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  • Jobs had little interest or knowledge in circuit board design, and made a deal with Wozniak to split the bonus evenly between them if Wozniak could minimize the number of chips.

  • Much to the amazement of Atari, Wozniak reduced the number of chips by 50, a design so tight that it was impossible to reproduce on an assembly line.

  • It sold for $666.66 (in reference to the phone number of Wozniak's ).[] Its successor, the, was introduced the following year and became a huge success, turning Apple into an important player in the nascent personal computer industry.

  • In March of 1998, in order to concentrate Apple's efforts on returning to profitability, Jobs immediately terminated a number of projects such as, , and .

  • His current salary at Apple officially remains $1 per year, although he has traditionally been the recipient of a number of lucrative "executive gifts" from the board, including a in 1999, and just under 30 million shares of restricted stock in 2000-2002.

  • The new company, which was originally based in but has since relocated to, contracted with Disney to produce a number of computer-animated feature films, which Disney would co-finance and distribute.

  • A number of people expressed interest, including several with experience restoring old property, but no agreements to that effect were reached.

  • [] Controversy The and demanding personality of Steve Jobs has been much talked and written about in a number of books such as by, one of the few authorized biographies of Jobs, and the unauthorized by Jeffrey S. Mobile Content News
    Tracks news about the growing phenomenon of video content over wireless handheld

  • Specifically, the trial will test throughput and range, as well as the speed of network handovers between access points, according to Motorola and Softbank.” Softbank is the number mobile 3 player in Japan and keen to gain marketshare so it is looking at ways to differentiate itself.

    Old Skool Phreak
    A website and weekly radio show dedicated to hacking and phreaking.


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    The Orlando Jeep Club of Florida
    Family oriented club with monthly meetings, trail rides, socials,show-n-shines,
    and swap meets.

    Hold On to Your Phone Bill -- It's Merger Time
    Commentary on lack of FCC concern about the effects of consolidation of telephone
    and broadcasting...

    Who Killed Rock Radio?
    Article by Keith Moerer discussing the waning popularity of rock radio stations.

  • There are a number of factors behind the precipitous rise and musical freefall of Modern Rock radio, and they're as predictable as a new Sponge single.

  • At virtually all commercial stations, however, playlists are determined by program directors or music directors, working with consultants paid to research how stations can reach the greatest number of target listeners-say, men 18-to-34 or women 25-to-44.

  • Over the past five years, the number of singles competing for those slots has grown dramatically, as record labels have scrambled to cash in on the Modern Rock boom.

  • According to Los Angeles radio consultant Jeff Pollack, a song has to be played for "at least four weeks" before stations can start testing its commercial viability, and six weeks or more before they know if it's connecting, To determine whether to stick with a song or not, stations weigh several factors: the number of phone-in requests, local CD sales as tracked each week by SoundScan, and call-out research, in which listeners are asked to rate songs for favorability, familiarity, and burnout.

  • Consider the press-time numbers for "Semi-Charmed Life" by Third Eye Blind: Familiarity is strong (88.9 percent), but favorability is way down (3.62 percent), and total burn is up to a disturbing 28.1 percent.

  • Part of their appeal was what they played artists like the Minutemen and the Replacements that no one else would touch and that they played them with less repetition than commercial stations with bigger Arbitron numbers to protect.
    German radio station sues for journalist's .org domain.

  • Benefits

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    Boing Boing
    A directory of wonderful things.

    Cell Phones and Telemarketing
    Explains current status of a cell phones directory.

  • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • --> --> --> Celling Your Soul Celling Your Soul Claim: Cell phone users must register their numbers with the national "Do Not Call" directory to prevent their cell phone numbers from being released to telemarketers.

  • cell phone numbers will be released to telemarketing companies and you will begin to receive sales calls.

  • This is the national DO NOT CALL list; it takes only a minute to register your cell phone number and it blocks most telemarketers calls for five years.

  • 31 days from today, cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketing companies and you will start to receive sales calls.

  • To prevent this, call the following number from your cell phone: 888-382-1222.

  • It blocks your number for five (5) years.

  • PASS THIS ON TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS [Collected on the Internet, 2004] A directory of cell phone numbers will soon be published for all consumers to have access to.

  • To be included on the "do not call" list, you must call from the number you wish to register.

  • The number is 1-888-382-1222 or you can go to their website at .

    KYW NewsRadio 1060
    All news format. Announcements, weather and contact details.

    Florida Low Power Radio Stations
    A compilation of Florida medium wave (AM), shortwave broadcast cue, FM, and VHF
    band travelers' informati...

  • Frequencies are in kiloHertz, unless otherwise stated.  FLPRS is posted at: and .  The editor actively supports the micro-broadcasting radio cause and lobbying movement, which is why specific confirmed addresses, announced phone numbers, proprietor names, etc.

  • Simon, August, 2000: "I noticed in a magazine a listing for a "WJAY - La Poderosa" on 1060 in Coral Springs (Broward County), and with a 954 area code phone number.

  • City information, weather, phone numbers, etc.

  • Gives phone number 1-800-749-PIKE, as well.

  • 1609.5 +/- (LPR) "Excel Telecommunications", Clearwater; first noted by the editor in November, 1995 close to 1608 kHz (recently closer to 1610 kHz) with one minute loop by man, promoting Excel Telecommunications followed by Century 21 Realty, giving address for office and phone numbers 581-7641, 585-7118 (home recorder) and 586-3514.

  • Crawford, December, 2004, running a loop with phone number, URL, etc.  Per the City URL: “The City of Fort Lauderdale has launched a Public Information Radio System located at 1610 AM on the radio dial.

  • Cloud); referring as Highway Advisory Radio with male loop with bridge construction information, pitch for buying gas at service plazas, gave information phone number 800-749-7453.

  • KIE653 call letters/numbers were allocated for the Chassahowitzka National Wildlife Refuge on 1610 kHz, while another was reported to be planned on the same frequency by the Crystal River Chamber of Commerce, which was granted $8, 750 for the project, presume ultimately the same station.


    Walt Disney Company Capsule: Hoover's Online
    Company profile and investor information including financial reports, news and
    analysis, industry...

    Rec.arts.henson+muppets FAQ
    Muppet and Henson-related frequently asked questions.

  • These includes rare Muppet clips that, no matter how big a Muppet fan you are, you've never seen before! The NY address is 25 West 52nd St, New York, 10019, and the phone number is (212) 621-6600.

  • The LA address is 465 North Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, 90210, and the phone number there is (310) 786-1000.

  • This rumor has since spread and mutated to include Bert, Grover, and other characters, and any number of diseases and fatal accidents.

    Kissing Deserves a Little Attention
    Seattle Times article on tobacco money at the 2000 DNC convention. Barred from
    the official sponsor...

    Carter, Joe: The Evangelical Outpost
    Reflections on culture, politics, and religion from an evangelical worldview.

  • For example, "phonebook: Disney CA" to search for Disney's phone numbers.

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