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  • | Email: Password: | Search: Reading Rainbow Originally on: PBS (30 min.) Status: Ended Premiered: June 6, 1983 Show Category: Ostensibly, Reading Rainbow was created to motivate children to read.

  • The show was hosted by Levar Burton on location to introduce many fields.

  • Reading Rainbow began as a magazine format in 1983, when magazine shows were at their peak.

  • Episodes Last episode: The final show proves that Reading Rainbow is rotting.

  • Sep 5, 2002 8.00 Cast and Crew Host Theme Singer (telecasts of 1983-1998 only) More: Tell the world what you think of Reading Rainbow, write a review for this show.

  • Posted Feb 11, 2006 8:44 pm PST 8.8 Great "Informative" In a very serious way, this has a very good theme on showing little kids how reading can help improve imagination.

  • Posted Jan 10, 2006 7:27 pm PST 10.0 Perfect "Classic" How can you not like this show? It gets kids into readind books.

  • Posted Dec 9, 2005 6:21 am PST See all Show Vital Stats Show: Reading Rainbow Ratings Rank: 1, 960 of 15, 850 ( 1) Show Reviews: 9 People Tracking: 33 ShowScore: 7.9 Good 111 votes Rating Statistics: perfect: 33 (30.8%) great: 25 (23.4%) good: 21 (19.6%) superb: 13 (12.1%) Other: 15 (14%) This content requires Macromedia Flash Player 7 or higher.

  • Top Contributors Score: 30 points Score: 25 points Score: 16 points Score: 8 points Score: 5 points Score: 5 points Score: 5 points Score: 5 points Score: 3 points Score: 2 points Similar Shows If you like Reading Rainbow, you may also like these shows: Sesame Street is a widely recognized and perpetually daring experiment in educational children's programming.

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  • | Email: Password: | Search: The Electric Company Originally on: PBS (30 min.) Status: Ended Premiered: October 25, 1971 Show Categories: , On the heels of its fabulously successful Sesame Street, the Children's Television Workshop (CTW) created The Electric Company .

  • With its roots in Motown Sound, Broadway and Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In, The Electric Company drew attention for six years as the most popular instructional television show.

  • Doolats; Igor; Pedro (1972-1977) Voices (1973-1977) Brenda; Vi; Madame Rosalie; Gladys the Glow-Worm (1971-1973) Jesse; member of the Short Circus (1975-1977) More: Tell the world what you think of The Electric Company, write a review for this show.

  • Community Reviews 10.0 Perfect "Personal favorite" Electric Company Posted Jul 3, 2006 2:03 pm PST 9.9 Superb "Influential" Loved this show but couldn't remember why so that's how I got here.

  • Posted Jun 20, 2006 12:53 pm PST 10.0 Perfect "Bring it back!" Loved the show as a kid! Posted May 30, 2006 6:11 pm PST 8.4 Great "A decent show" A good childrens program similar to Seasame Street.

  • Posted May 21, 2006 12:29 pm PST See all Show Vital Stats Show: The Electric Company Popularity Rank: 630 of 15, 881 Ratings Rank: 1, 027 of 15, 881 ( 11) Show Reviews: 14 People Tracking: 52 ShowScore: 8.5 Great 107 votes Rating Statistics: great: 35 (32.7%) perfect: 33 (30.8%) superb: 15 (14%) good: 13 (12.1%) Other: 11 (10.3%) This content requires Macromedia Flash Player 7 or higher.

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  • A hit like "Pirates of the Caribbean, " for example, can spawn video games, action figures, cable TV shows and, in the case of "Pirates, " give new life to an old Disney theme park attraction.

  • shares had their biggest decline in three years after the company was downgraded by CIBC World Markets Inc., which cited slower growth in fiscal 2007 because of lower theme-park attendance and fewer television shows in syndication.

  • Posted By: Figment! @ 9:32 PM | July 9, 2006 "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" Breaks Box Office Gross Records for Single Day and Opening Weekend Preliminary estimates released by Disney show that "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" earned $55.5 million on Friday, which would set the record for the largest one-day take at the box office.

