Hard-to-find and special interest videos.

More Central Florida Attractions
Directory of lesser known and popular attractions, including water parks, museums,
and theme parks.

  • Exit 10 of I-4, 5145 Harvey Tew Road, Plant City, FL 33565 - Disney's indoor interactive theme park at Downtown Disney®.

    TV Theme Tunes
    Hundreds of television theme tunes available by email request. Request limit of
    one theme per week.

  • TV Theme Tunes Homepage - So far I have amassed a collection of some 1474 TV themes.

  • I am going to put a list of my themes that I have on this page and to also put up a "wanted" list for the more difficult ones that I am having trouble tracking down.

  • Please limit requests to two themes per week - Thanks.

  • (if the theme you want doesn't come up on your first click, keep clicking for more matches!) ...or browse categories manually [ | ] Please feel free to E-Mail me at if you would like any of these themes.

  • New Themes Added 17/10/05.

  • Current Themes as of October 2005.

  • [] THEME LINKS Take a look at Ian's site where you will find all the information that you will ever need regarding all your favourite television programmes that were on while you were growing up, I have supplied the majority of themes for this site.

  • This is a must visit for all the earlier themes from the 1950's and 1960's.

  • One of the best sites around for themes any programme information that you may need.

  • - A great resource for loads of themes, including some lyrics as well - Nice one Kev!.

  • - A marvellous selection of theme tunes and loads of film scores thrown in as well!.

  • Any British TV themes from years gone by will be gratefully received, but check the theme's letter above to make sure I don't already have it - Thanks.

    Wikipedia: John Williams
    Cenni sulle opere e la filmografia.


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    Official site including online activities, news, information, shopping, and contests.

    African Americans in Motion Pictures
    The history and depiction of African Americans in cinema.

  • The messages or themes of these movies have over the years presented a mixture of images based upon what was thought to please the viewers of each particular film.

  • The film included themes on: Violence Southern life being lost and overtaken by Blacks Liberal white Northerners favoring unprepared and irresponsible Blacks Black characters depicted and shown as thieves, coons, untrustworthy, and decadent, as servants, mulattoes, dominant mammies False identities of Blacks chasing dreams of marrying and becoming white And, finally, the justification of the existence of the All of these unacceptable stereotypes lead to the formation of a new venture in movie making for African-Americans.

  • The theme centered around a mulatto woman who adamantly rejected her black origins.

  • The film, Hallelujah (1929) , conveyed multiple themes of black stereotypes exhibited in song, dance, blues, spirituals, and frivolity, making star billing with Nina Mae McKinney , a light-skinned African-American woman as a standard barer for future lead roles when using black women.

  • The themes of music and dance , westerns , sports biographies , and comics .

  • There were enough purely black themes to play in movies, but also many, many crossover roles were available.

  • Their endorsed star quality has allowed them to play crossover roles along side white actors and also in movies involved mainly with black themes.

  • We see the making of motion pictures on subjects or themes which can be taken from history, life experiences, music, and unexplored events.
    Net newspaper for kids features an assortment of educational activities and
    entertainment. Includes...

    Star Seeker TV shows
    Large, searchable database of mostly older shows, with plot summaries and links
    to actors.

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    Los Angeles Studies: The Emergence of a Specialty Field
    Toric Monahan reviews research on Los Angeles; article from the journal City and
    Society [PDF format].

    Powell's Books: Greil Marcus
    Dave Weich's interview with the author.

  • The author's follow-up, (featuring one of the most captivating kids in recent fiction), tackles themes and structures every bit as ambitious.

    American Real Mortgage Corp.
    Full service mortgage lender.

    Holes in US Airport Security
    A BBC News Online reader says new security controls at US airports are failing
    to pick up potentially...


    Business Weekly - No Compromising on the Quality
    Tony Quested talks to Professor Roger Needham about the building of Microsoft's
    research facility...

    Great Lakes wholesale
    Over 2500 board games available for sale.

  • Simoneau Bible verse game w/space theme Country Club Golf 1976 Metro Products Country Club Golf 1990 Future Games Inc.

    KUTV 2 News
    CBS affiliate in Utah, channel 2.

    Webcams On The Net
    1500 webcams including weather cams, sites, people and animals.

    Film quotes with links to additional movie information.

    The Return Of The Saint - Pazsaz Entertainment Network
    Listings, information, and episode guide of The Return Of The Saint television series.

    Cultural, political, social and personal commentary and satire from Florida by
    a expatriate New Yorker.

    Prindle Record Reviews - The Fall
    Reviews of the Fall's albums by the site's author and visitors.

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