Roger Rabbit's Toontown

Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)

  • . The down-and-out, underpaid fantasy-toon players must live in a segregated ghetto named "Toontown" as victims of human bigotry
  • . Maroon presents Valiant with the latest issue of The Toontown Gossip , and Valiant reads part of the front-page article outloud
  • . I don't work Toontown
  • . Maroon: What's wrong with Toontown? Every Joe loves Toontown
  • . You don't wanna go to Toontown, you don't have to go to Toontown
  • . Nobody said you had to go to Toontown, anyway...The rabbit's wife sings at a joint called The Ink & Paint Club
  • . Earlier in Valiant's life, things were darkened when, as a private eye dedicated to working for Toons, his brother was killed by a falling piano in Toontown
  • . Eddie has had a long-standing grudge against Toons and against venturing into Toontown ever since
  • . No hard feelings.." Valiant looks down at his spotless shirt - he already knows the silly geezer with the urge to play practical jokes: "Marvin Acme, the guy that owns Toontown - the Gag King." [Acme had bought Toontown with the fortune he had made selling gags and novelties to the cartoon studios.] Acme responds: "If it's Acme, it's a gasser." To disperse hard feelings, Acme shakes Eddie's hand - with an electric hand buzzer that shocks Eddie all the way up his arm

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  • . Disdainfully referred to as "Toons" by humans, the cartoon characters are underpaid by human standards and are forced to live in a segregated ghetto known as Toontown
  • . As the plot thickens, however, Roger begins to grow on Eddie and the pair team up to solve the mystery of Toontown, battling the sinister Judge Doom (Christopher Lloyd) in the process

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit
  • . The Toons live in Toontown, a completely animated world where the climax of the movie takes place, but most of the time, they hang out in a version of Hollywood that looks like it was borrowed from a 1940s pri vate-eye movie


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    WWWF Grudge Match
  • . This match is obviously occurring in California(Toontown, right outside L.A.), but the courts are holding up Prop 209, so "this little black duck" will have the force of legal preferences on his side, insuring victory

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