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  • Who should I send "comments" to? Muppets And Their Owners What is a Muppet, anyway? Why are Muppets left handed? Doesn't Disney own the Muppets? Who runs the Muppets nowadays? What's the address of The Jim Henson Company? "The Muppet Show" And Its Cast Who are the two old guys in the balcony? What is Gonzo? What about Scooter? Where has Scooter gone, anyway? And where has Skeeter gone? What's the best ever Muppet sketch? "Muppets Tonight!" And Its Cast Muppets what ? Who plays Kermit now? What is Clifford? What is Pepe? What is Eugene (Nigel's buddy)? Muppet Movies Does Beaker give Scrooge the bird in Muppet Christmas Carol ? "Sesame Street" Is XXX dying of any disease? Are Ernie and Bert gay? I heard PBS is going to cancel SS.

  • Don't post anything to ; post to instead! In r.a.h+m we talk about Muppets in cartoons, movies, television shows, happy meal boxes, you name it.

  • For the purposes of this newsgroup, "Muppet" covers anything that has been created by The Jim Henson Company or the Creature Shop, including creations in "Muppets Tonight!, " "The Muppet Show, " "Sesame Street, " "Fraggle Rock, " "Dinosaurs, " The Dark Crystal , Labyrinth , Babe , etc.

  • Christopher Finch, in the almost-definitive "Of Muppets and Men, " relates the following ad-libbed exchange on the backstage of "The Muppet Show": "Kermit/Jim Henson turns to Scooter/Richard Hunt and asks, 'What are you anyway?' 'My mother was a parrot, ' Scooter replies.

  • :-) (btw, the Mahna Mahna skit is on the video "It's The Muppets: Meet The Muppets, " Henson Video VHS 1620.) It's the most recent Muppet TV show.

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  • REVIEWS FESTIVALS SPECIAL EDUCATION UNIONS/TRADE NYC NON-PROFITS REGIONAL KEWL Tuesday, July 18, 2006 Features: [ ] As 'Hot Feet' Ends Run on Broadway, Transamerica Is Content By CAMPBELL ROBERTSON Like most shows, "Hot Feet" lost money.

  • But Transamerica, which put up about half of the show's $8 million cost, still considers it a good investment.

  • Too bad the show isn't better than the sum of its parts.

  • Wynn Rousuck In most of the offerings, you'll be sure to see American family life, with a twist [ ] Slide Show: A New Tent The Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival serves up plenty of humor in a new production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream." Reviews: [ ] 'Forest' darkness proves illuminating BY PETER FILICHIA Maybe Tammy Ryan should have called her new play "The Dark Part of the Marriage" instead of "The Dark Part of the Forest." [ ] Crazy for the Dog Reviewed by: Barbara & Scott Siegel The lack of appealing characters in Christopher Boal's dysfunctional family drama is likely to drive audiences crazy.

  • But this show is all about the music.

  • 1 [ ] 'Blonde' to play Palace by Gordon Cox 'Legally' to open April 29 [ ] Can 'Chorus' still line up auds? by Gordon Cox Producers make case for revival that mirrors original '70s mold [ ] Menier's tuner factory by David Benedict Chocolate sweetens London legit scene [ ] Inside Move: Scribe's in the 'Pink' by Gordon Cox King show the creation of performers Everett, Mellman [ ] 'Divas' delivers mo' music to D.C.

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  • Have you ever wondered what has happened to the guest stars of the Muppet Show? So have I! The show first aired in 1976 and a lot of the guest stars are no longer household names (and some of them NEVER WERE).

  • HARVEY KORMAN Did Carol Burnett Show, then original series of Mama's Family, and more recently does bit work, including one appearance with Tim Conway.

  • Reports suggest she may also have recorded an album with her daughter TWIGGY Recently starred in the London production of the Noel Coward musical, "If Love Were All" BRUCE FORSYTH Still active as a quiz show host and entertainer in the UK.

