The Count of Monte Cristo (1934)

  • . Rarely seen in recent years, it did have a "colorized" television presentation on the Disney Channel in the early 1990s as part of its "Best of Hollywood" program

  • . The hour-long program, Indiana Jones: Behind the Adventure, will have interviews with Spielberg, Lucas, Ford, and Connery and lots of behind-the-scenes info

    WWWF Grudge Match: Crocodile Hunter vs. Jurassic Park
  • . Steve Irwin isn't even the toughest guy on the Crocodile Hunter program
  • . YEEEOWW!! Argh! Crikey! it appears my 'ead is off, mate! See you in Hell!" I hate that bastard, because whenever I fly across the country, they put his stupid ass on the in-flight program

    LDSfilm.com: The Other Side of Heaven
  • . Gorham has appeared on television shows such as "Party of Five" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer, " as well as in films such as "A Life Less Ordinary." But he is best known for his starring role as Harrison John on the WB television series "Popular." Playing the part of Jean Sabine, Groberg's girlfriend in Idaho, is Anne Hathaway , best known as "Meghan Green" on the television series "Get Real." According to IMDb, Hathaway is the "first and only teenager admitted to the acting program at the award-winning The Barrow Group in New York


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    Boston Globe: 'Voice' rises to dazzling heights of badness
  • . It chronicles the rise of Terri Fletcher from meek Arizona teen dreamer to participant in a premier performing arts program in Los Angeles, where, for one August, her mettle and her thin, bland voice will be put to the test, where she will blossom into -- drum roll, please -- Hilary Duff
  • . (Dad tried to make it in LA and failed.) There are tears, fears, and Terri falling head over heels for Jay (Oliver James), the program's guitar-playing Don Juan, or, more appropriately, its John Mayer
  • . This music program is filled with people who look like punks, skaters, hip-hoppers, stoners, Rastas, sluts, and Goths
  • . In the end, Duff's Terri knows what she has to do if she's going to win the program's scholarship: rule a talent show

    WWWF Grudge Match: Headless Horseman vs. T-800 Terminator
  • . We're talking about a headless spectre of absolute horrific death against a pitiful little cyber-freak who couldn't tie his own shoelaces without a program that tells him how to do it

    Grudge-Match.com: Headless Horseman vs. Terminator
  • . We're talking about a headless spectre of absolute horrific death against a pitiful little cyber-freak who couldn't tie his own shoelaces without a program that tells him how to do it

    The Cinema Laser
  • . This 1982 film takes the viewer into the universe that exists inside the computer system of a large corporation, a realm where programs are alive and have personalities
  • . These living programs believe in "the user" with a religious fervor that makes them outcast to the system’s Master Control Program
  • . The Master Control Program or MCP is an all encompassing program that replaces the functions of all the smaller programs on the system with its own
  • . TRON stars Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn, the computer programmer whose designs for a number of popular video games were stolen by a rival programmer
  • . Once on the game grid, Flynn joins forces with Tron (Bruce Boxleitner), the one program capable of stopping the Master Control Program
  • . Standing between the film’s heroes and the Master Control Program is Sark (David Warner), the MCP’s number one warrior

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    IMDb: Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century (1999)
  • . , 2 April 2003 Author: from themovieaddict.com "Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century" I was persuaded to watch this television program one Friday night on late TV when nothing else was on

    Jain, Rajeev
    Features movies, articles and biographical information about the filmmmaker. Arriflex rate cards.
    Art & Science of Cinematography...... . The Director of Photography is the custodian of the heart of film making ... as the writers are of its soul ... his tool is a box with a glass window, lifeless until he breathes into it his creative spirit and injects into its steel veins, the plasma of his imagination .... the product of his camera, and therefore of his magic, means many things to many

    IMAXimus - Special Report
  • . After attracting record audiences, engaging in a spirited building program and pushing the technical boundaries both in the making and the presentation of movies, there remains one important question: Now what? The answers are not that simple
  • . This means that a commercial venue, or even a museum setting, could have programs targeting younger people during the day with more adult fare scheduled for the evening

    OnVideo Guide to Home Video Releases: DVDs
  • . Extras: Two special features from each Super Bowl focus on key players, coaches and story lines from that era; collectible booklet featuring 10 program covers, Super Bowl rings, rosters and final scores


    Jame's (Probably Illegal) Animaniacs Page

  • . I caught a program on PBS last night -- a very good show on chimpanzees in the media
  • . -- The Wheel of Morality Yakko: Hey, come on! The Wheel of Morality adds boring education value to what would otherwise be an almost entirely entertaining program! -- The Wheel of Morality Dot: Who came up with this stupid 'Wheel of Morality' idea anyway? Yakko: The execs at the Fox Kids' Network

