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Helen Hayes
Filmography and photo gallery from the Internet Movie Database.

  • | to personalize   | Showing page 1 of 18 categorized resume news articles message board on tv this week official site photographs sound clip(s) video clip(s) Helen Hayes (I) Date of birth (location) Date of death (details) Nyack, New York, USA.

  • aka The Ed Sullivan Show (USA: new title) - (1965) TV Episode ....

  • aka The Jack Benny Show - (1954) TV Episode ....

    Muppet Show Guests: Where Are They Now?
    List of guests and updates.

  • Have you ever wondered what has happened to the guest stars of the Muppet Show? So have I! The show first aired in 1976 and a lot of the guest stars are no longer household names (and some of them NEVER WERE).

  • HARVEY KORMAN Did Carol Burnett Show, then original series of Mama's Family, and more recently does bit work, including one appearance with Tim Conway.

  • Reports suggest she may also have recorded an album with her daughter TWIGGY Recently starred in the London production of the Noel Coward musical, "If Love Were All" BRUCE FORSYTH Still active as a quiz show host and entertainer in the UK.

  • FLORENCE HENDERSON Currently hosts the NBC morning show, "Later Today".

  • BEN VEREEN Recently seen singing on an ice-skating show on TV KAYE BALLARD Appeared in the NYC Paper Mill Playhouse production of Stephen Sondheim's Follies a couple of years ago.

  • She also does frequent comedy guest spots on The Rosie O'Donnel Show.

  • JOHN CLEESE Recently joined the James Bond movie series as gadget maker R and recently celebrated a Monty Python anniversary with the 4 other living members DOM DELUISE Appeared on the late Shari Lewis's last TV show.

  • More detailed info is available by clicking GEORGE BURNS Dead CLORIS LEACHMAN Last seen in a production of Show Boat in Vancouver BC in 1998 and has been in the feature film "Music of the Heart" with Meryl Streep and the TV show 'Thanks'. Photo Flash: Cast Announced for Lestat, Show to ...
    Comprehensive article offering biographies on the creative team for the musical.


    Sierra Madre News net
    Site dedicated to promoting the city, its events, merchants and people. Event photo

    Film Rotation
    Film and entertainment news, movie and DVD reviews, editorials, and links.

    Christopher Lloyd Encyclopedia
    Resource for Christopher Lloyd-related information.

  • Probably the hardest working man in show business, Lloyd is known primarily for his portrayal of some of Hollywood's most recognizable off-beat characters, such as "Reverend Jim Ignatowski", "Doc Brown", "Fester Addams" and "Colonel Kruge" to name a few.

  • But don't expect to see Lloyd dropping in on the various talk shows to promote his movies or television projects.

  • Newhouse Theater 1974 Total Eclipse Off-Broadway: The Chelsea Theater Center 1974 Amphitryon 38 The Phoenix Theatre Company 1974 Happy End The Yale Repertory Theatre - New Haven, CT 1973 The Seagull Off-Broadway: The Roundabout 1973 The Harlot and the Hunted Off-Broadway: Playwrights Horizon showcase 1973 Kaspar Off-Broadway: The Chelsea Theater Center 1973 Ampitryon 38 Phoenix Repertory Company 1973 The Birthday Party Phoenix Repertory Company 1973 The Hot L Baltimore The Center Theatre Group at the Mark Taper Forum - Los Angeles, CA 1969 Red, White and Maddox Broadway: Cort Theatre 1968 Beyond the Fringe Atlanta 1968 Dark of the Moon Theatre Atlanta 1968 Lear Theatre Atlanta 1968 The Fantasticks Atlanta 1961 A Midsummer Night's Dream The Festival Theatre: Stratford, CT THEMEPARK ATTRACTIONS 1991 (Universal Studios Florida/Hollywood) Fan Club Information Back to the Future ™...The Fan Club P.O.

    Actor Profile: Anthony Perkins
    Detailed profile of the actor by writer Brian W. Fairbanks, and filmography.

  • Made quickly and cheaply at Universal studios with the same crew the director employed for his then current TV anthology series, there was even talk of the film airing as a two-part segment of that show when the original distributor, Paramount, had misgivings about its violence.

