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  • THE BREAK-UP: on | Saturday Jun 24 It's probably no surprise this movie has driven its way to the top of the list at the box office.For the second week in a row, the animated movie ' Blogcritics on | Jun 22, 2006 Blogcritics is proud to give five readers a chance to win the soundtrack from Disney/Pixar Cars motion picture.

  • | Jun 13, 2006 Three of the stars of Disney-Pixar's exciting new computer-animated feature "CARS" arrived in Hollywood for the opening weekend of the film and a special midnight screening on June 9, 2006 at Disney's El ...

  • | Jun 11, 2006 | Acclaimed new Disney/Pixar movie Ukiah Daily Journal | Jun 11, 2006 Cars' family fun at its best In life there are many lessons to be learned.

  • Fort Worth Star-Telegram on | Jun 11, 2006 | Something strange happens while you're watching Pixar's new computer animation feature, Cars, which opened nationwide on Friday: A distinct sense of boredom settles in.

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    [4/5] Reviewed by: Bryn Williams. "...adopts the solid driving experience of
    previous NFS games but...
    [9.5/10] Review with screen shots. "It is definitely geared more towards the
    hardcore, and EA didn't... 1nsane
    [7.1/10] Reviewed by Anthony Chau. "And while 1nsane might be fun when you
    initially fire it up, this...


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  • Over in Emeryville, Calif., 50 miles from Apple's Cupertino headquarters, Jobs's other company, Pixar Animation Studios ( ), is turning the movie business on its ear.

  • That gives Pixar an unprecedented five blockbusters in five tries.

  • ?) And it gives Jobs tremendous leverage as he renegotiates Pixar's contract with embattled Magic Kingdom boss Michael D.

  • As head of Pixar, "here [was] a guy who obviously knows a great deal about what it means to artists to protect their works from being ripped off, " says Ames.

  • That's where Pixar may come in.

  • Though Jobs dismisses talk of synergies between Apple and Pixar, it's a safe bet that he is thinking about them as he negotiates Pixar's new deal with Disney.

  • The main debate is over more obvious topics: Pixar wants to boost the roughly 37% of profits it now clears on its films after Disney has taken its 50% share plus a distribution fee.

  • What if Pixar asked for exclusive rights to offer digital downloads of its films? If Apple ever created an iMovie site, such flicks would be a powerful draw.

  • "He could come to us tomorrow and say: 'I've got it all figured out."' Jobs's resurgence is, in some ways, like a Pixar script -- full of lessons and redemption.

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  • Not only are they re-releasing classic titles that I grew up with (including a personal fave, Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree ), plus Little Golden Book versions of modern classics like Pixar’s Toy Story 2 and Finding Nemo , featuring beautiful stylized artwork that harkens back to the original production design.

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  • We're Safe for Home and Work - no naughty bits!Peter, Chief Editor and Spell Wrecker posted by The Peter Files Blog of Comedy at Help Keep this Blog Alive with Your Secure Donation!!! If You Like, We'll Run An "I Subscribe to The Peter Files Blog" Post, with Your Name, Picture &/or Video! Sunday, June 11, 2006 As far as I’m concerned anyone knocking the movie Cars , the Disney/Pixar film that opened this weekend, needs a tune-up, a valve job or an oil change.I saw it today with some family members and found myself on-track for fun and enjoyment through the whole adventure without the need for a single pit stop.While the movie is not as punny as this review, Cars is full of genuine laughs, warm feelings, and great racing moments.

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