Pearl Harbor Filming Locations

  • . Disney Studios (which made "Pearl Harbor") originally leased the ranch for their old "Spin & Marty" episodes on the 1950's "Mickey Mouse Club." They bought it in 1959 and made movies such as "Old Yeller, " "The Parent Trap" and "The Shaggy Dog" there

    Hidden Mickeys in Inspector Gadget (1999)
  • . One of the O's in "Go" and two of the backgroud cog-wheels make up a slightly lopsided but certainly distinguishable Mickey head! REPORTED: 22 JUN 99 We believe we may have spotted a Hidden Mickey in the previews for "Inspector Gadget, ' starring Matthew Broderick
  • . REPORTED: 07 DEC 98 When he is in the operating room you can see a Mickey in the brain scans
  • . The wetness formed by the water forms the outline of a Mickey Head
  • . Three, at times, get together to form the tri-circle Mickey Head
  • . Shin 06 AUG 99 CONFIRMED: matt wolbrink 07 MAY 00 Almost at the end of the film, when Gadget and the doctor girl fall with the orange parachute in the water, Gadget declares his love to her, and on his hat there is an animated writing, with some hearts made by red leds...well, if you see all of them, you'll find EVEN the 3 circles which make Mickey's Head..
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    Hidden Mickeys in Mary Poppins (1964)
  • ages, and silhouettes, of Mickey hidden throughout the film.
    Mary Poppins At the beginning of the move, Bert is playing his base drum in the park
  • . On one side of the drum is Mickey's head, the side view showing mouth open etc
  • . The moonlight appears to form a profile of Mickey's face and the clouds form the "ears." I can't be 100% sure that it is intended as a Mickey
  • . However it is too close to call it "Wishful Thinking" UPDATE: Greg Bevier 29 JUL 98 Mickey's profile is hard to miss on Burt's drum in Mary Poppins
  • . If you look closely ( if you can pause the scene ) where you can see what is drawn in the drum, you can see a mountain and clouds that resemble a hidden Mickey
  • . The Mickey that appears there is like the Steamboat Willie Mickey
  • . CONFIRMED: 28 OCT 98 CONFIRMED: anon 31 MAR 99 CONFIRMED: nicole 12 MAY 00 When I was watching the new Disney Gold DVD Mary Poppins; I also noticed the Hidden Mickey on the side of the drum on Bert's one man band

    Hidden Mickeys: Tron
  • cations of hidden images of Mickey in the film.
    As the heroes escape on the they fly over a Hidden Mickey! The silhouette of Mickey Mouse on the ground is made to look like part of the terrain
  • . REPORTED: 23 AUG 93 CONFIRMED: 23 APR 94 CONFIRMED: 06 JUL 95 CONFIRMED: 02 SEP 95 CONFIRMED: CONFIRMED: 26 JAN 97 CONFIRMED: 26 FEB 97 The left facing Mickey Head is shown below the Solar Sailer it is in grey with a very fine grid pattern and the surounding territory is in a larger brighter grid pattern
  • . You will see, amid the grid background, a solid Mickey silhouette looking to your left! CONFIRMED: anon 13 MAY 97 CONFIRMED: anon 01 JUL 97 CONFIRMED: 11 JUL 97 There's a hidden Mickey in "Tron"! As Tron, Flynn, and Yori head towards the I/O Tower in the Solar Sailer, they fly over a desolate vista of hills in various sizes and shapes
  • . resembling Mickey's profile in silhouette -- the nose is on the left and the ears on the right, but once you see it you'll never miss it again! CONFIRMED: 22 NOV 97 CONFIRMED: 11 APR 99 CONFIRMED: Stephen Matthews 03 JAN 00 If you own the DVD of TRON you can find the Hidden Mickey by going to chapter 21 "Tron finds Flynn"


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    Urban Legends: Does Donald Duck call Daffy Duck a 'nigger'?
  • . In 1995, a 1937 Mickey Mouse cartoon called "Clock Cleaners" contained in Walt Disney Cartoon Classics series' video "Fun on the Job" made the news because it allegedly included a frustrated Donald Duck shouting "Fuck you!", leading Wal-Mart to pull the video from its shelves

    OnVideo Guide to Home Video Releases: DVDs
  • . Ring of Fear (1954) Clyde Beatty, Mickey Spillane, Pat O'Brien, Sean McClory, Marian Carr
  • . Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure (2001) Voices of Scott Wolf, Alyssa Milano, Chazz Palminteri, Jeff Bennett, Jodi Benson, Bill Fagerbakke, Mickey Rooney, Bronson Pinchot, Cathy Moriarty, Mary Kay Bergman

    WWWF Grudge Match: Ross Perot vs. Montgomery Burns
  • . Okay I hear all of you out there arguing, "But Perot looks just like Mickey Mouse!" While that may be true, that's his only redeeming feature