  • FLORENCE HENDERSON Currently hosts the NBC morning show, "Later Today".

  • BEN VEREEN Recently seen singing on an ice-skating show on TV KAYE BALLARD Appeared in the NYC Paper Mill Playhouse production of Stephen Sondheim's Follies a couple of years ago.

  • She also does frequent comedy guest spots on The Rosie O'Donnel Show.

  • JOHN CLEESE Recently joined the James Bond movie series as gadget maker R and recently celebrated a Monty Python anniversary with the 4 other living members DOM DELUISE Appeared on the late Shari Lewis's last TV show.

  • More detailed info is available by clicking GEORGE BURNS Dead CLORIS LEACHMAN Last seen in a production of Show Boat in Vancouver BC in 1998 and has been in the feature film "Music of the Heart" with Meryl Streep and the TV show 'Thanks'.

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  • Our Upcoming Shows Our Next Show: Our Next Audition: Shop Online and Help Support PHS Instead of asking you to buy typical fundraising stuff from our group, we're doing something totally new.

  • [] Get your 2005-2006 Season Tickets today! It's not too late...we have one show under our belt but you ...

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  • "I started in show business when I was 15 years old, " recalled Holloway for the Disney Publicity Department, "by enrolling in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York.

  • I became determined to make it." The Pasadena Playhouse was then considered something of a showcase for actors wishing to make the move into motion pictures as agents and producers often attended plays produced there.

  • His quiet, underplayed subtleties consequently stole the show!" Those "quiet, underplayed subtleties" emanate from Holloway's soft-spoken sound and his almost-but-never-quite-over-the-mental-edge reading of the Cheshire Cat's lines.

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  • Posted by John Campea at | Sony Shows 20 Minutes of Casino Royale At Cinema Expo I am personally really pumped about the new direction of the Bond franchise.

  • The good folks over at have posted up a report about Sony showing 20 minutes and the Cinema Expo in Amsterdam.

  • Here's what they had to say: The footage showed off Craig as a grittier Bond, with scenes of more intense, visceral hand-to-hand combat than 007 has tackled in recent pics.

  • Posted by John Campea at | June 29, 2006 Audio Edition - June 29th 2006 Only 2 topics on today's Audio Edition kiddies! Today Doung and I discuss and review 2 movies: 1) Superman Returns 2) Pirates of the Caribbean 2 We're saving a TON of good stuff for tomorrows show.

  • Posted by John Campea at | The Wicker Man Not Being Shown To Critics Ahh the trend continues.

  • WE WERE TOLD IT CRASHED Many shots of the rover on the surface of Mars, all shown from a variety on cameras on-board the probe itself.

  • Read the posted by John Campea at | Thomas Haden Church - the physique of a fishwife I've always liked Thomas Haden Church all the way back to his days on Wings (man that was an under appreciated show!) By now you all know that Church is playing the villain Sandman in...

  • as a matter of fact as you'll hear in the show I'm still a little sick and in a FOUL mood.

  • On today's show we discuss:...

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  • 22, 2005 LEGENDARY BLIND BOYS OF ALABAMA ANNOUNCE NATIONWIDE HOLIDAY TOUR AND CHRISTMAS WEEK PERFORMANCE ON "THE TONIGHT SHOW" ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME HOSTS THE BLIND BOYS, ARETHA FRANKLIN, ELVIS COSTELLO, SOLOMON BURKE AND OTHERS IN A TRIBUE TO SAM COOKE • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Blind Boys awarded GMA Album of the Year / Featured on new Dan Zane's release On April 5th The Blind Boys of Alabama took home the Traditional Gospel Album of the Year honor for their current release, at the 37th annual (formerly the Dove Awards ) held at the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville, Tennessee.

  • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • The Blind Boys of Alabama Return Appearance On The Tonight Show The Blind Boys of Alabama will make their second appearance this year on on Thursday, December 22nd.

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