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UltimateDisney.com: The Ultimate Guide to Disney DVD
Guide to all Disney movies available on DVD. Includes title listings, latest
news, and a forum.

The Neal Shusterman Web Site
The official website of the Animorphs series screenwriter.

  • Welcome to the wordscapes of author Neal Shusterman! Be prepared to navigate some uncharted territory in your own heart and soul in the pages ahead.

  • GAMES Like games? You might want to try Neal's games, or for adults, -- the original mystery role-playing party games, and the new "Armchair Detectives" Mystery Puzzle Game! Check out an excerpt from Try out all the links below -- Feel free to browse through these pages, filled with excerpts from books, reviews, info on movie's being made from Neal Shusterman books, and more.

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    ToonTown Central - Fansite for Disney's Toontown Online
    Offering screen shots, tutorials, tips, tactics, forums and chat rooms.

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    Marc Hairston's Nadia Page
    Introduction, synopses, character profiles, song translations, production credits,
    articles and links.

  • The purpose of this homepage is gather together all the information I have found on the net about the series, along with some stuff I compiled from other sources.

  • Enjoy! New stuff July 2001 I finally got around to revising my webpage now that I've seen the movie.

  • Also, I've just started a new page of based on Nadia .

  • Keep your fingers crossed! NEWS Nadia on TV in the US July 2001 According to the report on Animeondvd.com page from Anime Expo, at the ADV Films panel on July 6th they announced that Nadia will be on TV in the US.

  • I'll update the info on the cast list page later.

  • I put this update on-line on March 27 (based on the Previews link I'd found in the forum section of Animeondvd.com) and then a day later the "official" announcement from ADV is made (again on the Animeondvd.com forum and newspage).

  • Marc Hairston's anime page.

  • Marc Hairston's homepage to look at the cool space science work I do in my alter ego as a professional physicist and real person.

  • Take a minute to look at some of the cool stuff we have on these pages too.

  • The more hits we have on those pages, the more likely they'll continue to tolerate the Nadia page here.

  • Looking at our logs it seems this page gets about 80 to 100 hits per day, but I've never done any serious recordkeeping.

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    CarolynDorin.com > Home ( DNN 3.1.0 )
    Official web site for the 2001 PWBA Player of the Year. Includes tournament
    schedule, appearances,...

    Bradley's Homepage
    About this 11-year-old, his favorite sports, and his favorite television shows.

    Homeschooling at FamilyEducation.com
    Advice and information, activities, product reviews, discussion boards.

    Group of authors write on music, books, film, popular culture, politics, and


    Classic Movies.org
    A large collection of annotated links, weekly feature articles, DVD reviews, clip
    art, and sound files,...

  • Check out our current crop of feature articles and news just below, or select one of the links at the left or in the "Find What You Want" section below the News & Features to find any of the over 1, 000 pages on the Classic Movies site.

  • Bookmark this page and check back every week or two for our new DVD picks.

  • How to get linked or to on this site! This is our Web hosting service, and we highly recommend them if you're thinking of creating a Web site, or if you're currently paying more than $5 a month for hosting! ABOUT THIS SITE: Classic Movies is a major destination site for fans of classic Hollywood films and old, vintage movies, with hundreds of pages of content featuring tributes to classic movie stars, actors, actresses, directors, filmmakers, composers, and other movie people, news about celebrity deaths, and information about movies for sale, plus other articles on subjects of interest to classic movie fans, including new releases on DVD, a monthly Turner Classic Movies channel TV schedule, horror movies, disney classics, cult films, comedies, christmas movies, war movies, western movies, science fiction, noir, gangster, and mystery movies.

    The Hollywood Reporter
    Provides news coverage on the entertainment industry, including film, television,
    music, and awards.

    INTERCOT - Walt Disney World Inside & Out - Walt Disney World ...
    Features travel information, pictures, audio clips, video clips, tips, and trivia.

    Enlightened Spartan
    Unofficial Michigan State University football fan website featuring: columns,
    news, schedule information,...

    Animation Insider - Animation's Home Page for News and Reviews
    News resource for animation fans.

    Alycia's Going Wild for Jeff Corwin Page
    A fan site including chats and interviews with Jeff, photos, sounds files, and
    links to sites about...

  • My page is simply created for entertainment purposes, out of my love for Animals and my respect for the show and the wonderful job Jeff Corwin, ęDisney, and ęDiscovery Channel does to bring these shows to us.

    Keeper's Cartoon Files
    Current information about contemporary Warner Bros. cartoons, including episode
    lists, running gags,...

  • Keeper's Cartoon Files This page serves as the definitive World-Wide Web location to find the informational documents I maintain about contemporary Warner Bros.

  • So, what could I do with my web space to commemorate the 10th anniversary? I decided to throw together a little page which reminds us that, for those who made the show, it has been a lot more than 10 years! Hopefully there will be more to the page in the future, but for now here it is: .

  • Also, I've added some things to the foreign lyrics/recordings pages! One of the Pinky & The Brain intros from Poland; both Pinky & The Brain intros and the series theme from France plus an MP3 of the series theme; one of the Pinky & The Brain intros from Japan plus an MP3 of it; an MP3 of the Pinky & The Brain theme from Germany; and I've added an MP3 of the Season 3 Animaniacs theme from Brazil, though don't have the lyrics yet (or can't find them 'cause I've been sitting on some of this stuff for so long).

  • OK, so this site has gotten some awards over the years, despite (or maybe because of) my ugly Unix-friendly web design: 9 May 1999 The Animaniacs Mega Lyrics File has been chosen as a "Key Resource" at links2go.com! 30 January 1999 This site has been chosen as a "cool site" in the Netscape Open Directory! Thanks, Mozilla! 16 January 1998 These pages have been included in some internet yellow pages books published recently! Faboo! The Animaniacs Mega Lyrics File has been chosen as an Entertainment "Cool Link" Surfers' Choice at Yahoo!.

    Disney Actors and Actresses Webring
    For all web pages related to Disney actors and actresses throughout Disney's history.

  • Welcome, Guest - - Disney Actors and Actresses Ring Manager: - > > > > A webring for all webpages related to Disney actors and actresses throughout Disney's history.

  • Ring Information Ring Stats · Created 07/23/1999 · 11 active site(s) · 23 page views today · 24954 total page views · Sites in Ring Sites 1 - 11 of 11 Search for in Sponsor Featured Site(s) Character photography and pictures of the Walt Disney characters.

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