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  • . Steve Rhodes Review by 3 stars out of 4 Based on the unlikely source material of a Disney theme park attraction, "The Country Bears" is a sweetheart of a movie
  • . The original songs, written by John Hiatt, may be the best use of melodic material written for the screen since Aimee Mann's incendiary music for 1999's "Magnolia." Topping it all off is a G-rated, live-action feature that adults can enjoy just as enormously as the younger audience members

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  • . "We asked Joe and Shirley Wershba every day, Where are we wrong? What are we missing in this? That was what was important to us because we had to treat these questions in many ways the same way that Murrow treated things, which was that we had to double source our material." The film has an impressive array of top quality actors that includes Patricia Clarkson, Jeff Daniels, Tate Donovan, Frank Langella and Ray Wise
  • . They're very close to the material but also have a healthy dose of detachment and levity considering the subject matter is not light." Clooney found the experience of directing this much different that his debut effort, "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind." His first movie had the luxury of shooting three times longer
  • . His renowned visual panache and strong handle on the material elevated the gangster story to a work of art

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  • . The movie is essentially critic proof with each and every viewer making their own decisions based on the warm, fuzzy feeling the source material gives us

    The SF, Horror and Fantasy Film Review: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  • . There were three mediocre book sequels - Life, the Universe and Everything (1982), So Long and Thanks for All the Fish (1984) and Mostly Harmless (1992), along with The Salmon of Doubt (2001), a work that was released uncompleted following Adams's death and may or may not have been material for a further Hitch Hikers book; the radio series was re-edited and released as a set of LPs; there was a play that first appeared in 1979; a text computer game version released by Infocom in 1984; the original radio scripts were released in print editions; there was a comic book; a wiki website ; a third BBC radio series adapting adapted Life, the Universe and Everything (2004); and all sorts of merchandising items including T-shirts, badges and even printed towels
  • . You are not entirely sure if the film is just being boastful in its claim to be blessed by Adams or (more likely) that Adams did make the changes but Kirkpatrick went back and rewrote the material
  • . It is certainly hard to believe that Adams directly wrote any of the fresh material that appears on screen - the new patches of dialogue and Guide excerpts are singularly lacking in the dry Adams wit


  • . Obviously, it will be a world-wide release in November It will only be available as a 3 movie box set, not as individual films There will be 4 discs, including a bonus features disc with "2 1/2 hours of material" The lady was unable to give further details on supplements or packaging

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  • . Twentieth Century-Fox studios were happy with the success of their Charlie Chan series in the mid-Thirties, and they kept their eyes open for any similar material that could prove useful
  • . The magazine helped fund his 1934 tour of the Orient to gather background material for his stories

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  • . he really will help us, " said Elder Groberg, whose autobiographical novel "In the Eye of the Storm" serves as the film's source material
  • . Kimball's] dream as talented LDS filmmakers combine their extraordinary abilities to bring quality Latter-day Saint material to silver screens across the nation and the world

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  • . Keith Carradine even gets to tag along, in what must be his biggest break since Madonna's "Material Girl" video

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  • . Glimpses of pre-production material for Tron 2.0 will appear on the DVD

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  • . Special mention must go to “Theatrical Teaser 1”, which includes no film footage at all, no information about the plot or characters or, in fact, anything at all (“forget all you know - or think you know”!) and is scored by cheesy electronic music that is actually a seriously bad cover version of a Jean-Michel Jarre record! Photo Gallery: A collection of reasonably good-sized location pictures, though we wish Fox would stop authoring photo galleries and other still-frame material as chaptered video streams - it makes navigation through them clumsy and slow

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  • . An aerial shot added for the Special Edition37 shows the mothership casting a shadow as it passes over fields; in the film it serves to preview the climactic revelation of the huge craft whilst also adding a solid material dimension to its existence, but in reality shadows are very rarely mentioned in sighting reports, only lights
  • . Arguing the reality of abductions, proponents state that there is no cultural precedent for the various elements that make up the scenario; others55, however, have shown that there is a wealth of material from which the abductees might draw such imagery and ideas

    Hollywood Honors Elia Kazan: Filmmaker and Informer
  • . Actors are the human material of drama


    Treu, Blair

  • . A number of critics found that "Little Secrets" was "escapist", rather than simply "unrealistic." The Dallas Morning News called it "more of a suburban fantasy than real-world slice-of-life." Many pointed out that child-centered subject material such as this is difficult to make into a good film, but critics almost universally pointed to the excellent performances and Treu's skillful direction as reasons why the movie was surprisingly enjoyable

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    Features movies, articles and biographical information about the filmmmaker. Arriflex rate cards.
    Art & Science of Cinematography...... . The Director of Photography is the custodian of the heart of film making ... as the writers are of its soul ... his tool is a box with a glass window, lifeless until he breathes into it his creative spirit and injects into its steel veins, the plasma of his imagination .... the product of his camera, and therefore of his magic, means many things to many

  • . When films began to tell stories, instead of just record brief events, exhibitors sometimes provided a commentator to narrate the action, but this became unnecessary with the development of printed containing the ' dialogue and other written, descriptive material as part of the visual experience
  • . Press kits, posters, and other advertising materials are published and the movie is advertised
  • . Today, the bulk of the material shown before the feature film (those in theaters) consists of previews for upcoming movies and paid advertisements (also known as or "")
  • . Cellulose nitrate was the first type of film base used to record motion pictures, but due to its flammability was eventually replaced by safer materials

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  • . Characters suddenly radiate the medieval "essential salts" they were thought to be made of during medieval times, or collapse entirely into this source material

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  • . Singer is going back to the original source material, that being the novel by William Nolan, for a new take on the concept of a future utopian society where no one ever grows old because they are killed --if not voluntarily, then by state enforcers." -- A currently playing film of possible interest is "Goodbye, Lenin!" It's about a young East German man whose communist mother falls into a coma just before the demise of the Berlin Wall

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  • . It is by no means a faithful depiction of its content (the film takes great liberties with the source material and the third part of the story is completely missing), but rather a spiritual tale about the flipside of being a hero

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  • . The cloak theoretically could be achieved by using exotic artificial composite materials called "metamaterials", they said
  • . But first they would have to make the metamaterials, which would deflect light and sound and other force waves
  • . After the planned broadcast, the drama may be packaged with related design materials in the form of a CD or DVD
  • . Construction work on the Hokkaido Shinkansen started in the spring of 2005, the sea station was being used as a materials base for rails etc

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  • . Fox's first release waves are expected to include a number of big recent theatrical titles and plenty of catalog material

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