  • There are some touching moments, as well as some amusingly ghoulish ones, and Perkins shows himself to be a very confident and capable director.

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    Der Kultur-Channel
    Kulturnews, mit Schwerpunkt auf Literatur, Musical und Theater sowie Weblogs allgemein.

    Warner Independent Pictures - Good Night, And Good Luck
    Official site provides the film's trailer, synopses, cast and crew details, photos
    and video clips...

    Le paradis de Newindo
    Regroupe les sites français sur les dessins animés.

    QAQ: Quietly Asked Questions
    Information on the cast and guests on the show.


    Blogway Baby
    Fan writes about Broadway and musical theatre.

  • To find out more about Plane Crazy , visit: Search Now: This is a FANTASTIC Broadway site that broadcasts Live Internet Radio with 24/7 showtunes! It's a BROADWAY RADIO STATION! I've got it running on my laptop now, and forever.

  • IBDB provides a comprehensive database of shows produced on Broadway, including all "title page" information about each production.

  • I wish I'd known about these guys when I lived in Palo Alto! Mermanic, "A Show Tunes Weblog", has an excellent blogroll which has been divided into the signs of the zodiac...Blogway Baby is under the sign of Cancer.

  • (although I did miss Hines's song at the top of the show) ...

  • I love it! This cast recording is awesome! Specifically, it does a great job of making the show sound fresh, yet still retaining the style of the original.

  • In the musical theatre, a "gypsy" is a dancer and/or singer, male or female, who is hired for the chorus of a Broadway show.

  • Sounds like a blast! And it's good to know that the typical $10 million Broadway show investment is protected by such a rigorus procedure...

  • I am quickly becoming intimately familiar with every single rehearsal room at Equity Showcase Theatre! And I'm on a first-name basis with Puck, the humungous white and black cat that lives there (I call it "get away from me you wretched animal" and it calls me "Suzy").

  • And our wonderful set team -- Shawndra and Don -- have already provided us with the moveable picket fences that will have multiple uses throughout the show.

    Ground Zero: Friends vs. Seinfeld
    It seems that both groups want the same couch.

  • he-e-e-e-ey, E=MC2 Chandler: What Joey: Nothing, ow <kick><ouch>For God's Sake Stop! Seinfelder's get a new couch via the grease monkey Moral: Don't mess with Christian mechanics - Big Dy ROTW ™ Silver Medal Grudgie ™ WHAT THE HELL?! The only reason I voted at all was for the "both mangled and killed" button that I expected to come up on the next page! WHERE IS IT?! Now I just voted for "Freinds"! You must all DIE! - BOB: Slayerr of the wild spams ROTW ™ Bronze Medal Grudgie ™ Three things must be remembered in dealing with this match: 1) Friends and Seinfeld are both NBC shows.

  • "What is the meaning of this!?", hisses the Technopope, waving an arm at the ridiculous scene, and incidentally spilling $250, 000 in assorted bills (which is quickly swept up by a nervous aide) from his sleeve, "I feed ye, clothe ye, buy ye movie roles to showcase thy meager talent, and this is how I am repaid? Are the millions in studio fees I provide for thee insufficient to buy thine own damn furniture? Is the Empire doomed to be brought to its knees by infidel Linux users because it's leader must constantly keep His minions from bickering like children!? Perhaps it is time all of you saw what happens to those who place material possessions above the good of the Empire." He points a menacing finger at Ross and says, "Make an example of him, " to the MIB's.

  • God created naked thursdays to train new roommates, or was it God created couches so they didn't have to stand?" - the non-prophet Joey "i've read Dune too many times" Smith I wasn't going to vote or comment on this one, since I don't watch either of these shows, but I suddenly realized something.

    Jeff Allender's Precarious House of Cards
    A resource site for non-sports cards and entertainment cards. Card trading is
    encouraged for various...

    The Dreaming: Neil Gaiman
    News, links, tour and background information, bibliographies, and a search tool.

    Head Hunters Casting
    A local casting agency helps aspiring actors and actresses find audition opportunities.

    Upcoming Disney DVD Release Schedule - The Ultimate Guide to ...
    Guide to upcoming Disney DVD releases, including disc details.

    Life in Chippendale
    Weblog about living in Chippendale.

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