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Wong, King Wai
Scriptwriter based in Singapore. Includes work experience and contact information.

  • In addition to this, I did a freelance project for an Animation children show called TOMATO TWINS, and that's to be aired on Nickelodeon in the middle of 2002.I also had the opportunity to scriptwrite for Disney Asia for their Disney Buzz programme.

    Picture Box Distribution
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  • March 06 DANIEL GOES TO GERMANY Picture Box has sold 65 episodes of the pre-school series THIS IS DANIEL COOK to Disney Channel Germany.

  • December 05 DISNEY US BUYS MORE DANIEL The Disney Channel in the US has picked up an additional 20 episodes of the popular preschool series THIS IS DANIEL COOK from Picture Box Distribution.

  • May 05 DANIEL COOK GOES STATESIDE Picture Box is happy to announce the recent sale of THIS IS DANIEL COOK to Disney Playhouse in the US.


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    Flash Forward (Unofficial) Home Page and Episode Guide
    Episode synopses, cast and crew listings, FAQs and fan's favorite episodes.

  • Flash Forward was a comedy produced by Disney (U.S.) and Atlantis (Canada).

  • In January 1997, the show then moved back to The Disney Channel , where it has aired ever since.

  • Other References for Flash Forward: The Disney Channel's official Web site for Flash Forward - it appears to have been shut down.

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    Travel Wizard
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    Rec.arts.henson+muppets FAQ
    Muppet and Henson-related frequently asked questions.

  • Who should I send "comments" to? Muppets And Their Owners What is a Muppet, anyway? Why are Muppets left handed? Doesn't Disney own the Muppets? Who runs the Muppets nowadays? What's the address of The Jim Henson Company? "The Muppet Show" And Its Cast Who are the two old guys in the balcony? What is Gonzo? What about Scooter? Where has Scooter gone, anyway? And where has Skeeter gone? What's the best ever Muppet sketch? "Muppets Tonight!" And Its Cast Muppets what ? Who plays Kermit now? What is Clifford? What is Pepe? What is Eugene (Nigel's buddy)? Muppet Movies Does Beaker give Scrooge the bird in Muppet Christmas Carol ? "Sesame Street" Is XXX dying of any disease? Are Ernie and Bert gay? I heard PBS is going to cancel SS.

  • Here's how ownership breaks down, along with the date the relevant company acquired control: Sesame Workshop: Sesame Street Muppets (Dec 2000) Disney: All other Muppets, Bear in the Big Blue House (Feb 2004) Henson family: Everything else, including the Creature Shop, Fraggle Rock, movies like Labyrinth, the Hoobs, etc (May 2003) Before February 2000, the Henson company was independent.

  • Henson then sold the rights to the Muppets (and Bear in the Big Blue House) to Disney in February 2004.

  • It's interesting to compare the various press releases as the Henson family lost, gained, and again gave up control: Disney worked with the Hensons even before the 2004 deal.

  • As far back as 1989, the Walt Disney Company entered into negotiations to acquire The Jim Henson Company (then Jim Henson Productions) and the Muppets.

    Anime News Service
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    Sourcewatch - News Corporation
    Reports of suspected political bias by News Corporation.

  • If you are a content company like Viacom, Disney or Time Warner, at some point in the future you will depend upon Murdoch to run your programs around the world, " Chenoweth wrote.

    24-hour video game channel set to launch


    24-hour video game channel set to launch
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    Wikipedia - Guam
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    Hello Ziyi
    Pictures, videos, and news.

  • The same myth was the basis of Walt Disney Pictures' 1998 animated feature, "Mulan." has tracked down the rumors and gotten the story straight from the source: However, Zhang Ziyi's manager Ling Lucas has personally informed me that Zhang Ziyi "has not fixed her next project as of yet" and "she's not in a hurry." It would be very uncharacteristic for Ziyi to sign up for a film with no director or writer attached, let alone of series of such projects, and this is what made the initial reports implausible.
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    Curator's Choice
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  • The Winter King, Frank Ghery's Berlin AXIA, Comix in Brussels Metro, The Great Falkirk Wheel, 50th Venice Biennale, Communist Dream-Factory, Maria Callas'Stage-Jewels, Pei's New Berlin Museum Annex, Franz West in Bregenz, Berlin's Buddy Bears, Michael Mathis Prechtl, All the World's a Stage in Munich, Art in the DDR, Paris Lodron in Salzburg, King Ludwig"s Royal Train in Nuremberg, Berlin's Gay Museum See: Loney Goes to Disney World Spiderman in 3-D, 100 Years of Disney Magic, Epcot World Tours, Blues Bros at Universal Studios, Two Ghirardellis in Orlando, Splashy Water-Based Theme-Rides, Cartoons Come To Life, Mousing Around Fantasyland, Eat-All-You-Want at Epcot-Germany, Zoom Through the Future, Big Servings of Dr.

  • Seuss, Dueling Dragons & Lost Bagels, Swim Along with the Little Mermaid, Giant Disney Dolphins & Swans, Imagineering at Work, Magnificent Monorails.

    CyberChat With Lea - Part 2
    Chat interview conducted by the Philippine Headline News Online last June 25, 1998.

  • Why? <Lea> Disney is sending me to Manila for the premiere of the film over there (July 4), as well on a tight promo schedule in the city.

  • I was in Manila doing "Grease" when my agent told me about another Disney film being produced.

    Yang, Jerry - California Beta
    Profile for Yahoo! co-founder who hails from Phi Psi's Stanford chapter.

  • Prior to Warner Bros., Semel was in charge of Walt Disney's Theatrical Distribution division and previously in charge of CBS' Theatrical Distribution division.

  • Decker served on the board of directors of Pixar Animation Studios from June 2004 to May 2006, until its sale to Disney.

  • Prior to joining the company, Braun served as Chairman of ABC Entertainment Television Group, a division of The Walt Disney Company, a position he held from January 2002 until April 2004.

  • Before overseeing the consolidation of Buena Vista Television Productions (BVTP) and ABC's Primetime Division into ABC Entertainment Television Group, Braun served as Chairman of BVTP from April 1998 to July 1999, and was responsible for both the Touchstone Television and Walt Disney Network Television divisions.

  • An executive with more than twelve years of experience in corporate communications and public relations, Castro previously was vice president, corporate communications at The Walt Disney Company.

  • In her role as vice president, corporate communications at The Walt Disney Company, Castro managed corporate communications issues and initiatives including mergers and acquisitions, financial reporting, legislative and regulatory issues, branding and executive communications.

  • Castro joined Disney in 1999 as director, corporate communications.

  • Prior to her experience at Disney, Castro was director, corporate communications for SunAmerica Inc., a Los Angeles-based financial services and investment company.

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