Mutant Reviewers From Hell: 10 Things I Hate About You

  • . They figure if they slip in a few Victorian phrases hither and yonder, and give the characters some odd names, they'll slip classical literature under the guise of YET ANOTHER makeover-and-prom flick
  • . Firstly, the characters of Lucentio and Tranio, here named Cameron and Michael, don’t switch places in order to win the love of Bianca for Lucentio/Cameron
  • . 10 Things tried to hard to make its audience hate the rival for Bianca’s affections; it would’ve been much more interesting if both suitors were sympathetic, likeable characters
  • . I particularly liked the supporting characters, especially Kat and Bianca’s father, Mr
  • . (Special mention has to go to the supporting characters; the guidance counselor’s moonlighting job is dead hilarious — though writing novels or, say, movie reviews on company time is just wrong, kids — and I have yet to meet anyone who didn’t laugh during Larry Miller’s spot-on delivery of his placenta speech.) Plus, it’s cute and sweet, in a way that even neanderthalish athletes respond to

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  • . Rating: 4.1/10 " Price of Glory wins a few rounds, but, unlike The Set Up , The Hurricane or Raging Bull , it loses the fight." --, "A by -the- numbers scenario that doesn't take its characters and fighters to that higher level." --, "Among boxing movies, Raging Bull remains the all-time champ at breaking the mold
  • . But Price of Glory fills it well." --, " Price of Glory is not a contender." --, "The movie clocks out with a cowardly sucker-punch." --, "[Smits and Seda] give the movie more heart than was probably on the page, and their powerful presence nearly ennobles the cornball material." --, " Price of Glory is an earnest but flatfooted saga." --, "Cliches fly faster than fists in Price of Glory , an old-fashioned boxing movie that can't really go the distance." --, "It creates a rooting interest, and most importantly, it has the force of Smits' intensity, which cannot be discounted." --, "The specificity of Glory's setting and the ethnicity of its characters enrich the story without moving it one iota away from a mainstream frame of reference." --, ( ) , ( 1-35 ) of 55 , sorted by last name z-a Page > | Latest Posts on the Price of Glory Forum by 2 posts 5/9/02 by 2 posts 5/6/02 by 1 posts 5/6/02 by 2 posts 11/14/01 by 1 posts 9/14/01 Access Reviews and Articles for Price of Glory by ..

    Chicago Sun-Times: The Princess Diaries 2 - Royal Engagement
  • . If I were to describe the characters, you could instantly tell me what happens in the movie
  • . He even provides a fountain for two characters to stand beside, so they can illustrate Gene Siskel's maxim that nobody in a comedy ever comes within 10 yards of water without falling in

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  • . "What else could all this be for?" Ho ho, what laughter results of knowing things that the characters don't! Chuckle chuckle
  • . In fact, none of the major characters are likable
  • . How did she know what he was talking about? It’s always a sign of a bad script when the characters make leaps of intuition like that
  • . Why then, is she forcing us to spend 105 minutes with him? And with other characters we don't like? Helena tells him that people lie to respect other people's feelings because they love them, but she doesn't care about his feelings
  • . The characters involved in the wig-out scene suddenly like each other
  • . The characters don't make any sense, the situations are too out there to be believed


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    The 80's Movies Rewind: The Color of Money
  • . For even when the film ends, you can't help but think that there's still a lot more to say about these characters; it almost certainly seems as if there'd be another sequel (who knows? maybe there will)

  • . The reality of the characters interaction with their ..

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  • . It’s the supporting characters that really make Flying Down to Rio worth watching

    The 80's Movies Rewind
  • . Some of the newspaper ads featured slightly different artwork with the characters drawn in a different order from top to bottom

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    Warner Independent Pictures - Good Night, And Good Luck
  • . Strathairn remembers how the initial script read-through was quite daunting because of the presence of many of the real-life characters
  • . For Clooney, the focal point wasn't on the characters personal lives because it wasn't relevant, "this is specifically about a television event

  • . It's such a great opportunity, because what we're going to try to do is produce historical documentaries about each of the historical characters
  • . The interview, which focuses primarily on Seven Veils, reveals some of the motivation and sources behind his settings and characters

