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  • . Nichols, Prod.Ruby-Spears Kid Klassics, Writer.Mark Evanier, Synopsis.animated - from the book by Deborah&James Howe) (? 1974, Cast.Christopher Lee) (England 1972, Horst Janson - Kronos Cast.John Carsen, Caroline Munro, Film Prod Co.Hammer, Writer-Dir.Bryan Clemens known for TV series "The Avengers") (Mexico 1971, Dir.Rene Cardona) (USA 1990, Dir.Gabrielle Beaumont, Cast.Meg Tilly, Ione Skye, Roddy McDowell, Roy Dotrice) (Sweden/Japan 1968) (England 1966, Dir.Gerald Thomas aka Screaming) (Mexico 1963, Dir.Alfredo Crevenna) (USA 1974, Dir.Joesph Brad Talbort) (Italy 1963, Dir.Anthony Dawson aka La Danza Macabra Cast.Barbara Steele) (England 1968, Film Co.Delta S.F

    Kathryn Beaumont
  • . Also includes a collection of articles and interviews by other authors.
    Kathryn Beaumont spent her formative years in four real locales: North Wales, London, Canada and California
  • . For Kathryn Beaumont, the 12-year-old English girl who was the model for Alice (and also provided her voice) the motions were many and complex and sometimes dizzying
  • . On October 16, 1998, at the Ceremony, two Disney "Alices" joined the group: Virginia Davis, considered to be the first 'Disney Star, ' hired by 21-year-old Walt Disney in Kansas City for his silent "Alice Comedies" ...and Kathryn Beaumont-Levine, whose voice and personality are essential parts of the Disney landscape
  • . to access additional articles and information BELOW: N ewspaper articles from the time of Alice's release Alice's Voice Real Teen-Ager By Patricia Evers "Teen-agers here and in England are just the same, " Kathy Beaumont, the voice of Alice in you-know-whom in Wonderland has decided


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