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  • . He excelled in baseball and swimming in college and was trained in theatre at Pomona College and University of Southern California

    Salon Entertainment: Play it to the Bone
  • . As a minor league baseball player (he was with the Baltimore Orioles organization for five years), he'd risk the ire of unsophisticated teammates when he dragged them off to see incendiary films like Brian De Palma's "Hi, Mom!" As a moviemaker, he's too "quirky" or "arty" for the Hollywood establishment, and too commercial (or maybe just too entertaining) for the independent film movement
  • . Long and Lolita Davidovich as Long's lover, stripper Blaze Starr, Shelton paid tribute to the "ruthlessly local" politics that voters now turn to in relief: "It's not about sound bites, and it doesn't care about a certain amount of personal and public corruption if you can do for me and my neighborhood's constituents what needs to be done." And in his iconoclastic portrait of the notorious baseball giant (1994), Shelton probed the conflicts of public image, private misconduct and press management that are as relevant to presidents as sports figures

    Hollywood Jesus - ET The Extra-Terrestrial
  • . The "gold, " "frankincense, " and "myrrh, " in the movie were the reeses pieces, the baseball, and the pizza

    WWWF Grudge Match: Adrian Cronauer vs. Dr. Johnny Fever
  • . Heck, Cronauer was able to organize a baseball game while he was being escorted out of Vietnam


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  • . In one particularly interesting part, Hales mentions some Indy eps that were never made, including a whole series of adventures in South America after the war to pre-Columbian ruins and in one of the expected brushes with greatness, meeting Babe Ruth in Cuba when the American all-star team went to Cuba to play baseball - Space Jam
  • . After a collage of real stills and video memorabilia of his rise to glory, we come to a grown Michael Jordan who has conquered basketball and gone onto baseball

    Reel Faces: Miracle
  • . He grew to enjoy baseball also, and in 1999 he played in the Legion World Series
  • . Billy played baseball in college until an injury forced him to quit

    Why is "Ma Vie en Rose" Rated R?
  • . There is no social stigma attached to a young girl who dresses like a boy, plays rough, wears Band-Aids on her skinned knees like badges of honor, and prefers trading baseball cards to jumping rope

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    Rotten Tomatoes: The Rookie
  • . " --, "It's a feel-good movie about which you can actually feel good." --, "The movieís eventual success should be credited to Dennis Quaid, in fighting trim shape as an athlete as well as an actor" --, "It's a terrific American sports movie and Dennis Quaid is its athletic heart." --, "This is a movie that made me smile for two hours straight." --, "A film that plays things so nice 'n safe as to often play like a milquetoast movie of the week blown up for the big screen." --, "Could this be the first major studio production shot on video tape instead of film?" --, "High drama, Disney-style - a wing and a prayer and a hunky has-been pursuing his castle in the sky." --, "It's Quaid who anchors the film with his effortless performance and that trademark grin of his -- so perfect for a ballplayer." --, "The fact that The Rookie is a nearly impeccable cinematic experience -- and a wonderful all-ages triumph besides -- is a miracle akin to the story the film portrays." --, "Few films capture so perfectly the hopes and dreams of little boys on baseball fields as well as the grown men who sit in the stands." --, "...takes the beauty of baseball and melds it with a story that could touch anyone regardless of their familiarity with the sport" --, "The best film about baseball to hit theaters since Field of Dreams." --, "A fun family movie thatís suitable for all ages -- a movie that will make you laugh, cry and realize, 'It's never too late to believe in your dreams.'" --, "The inspirational screenplay by Mike Rich covers a lot of ground, perhaps too much, but ties things together, neatly, by the end." --, "The movie starts with a legend and ends with a story that is so far-fetched it would be impossible to believe if it weren't true

    WWWF Grudge Match: Headless Horseman vs. T-800 Terminator
  • . If Satan were trying to win a baseball game, he could conjure any great players he wanted...heck, forget that, he can have nine Kryptonians, and play the game on Mercury for maximum yellow sun effect, and he'd still lose to...pretty much anything

    Cinema Savvy: Seabiscuit
  • . Baseball) Laura Hillenbrand (Biographer of Seabiscuit) The Horse Whisperer (1998) The Rookie (2002) Rudy (1993) Rocky (1976) Box Office Info: Cast: Tobey Maguire (as Red Pollard) Jeff Bridges (as Charles Howard) Elizabeth Banks (as Marcela Howard) Directed By: Gary Ross Written By: Laura Hillenbrand & Gary Ross Produced By: Universal Pictures Release Date (US): July 22, 2003 Length of Movie: 2h 20min Budget: $86, 000, 000 Opening Weekend: $20, 854, 735 1 Headless Horseman vs. Terminator
  • . If Satan were trying to win a baseball game, he could conjure any great players he wanted...heck, forget that, he can have nine Kryptonians, and play the game on Mercury for maximum yellow sun effect, and he'd still lose to...pretty much anything


    Basketball Movies

  • . [Along with making the film, the team toured Major League Baseball stadiums that year and went on their first tour of South America.] Go, Man, Go (1954)Ö Dane Clark, Pat Breslin, Sidney Poitier, Edmond Ryan
  • . A couple of losers invent a new game in their driveway combining basketball shooting with baseball scoring rules

    Screen Memories
  • . Then, as if to prove it, we see the craft itself, a glowing flying saucer, gliding over the Capitol building in Washington DC and the heads of carefree American picnickers before settling down on a baseball field, the very heart of America

    Reel Faces
  • . I was playing baseball and hockey, trying to make it with girls and school and just having entered the outer fringes of a Movement that would become the greatest drama in religious history and certainly provide the greatest drama in my life and in the future of humankind

    African Americans in Motion Pictures
  • . The Chicago American Giants was formulated under the leadership of Andrew "Rube"Foster in baseball

    DVDlaunch: Clerks Uncensored Review
  • . Dante tries to hang out with his fellow baseball teammates from high school where he was the team manager, but they don't remember him and gets pretty bruised

    Tiny Toon Adventures episode guide
  • . "Bleacher Bummer" -- Acme Loo plays a cheating Perfecto Prep in a baseball game, while Dizzy and Furrball try to sneak past Arnold
  • . Perfecto in a satiric swipe at that old poem (which now includes agents and cheating and all the other joys of modern baseball) "Buster's New Bike" -- Buster foolishly trades in his old Acme bike for a super-deluxe model from a slimy dealer

    Pamelyn Ferdin Web Page
  • . The Pamelyn Ferdin Interview The Seattle 'zine Feminist Baseball is published by a Pam fan named Jeffrey Smith, and in the summer of 1995, he published a transcript of a telephone interview with Pamelyn

    CBUB Fights: Bugs Bunny vs. Mickey Mouse
  • . skiing, fishing, having a picnic, use a fair ride, lounge in the backyard, play baseball, or Whatever) and totally fouling it up @CallCenter