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  • Department of State Enter Keywords in field and click Go > > INTERCOUNTRY ADOPTION RUSSIAN FEDERATION April 2006 Disclaimer: The following is intended as a very general guide to assist U.S

  • Two sets of laws are particularly relevant: 1) the laws of the child’s country of birth govern all activity in that country including the adoptability of individual children as well as the adoption of children in country in general; and 2) U.S

  • Prospective adoptive parents are advised to fully research any adoption agency or facilitator they plan to use for adoption services

  • immigrant visa statistics reflect the following pattern for visa issuance to Russian orphans: Fiscal Year Number of Immigrant Visas Issued FY 2005 4639 FY 2004 5865 FY 2003 5209 FY 2002 4939 FY 2001 5004 ADOPTION AUTHORITY IN RUSSIA : The Russian government office responsible for intercountry adoptions is the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation

  • Persons considering adoption in Russia should consult their adoption agency about medical conditions that may disqualify them

  • However, prospective adoptive parents will have to travel to Russia twice during the adoption process

    Adopting From Russia - Russian Adoption Information
    General information based on experiences of people who have already done so.

  • Adopting From Russia We adopted two children from Yaroslavl and felt so much more knowledgeable on our second adoption based on the experiences of our first

  • Everything you read here is based on the actual experiences of people who have recently adopted from Russia through a variety of adoption agencies

  • If you know you will be adopting from Russia and would like an email reminder to revisit this website after you return, what is your Name: Email: Guestimated travel date: If you have adopted , please share your own experiences via the so that we can continue to add to the richness of the site and its usefulness to others interested in the adoption process

  • Please note that there is no guarantee that any information on this website is accurate or that your adoption experience will match any experience described here

  • Hotels, what to see and do, general info - Entry, Post-Adoptive Evaluation, Re-adoption, Naturalization - one word and one phrase! And more ..

  • This site is the idea of and is maintained by Kevin Koch, a member of and ODS Adoption Community of New England (ODSACONE)

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    Commonwealth Adoptions International - Adopting Russia, China ...
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  • · Home · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Where do I start? Commonwealth Adoptions International specializes in international adoption to help orphaned children overseas find safe, loving homes, assisting families throughout the world

  • