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  • . ----- by TVTalkShows.com Webmaster Trevor Rieger | Late Night Talk Shows NBC Universal | Monday June 19: singer Mariah Carey, comic Daniel Tosh, music group Keane Tuesday June 20: talk show host Regis Philbin tv reality show America's Got Talent, young award winning chef Isabella and chef Olivia Gerasole, music group Ringo and the All-Star Band Wednesday June 21: actor Thomas Haden Church, animal handler Julie Scardina and SeaWorld animals, singer Martina McBride Thursday June 22: actor Kevin Spacey movie Superman Returns, American Idol Winner singer Taylor Hicks Friday June 23: actor Orlando Bloom movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, hip hop rapper Chamillionaire CBS | Monday June 19: actor Adam Sandler movie Click, anchor Julie Chen host CBS reality show Big Brother All-Stars Tuesday June 20: actress Brittany Murphy, actor Brandon Routh movie Superman Returns Wednesday June 21: actress Amy Sedaris movie Strangers With Candy, music group Morningwood CD Morningwood Thursday June 22: actress Meryl Streep movie The Devil Wears Prada, music Yellowcard CD Lights and Sounds Friday June 23: former Vice President Al Gore environmental documentary movie An Inconvenient Truth, music group Rock Kills Kid CD Are You Nervous? NBC Universal | Monday June 19: RERUN December 8, 2005, actor Luke Wilson, actor Jack Klugman, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson tv show Ghost Hunters Tuesday June 20: pop punk music group All-American Rejects single Dirty Little Secret Wednesday June 21: actor Adam Sandler movie Click, music group The Subways Thursday June 22: actress Kate Beckinsale, actor Tyrese Gibson, iceberg climber Will Gadd Friday June 23: rock singer Bruce Springsteen single anti-war song Bring Them Home (If You Love Your Uncle Sam) ABC Broadcasting Inc


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