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  • However, the producers have no intention of "killing" any character on "Sesame Street." Jim Henson's characters are kept alive on the show by rerunning sketches that were recorded in the first twenty years of the show, and new Ernie sketches are also being made with Steve Whitmire performing Ernie.

  • Anyone who is afraid for the life of any character should be encouraged to actually watch an episode of "Sesame Street, " where they will see Ernie, Bert, and all the gang, still alive and well.

  • Besides all the songs you'd expect (Rubber Duckie, "Sesame Street" theme), it has many Frequently Asked Lyrics: the Alligator King, Captain Vegetable, I Don't Want to Live on the Moon, We All Live In A Capital I, etc.

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  • The velvety, eternally-adolescent, ever-effective rasp of Sterling Holloway has enlivened more Disney animated shorts, featurettes and features than most any other voice.

  • But it was as the voice of the messenger Stork who delivers baby Dumbo to Mrs.

  • Many feel that, just as Disney overused actors (e.g., Kevin Corcoran, Ed Wynn) in live-action films, so he overused Holloway as a narrator in his cartoon films.

  • But, Johnston recalled, "We were both heartbroken when Walt looked at it and said: 'I think we ought to get somebody to narrate it -- how about Sterling Holloway?'" But narration was an integral element of Prokofiev's original "Peter and the Wolf" so the problem was not Holloway's delivery or performance; it's the narration itself, which as Leonard Maltin in the seminal book The Disney Films points out, "is no longer the classic one, but a more up-to-date and pointed kind, with sportscaster overtones ('Look out, Sascha!')." One can't blame Holloway for giving a performance appropriate to the material as written.

  • But Holloway not only delivered the lines with a mixture of menace and misplaced self-confidence but also ad-libbed dialogue that sparked the imaginations of the artists.

  • Compare the gentle chortle of Pooh to the sly hissing of Kaa or to the downplayed daftness of the Cheshire Cat or to any of his other Disney vocalizations -- and you'll hear a completely unique characterization delivered in that instantly recognizable rasp.

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  • The football players' escape alive and Logan looks at his bone claws and screams out...

  • She is told that she must keep the madman alive for as long as it takes Jeff (Angus Macfayden), another of his victims, to complete a game of his own.

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