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Information on cruise vacations.

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Recruitment site for the cruise ship industry.

Florida Travel Vacation Guide
Guide to vacationing in Florida, including links to attractions, accommodations,
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Information about cruise jobs and directory of recruiting agencies specialised
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Offers wholesale prices. Features inventory of reduced rate sailings.

  • We’ve been offering discount cruises on-line since 1996! Most internet sites promise, however, it is our exceptional service that sets us apart.

  • We know the discount cruises we sell very well! Whether you’re looking to book a Carnival Cruise , Royal Caribbean , or something on Celebrity Cruise Line , you’ll find that we can handle your request with ease.

    Clipper Cruise Line
    Small ship cruise line.

    Discount Cruises, Last Minute Cruises, Cruise, Cruise Line, Cruise ...
    Cruise agency based in Houston. Includes cruise search, ships, ratings, port
    information and contact...

    Orlando Airport Disney Transportation
    Transportation services going to Disneyworld, Universal Studios, Seaworld and
    other area attractions.

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    Blue Fox Jobs
    Casino, hotel and resort jobs listings for the gaming industry.

    Complete pagina met links over rederijen, reisorganisaties en de historie van de

    AAA New Mexico
    American Automobile Association.

    Sunny Orlando
    Information and links for business and jobs, Orlando attractions, restaurants
    and shopping, and hotels.


    Travel Travel|full-service or book on-line; without a travel agent ...
    Full-service agency offers a variety of vacation packages and group services.
    Includes details of...

    Menno Travel Service
    An American Express Representative office and Elkhart County's largest travel
    agency. Departments...

    Drezner, Daniel W.
    The personal weblog of a libertarian/conservative University of Chicago political
    science professor.

  • In light of increasing output, any decline in employment in the domestic automobile industry has been because of rising productivity and efficiency in the industry, not because of an overall decline in the industry's fortunes.

  • This isn't necessarily a good thing, accoding to Haykel: With Israel at war with Hezbollah, where, you might wonder, is Al Qaeda? From all appearances on the Web sites frequented by its sympathizers, which I frequently monitor, Al Qaeda is sitting, unhappily and uneasily, on the sidelines, watching a movement antithetical to its philosophy steal its thunder.

  • On the other hand, the hard deadline here is the expiration of President Bush's Trade Promotion Authority in June of next year.

  • Writing as Covert Communications, CC for short, she opined in her online journal on such national security conundrums as stagflation, the war of ideas in the Middle East and -- in her most popular post -- bad food in the CIA cafeteria.

  • The survey found that the overwhelming majority of people who blog do so for non-political reasons -- they function primarily as online personal diaries.

  • What is below the water line are the literally millions of blogs that are rarely pointed to by others, since they are only of interest to the family, friends, fellow students and co-workers of their teenage and 20-something bloggers.

  • A study by social networking site MSN Spaces found that nearly 60% of people in the UK use blogs as an online diary.

    AAA Northern New England
    Motor club serving Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

    Clinpharm Support GmbH
    Clinpharm support, a CRO for clinical pharmacology and clinical studies (I - IV),
    located in Basel,...

    Meaford's Electronic Mall
    Business listing and contact information for the Meaford area.

  • Complete Line of Furnaces, FirePlaces, Water Heaters and All Related Gas Equipment.

  • Across from Knox Presbyterian Church on county road 7 Carole Matthews Psychic/Medium Meaford, Ontario 519-538-1516 416-362-5619 Columnist and Host of "The Messengerfiles" Radio/online show Saturday 11a.m.

  • N4L 1N2 538-2311 Fax 538-2506 Auto, Marine, Farm & Industrial Supplies - wholesale, retail, parts, lubricants and accessories Meaford Auto Wreckers RR#1 7th Line North, Fire number 158335, Meaford Ont.

  • Regional full-line Distributor for more than 20 manufacturers including Gitane, Blueridge Guitars, & the Cremona family of fine-quality bowed instruments - wonderful instruments at realistic prices! Repairs & modifications to most stringed instruments.

  • Rick Gray Foods RR#4 Meaford Ontario N4L 1W7 519-538-1949 We sell smoked salmon, chicken, and many more food items to enjoy! Riverview Signs - Truck Lettering Noreen Fedoriuk 11th Line @ Bighead River RR#1 Meaford Phone/Fax 519-538-4965 E-mail: Specializing in graphic arts, vinyl graphics and quality brushwork.

  • Sundance Excavating 057373-12th Line, RR#1, Meaford, ON N4L 1W5 519-538-3339 Fax 519-538-3339 email: Excavating, ponds, trenching etc.

    Frontline: Excerpts from No Logo
    Excerpts, book cover image, and commentary.

  • So it's this oddly schizophrenic situation where the marketing department is saying, "Harness this energy, this democracy, " and at the same time, the trademark lawyers are saying, "Get this under control, and sue people for sharing online." So I think really democracy, citizen participation in our culture, is generally met with lawsuits by these same corporations, whether it's for trademark violation or file sharing.

  • It's actually in many ways the end of advertising, because it ramps up to the point where you're actually building these fully enclosed branded [lives], fully synergized branded lives, which is a lot more expensive than just taking out an ad and saying, "Hey, guys, we've got a new product coming out." All of these companies, without exception, that have embraced this ideology have simultaneously embraced a model for producing their products where they don't own any of their factories, where they see production as being really a kind of a menial sideline to their actual production.

  • In the late '90s, I remember an article in The New York Times saying Levi's problem is not their jeans; it's that they don't have a line of house paint, because at this point, Ralph Lauren had a line of house paint, and there was this idea that the Levi's brand, which is a quintessential American brand like Marlboro, was dying because they hadn't found their soul, they hadn't found their big idea, and they were still just selling jeans.

  • So I think it's more a reflection of a mentality that really doesn't see policy as impacting people's lives that would lead people to believe that in the face of experience, you can just sell a marketing line.

    Race Across America 2005
    Das Team Schaffhausen berichtet über das Rennen, die Ergebnisse und Ereignisse
    während dem Wettbewerb.

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