    Inspector Gadget vs. Q
  • . (He probably stole the theme song, too.) I wonder what effect a killer double-entendre would have on Gadget's programming? Not that it could be much worse that his usual bumbling that makes Jacques Clouseau and Frank Drebin look like Holmes and Poirot
  • . John is now a graphic designer and program head for my Journalism faculty

    WWWF Grudge Match: Ross Perot vs. Montgomery Burns
  • . With his "Tax & Save" program, the federal debt will be history in less than a year
  • . What about Burns? Well, what happened the only other time he appeared on an evening news program? He threatened the entire city of Springfield on Smartline (tm)! Once Larry brings out Burns' tyrannical side, his support will plummet, since, as we learn from the polls, America likes warm, cuddly, and slick

    Cartoon Brew
  • . However, the program in question turned out to be a showcase for the network's newly acquired animation library, with Van Dyke playing straightman to a collection of vintage Terrytoons

    TV Party
  • . I was a big Paul Winchell fan and I had a wild imagination as a kid." - Frank Blefari Long before he was the voice of 'Tigger' in the Winnie the Pooh series, Paul Winchell and his puppet pal Jerry Mahoney starred in many early TV programs; the first was on NBC in 1948 called The Bigelow Show
  • . (1948 was the first year that the networks began programming seven nights a week; in fact, NBC had only 9 regular series on the air in 1947.) On the series, ventriloquist Winchell and his hand-carved wooden dummy Jerry Mahoney introduced acts headlined by mentalist Joseph Dunniger
  • . In the fall 1954, following the success of the on weekday mornings, NBC had the bright idea of posting original children's programming on Saturday mornings; the Winchell and Mahoney Show was one of the network's first efforts
  • . This hour long kiddie program was in production for three years - 288 episodes - all erased by Metromedia in a dispute over ownership in 1986
  • . Please let the children and the baby boomers know about this video streaming to view these programs and others that will soon be joining us

    N2Arts: Being Different Can Pay Off
  • . Fred’s accomplishments include: voice acting for animated TV shows and movies, such as the Disney/Nickelodeon series Doug and the Academy Award-winning Who Framed Roger Rabbit; on-camera acting, writing, and sound effects for PBS children’s programs Between the Lions and Reading Rainbow; songwriting for Disney Channel’s PB & J Otter; and, most recently, touring as an ensemble actor and sound effects man for the long-running NPR radio program A Prairie Home Companion, starring Garrison Keillor

    440 International
  • . Bob Haberkost [Pittsburgh PA] 1971 / [Pittsburgh PA] 1976 / [Erie PA] 1977 [Erie] 1978 / [Indianapolis IN] 1979 [Pittsburgh] 1980 / [Pittsburgh] 1984 / [Providence RI] 1987 / [Charlotte NC] 1987 / [Cleveland OH] 1987-1988 Now: Bob says (8/03), "I'm a database programmer/applications developer for Coventry Health Care; and I own Ravenswood Engineering Associates, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • . Michael Hagerty [Bishop CA] 1971 [San Luis Obispo CA] 1974 [Bishop CA] 1974 [Ukiah CA] 1976 [Reno] 1977 KTVN-TV [Reno] 1981 KTNV-TV [Las Vegas] 1984 KTVK-TV [Phoenix] 1986 [Phoenix] 1997 [Phoenix] 2000-2003 Now: Michael says (10/04), "I am Director of Programming and Promotion at, Phoenix, Arizona
  • . (consultants) [LA] 1990 - President [Dallas] 1993 /KLPQ [Little Rock AR] 1993 - owner SportsFan Radio Network [Las Vegas] 1996 - GM [LA] 1998 - VP/Programming ABC Networks [Dallas] 1999 Now: VP/Programming for ABC Radio Networks, Dallas, Texas
  • . dan@halyburton.com Bob Hamilton [Philadelphia PA] 1965 [Carlisle PA] 1967 [Philadelphia] 1969 - aka John Roberts [Indianapolis IN] 1971 [Philadelphia] 1971 - Bobby Mitchell Shepard Broadcasting [Philadelphia] 1972 - National PD [Philadelphia] 1974 [LA] 1977 [LA] 1983 /KYA [San Francisco] 1985 [San Francisco] 1989 /KYA [San Francisco] 1994 - VP, GM [San Francisco] 1994 /KSAN //KBGG [San Francisco] 1996 [Miami FL] 1999 Now: Program Director at Oldies WMXJ-FM, Miami, Florida

    Walt Disney Records: Bio of Goofy
  • . Classic Goofy cartoons have been featured daily on the "Donald's Quack Attack" and "Mickey's Mouse Tracks" programs, as well as "Mouseterpiece Theater" and such special shows as "Goofy's Guide to Success" and "The Roots of Goofy." During the 1980s, Goofy was often seen in the company of his friend Michael Eisner in the introductory segments for "The Magical World of Disney" network television program
  • . Goofy's positive, "I'll try anything" attitude was the focus of the 1980s Sport Goofy athletic programs

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