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  • Toons should now have shadows while walking on dirt paths in the Estates.

  • 4 Replies | 112 Views Jul 29, 2006 - 9:07 PM - by Fixed crash that occurs when a Toon tries to enter the Estate when the game had just finished loading the Estate phase.

  • 0 Replies | 31 Views Jul 28, 2006 - 12:42 PM - by Fixed crash bug that occurs whenever a special effect with particles were visible (Cog attacks, Cog explosion, Toon-up/Gag-up/Jellybean-up SpeedChat phrases etc).

  • 0 Replies | 40 Views Jul 27, 2006 - 12:31 AM - by Thanks to all the amazing Toon families who entered the first official "Is YOUR Family Toon Enough?" contest! After careful consideration, the Toon Council has selected the DiGiallonardo Family from Longmont, CO, as the winners. Home - The #1 Site for Disney
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    Cartoon Brew
    Weblog of animation historian Jerry Beck and Amid Amidi of Animation Blast.

  • June 30, 2006 DICK VAN DYKE AND TERRYTOONS Posted by JERRY at Dick Van Dyke.

  • However, the program in question turned out to be a showcase for the network's newly acquired animation library, with Van Dyke playing straightman to a collection of vintage Terrytoons.

  • CBS CARTOON THEATRE was a summer replacement series, which debuted on Wednesday June 13, 1956 and lasted three months in primetime (it aired from 7:30 to 8pm).

  • CBS has purchased the Terrytoons studio and cartoon library in 1955 and was in the midst of revamping the operation.

  • CBS CARTOON THEATRE was offering new cartoon entertainment directly opposite Disneyland reruns.

  • These were lowball Terrytoons, not Disney mini masterpieces.

  • For the record: CBS-Viacom still owns the Terrytoons today.

  • And they could still run the 13 episodes of CBS CARTOON THEATRE on Nick-at-Nite or TV Land if they wanted to.

  • cartoons, including BELIEVE IT OR ELSE (as Ripley), SLAP HAPPY PAPPY (as Eddie Cantor) and PORKY'S PREVIEW (as Al Jolson).

  • In addition to the 26 Disney silent cartoons, they also got the merchandising rights.

  • This (above right) is based on Dick Lundy's 1946 cartoon, The Wacky Weed , though the design is styled after Freddy Moore's later model.

  • Cartoon Brew: What is it specifically about the THIEF AND THE COBBLER that inspired you to invest so much of your time and money to restore this film? Garrett Gilchrist: When I was seven years old, I read an article in COMICS SCENE magazine, and in it, Williams said he was trying to revolutionize animation, that he was trying to create the greatest animated motion picture ever made, and that he'd been working for twenty-three years on this one film called THE THIEF AND THE COBBLER.

    Save Kim Possible
    A site with information on how to you can help save the show from potential
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  • SKP Newsletter is going to start announcing Disney Channel and Toon Disney schedules as well.

  • 02-18-04 The end of Kim Possible has been announced! So please go over to and look in the Disney Section...

    Guardian Unlimited: TV
    Offers terrestrial, cable and satellite television listings for the day, and a
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    Animation World Network
    Resource guide for animation, featuring issues of Animation World and Visual
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    Guide de la télévision française
    Liste de liens vers les sites web de nombreuses télévisions francophones.

    A Christmas Witch List
    Lists 2001 holiday television specials and websites.

    Keeper's Cartoon Files
    Current information about contemporary Warner Bros. cartoons, including episode
    lists, running gags,...

  • Keeper's Cartoon Files This page serves as the definitive World-Wide Web location to find the informational documents I maintain about contemporary Warner Bros.

  • cartoons, plus links to other exceptional info sites.

  • There's even a thread on the ToonZone forums for people reminiscing about how this show touched their lives.

  • Peter Hastings is back in a production role, primarily as voice director, but also doing some story editing on a new NickToon called Catscratch produced by Doug TenNapel.

  • Look for the re-runs, though! 22 July 2002 There may not be any more shows or comic books, but there still are games in development for both Tiny Toon Adventures and Animaniacs (which includes Pinky and the Brain ).

  • Obviously, there have been a lot of Tiny Toons games released over the past couple of years which I have overlooked.

  • and Conspiracy Games just released in Europe are Tiny Toon Adventures: Wacky Stackers , while Tiny Toon Adventures: Scary Dreams (called Buster's Bad Dream in some markets -- I've seen covers for each title, but I'm not sure which will be the U.S.

  • Coming soon for Playstation2 and GameCube is Tiny Toon Adventures: Defenders of the Universe , which features all-new voiceovers by surviving cast members.

  • Stone was an integral part of the WB cartoon revival of the 1990s, coming in as a composer during the run of Taz-Mania and Tiny Toon Adventures , and quickly establishing himself as a person who had a total love and dedication to making cartoon scores.

    Oversigt over tv programmer for mere end 25 kanaler.

    Toon Talk Interview with Mary Kay Bergman
    By Linda Tindall, reproduced from Toon Talk, Issue 9, with a focus on "What Dreams
    May Come".

  • The animation style is so adorable that kids really like it so it cuts through much in the way that some the Jay Ward cartoons cut through and it's exciting now to actually be able to go back and look at some of the those old cartoons, like because now I get the humor on a totally different level than I did when I was a kid.

  • TT: What studio is doing that? MKB: It's a combination of Modern Cartoons and Porch Light Entertainment.

    Toon Zone
    Comprehensive fan resource and community for classic and contemporary Warner Bros
    cartoons, as well...

  • Toon Zone 06/28/06 Watch This Space #144 Wrestling With Toonguzi or Minami06/27/06 Added images: The Demon Reborn Added images: Knight Time Added images: Mystery of the Batwoman06/20/06 Stan Berkowitz Interview Added (Backstage)06/16/06 • Capizzi Interview Added (Backstage) • STAS Volume 3 DVD Review Added • "Superman: Brainiac Attacks" DVD Review Added06/15/06 Second "Superman: Brainiac Attacks" Review Added06/12/06 STAS 10th Anniv.

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