are a number of factors behind the precipitous rise and musical freefall of Modern Rock radio, and they're as predictable as a new Sponge single.

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  • Screen narrator Deems Taylor (popular musical commentator with the New York Philharmonic radio broadcasts) welcomes the audience to a "new form of entertainment, " and in his introduction sets the scene: What you're going to see are the designs and pictures and stories that music inspired in the minds and imaginations of a group of artists.


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  • | XM Inks Deal with ASCAP XM Satellite Radio and the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) signed a joint five-year music licensing agreement.

  • The deal provides for the satellite radio company to pay licensing fees - or royalites - to ASCAP for the public performance of copyrighted musical compositions in the Society's repertory of over 7 million works.

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  • So I returned to New York." But even with success in revues, vaudeville, night clubs and much radio work, Holloway returned to Hollywood.

  • Though Holloway did not play that role (Studio musician/gagman Pinto Colvig provided the vocal honors for Sleepy in addition to voicing Grumpy), it's evident that Disney was very aware of Holloway's vocal talent, perhaps from the actor's radio work.

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  • print and broadcast organs from the New York Times to the Los Angeles Times, from NBC to Fox, and from AM radio bands to FM bands, spew out a vile and banal concoction of information that numbs the mind and homogenizes the thought processes of a U.S.

  • And out there on the AM and FM radio bands, the fare is three-to-four hour invective radio commentaries, interspersed with yuk-yuk blather with publicity-seeking politicians.

  • A prime example is Viacom's syndicated morning radio show - simulcast by MSNBC -- hosted by the desiccated Don Imus, who creeks and groans like an old wooden galleon.

  • Not only does he offer a radio and TV platform to people like former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to advocate the assassination of Yassir Arafat but he entices professional journalists to aid and abet in such obvious politically-inspired polemics.

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  • I can remember listening to the radio and thinking, "Oh, man! I split for a couple of lousy summer-vacation weeks, and the Mac world comes to an end!" Nancy and I celebrated our 14th anniversary last week, and I'm having deja vu all over again.

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