    UltimateDisney.com - Disney Television Shows
    Guide to all Walt Disney television series with reviews and up-to-date information on DVD availability.
    | TV Shows • • • • • • • UltimateDisney.com Top Stories : > | Disney TV Animation # Title Year Available on DVD? / Notes 1 "The Gummi Bears" 1985-1991 Not available on DVD; 95 episodes produced (6 seasons) 2 "The Wuzzles" 1985-1986 Not available on DVD; 13 episodes produced 3 1987-1992 3-disc now on DVD; contains episodes #1-27; 1.33:1, DD mono; $34.99 SRP; Volume 2 set rumored for release

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    WWWF Grudge Match
  • . Mickey: Bugs
  • . What has Donald Duck got? Mickey Mouse? Wimp
  • . Sure, Goofy had his stint back with "Goof Troop", but what has he done for us lately? And Mickey? That loser sold his soul to the Disney organization, and where is he now? Doing cameo spots on 'Bonkers'
  • . Granted, most of Donald companians are goofs (Mickey, Goofy ( sic! ), his nephews, ...), but he has one allmighty ally noone can argue with: Scrooge McDuck! He will simply buy Warner Bros
  • . Killer : Duck Dodger of the 24th and a 1/2 Century Place : Consevatory Weapon : Acme (tm) Disintegration Ray - sniper You'll never see Mickey nor Goofy having a go at Donald; Mickey's nervous laugh is testament to past traumatic run-in, and Goofy was formerly known as "Brainy" before cracking wise about a certain waterfowl's speech impediment
  • . For Donald, it's Mickey
  • . Mickey talks like a eunuch and is completely pussy-whipped by his wimpy girlfriend Minnie
  • . Mickey loves family values and wears red shorts
  • . Mickey gives Minnie flowers as she giggles

    Hidden Mickeys - Fantasia
  • cations of hidden images of Mickey in the movie.
    Fantasia On the cover of the Fantasia Anthology (DVD), the treble clef has been formed to look like Sorcerer Mickey
  • . REPORTED: Jen Temple 25 FEB 01 During the part after the soundtrack in shown it shows you images you may get in you head when listening to the music and three spots go past at one point which I think is a hidden Mickey REPORTED: Adam 24 JUL 00 The Mickey occurs in the movie when Sorcerer Mickey is going down the river, just before the whirlpool scene
  • . The Mickey Head appears in the foam of the water just ahead of Mickey
  • . REPORTED: 09 JAN 97 Confirming the Hidden Mickey during right before Mickey goes down the whirlpool
  • . CONFIRMED: 06 JAN 98 When the big storm is taking place, and a wave hits a rock and as it spills over, a Mickey Mouse head appears in the curl of the wave
  • . If you freeze frame the video at the right moment, you can see Mickey dressed in his Sorcerer's Apprentice outfit in the swirling smoke

    All-Reviews.com- Fantasia 2000
  • . Now, using traditional animation and computer-generated effects, there are seven new segments, along with the original Mickey Mouse Sorcerer's Apprentice, and the music is by the Chicago Symphony conducted by James Levine

    Hidden Mickeys in Nightmare Before Christmas
  • er reported images of Mickey Mouse in the movie.
    Nightmare Before Christmas At the beginning of Nightmare Before Christmas, there is a hidden Mickey
  • . The camera is traveling through the cemetery and there is a Mickey on top of one of the tombstones
  • . REPORTED: anon 22 FEB 02 There is a very clear hidden Mickey
  • . REPORTED: 13 AUG 00 Just after the little girl throws the boy in the bath, the next scene is a clear front view of a hidden Mickey
  • . CONFIRMED: 13 AUG 00 CONFIRMED: Kittie 18 DEC 00 The two little girls and boy who receive the bat doll and the bullet-hole duck on wheels are wearing Disney pajamas! The litte girl has on yellow pajamas with Mickey Mouse heads and the little boy has on white pajamas with Donald Duck heads! REPORTED: 23 OCT 96 CONFIRMED: Kittie 18 DEC 00 When all the characters are singing "Making Christmas" there is one that should stand out perfectly
  • . The wheel-barrel that he is moving contains pumpkins and the largest pumpkin with a face would be Mickey's head


    The Warner Brothers Cartoon Companion: Robert McKimson

  • . Not merely Mickey Mousing the score, Stalling would use musical cues to sharpen gags

    The Warner Brothers Cartoon Companion: Norm McCabe
  • . Not merely Mickey Mousing the score, Stalling would use musical cues to sharpen gags

    Walt Disney
    Les films d'animation des studios Disney. Histoires, vidéos, musiques, paroles de chanson, hidden Mickey.

    Wisconsin Advanced Technology Advocates, Inc.
  • . Mattel's Barbie and Veuve Clicquot, while hardly Mickey Mouse outfits, simply don't match Disney's product reach, Binnie suggested

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