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  • . As the film starts, its brokenhearted, small-town Alaskan characters are getting older and further removed from the pasts that haunt them, but they're unable to move forward into any kind of satisfying future
  • . Like his characters in "Limbo, " Sayles is at a crossroads

    WWWF Grudge Match: Mad Max vs. Snake Plissken
  • . Martin Riggs? William Wallace? Mad Max must be 4th or 5th on Mel's list of characters
  • . However, it is obvious that the two characters are based on Pat Robertson and Fidel Castro respectively


    IMDb: Mean Girls (2004)

  • . Even the particulars about the background characters should provide endless chuckles (just try to think about Trang Pak, the girl in wheelchair and her little person-sidekick, and the Middle-Eastern, hip-hop-obsessed mathlete/"Bad-Ass MC" after the movie without smiling) The Other Side of Heaven
  • . Although "Rain Man" (for which Dustin Hoffman won the Best Actor Academy Award) was based on the actual Kim Peek, "The Other Side of Heaven" is the first film Molen has produced with overtly Latter-day Saint characters and themes
  • . Despite its subject matter, "The Other Side of Heaven" is really no more a "Mormon film" than "Schindler's List" was a strictly "Jewish film." Many non-Latter-day Saint characters are in the film, including the Methodist minister who became a friend of Groberg's while he was on his mission
  • . "His book had high seas adventure, compelling romance and unforgettable characters." Now, 23 years after his first missionary epiphany and 15 years after enrolling in USC film school, Davis' dream has come full circle

    The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)
  • . [During preliminary plans for the film, it was originally expected that James Cagney would star as the legendary outlaw and contract player Guy Kibbee would play Friar Tuck.] The spectacle includes superb casting of memorable characters, a light-hearted, but spirited story, exciting dueling and action scenes requiring extensive stunt work, and the ideal love team of de Havilland and gallant Flynn with their witty and tender romantic scenes together

    Rotten Tomatoes: Tears of the Sun
  • . But the blind patriotism we are spoon-fed towards the end makes this film a little hard to swallow." --, "The movie is smothered by wooden characters, one-dimensional performances, a flawed story line and unforgivable cliches." --, "Low expectations aside, imagine my surprise when I found myself rather involved with a film that quietly ingratitates itself into your head while not really offering anything new." --, "This may be a 'war' movie that has more appeal to women because it's not just about the battles, it's about the people caught in the struggle." --, "' Tears of the Sun is great PR for United States foreign policy and its military

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)
  • . Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) is a technically-marvelous film blending animated, ink-and-paint cartoon characters and flesh-and-blood live actors, in a convincing comedy/mystery noir thriller, set in Los Angeles in 1947
  • . Earlier efforts to combine humans and ink-and-paint cartoon characters side-by-side in a film [Disney's Song of the South and Mary Poppins , for example] are considered primitive next to this film
  • . It was filmed as a tribute to the entire pantheon of cartoon characters from Disney, Warner Bros., and MGM, and other studios in the 1940s
  • . Famous cartoon voices were used (Mel Blanc for Daffy Duck, Tweety Bird, Bugs Bunny, Sylvester, and Porky Pig and Charles Fleischer for Roger, Greasy, Psycho, and Benny the Cab), and the live-action characters were coordinated with cartoon characters - the animations were drawn and inserted after the live photography was shot
  • . Its revolutionary animation: (1) used light and shadows in new ways to produce remarkably realistic, 3-D effects; (2) extensively panned and moved the camera to reduce a static look; and (3) had the car'toon' characters interact flawlessly with real-world objects and flesh-and-blood people as much as possible

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  • . Shakespeare’s Othello update with Odin 'O' James and Hugo Goulding as the lead characters displaying friendship and jealousy in high school

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  • . Four ads for Japanese television, set in Twin Peaks and featuring characters from the show

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  • . Actually, I have been talking to the studio and to David Goyer about directions for a sequel because we’re certainly very excited still about the world we were able to dive into and the characters we were able to put on screen @CallCenter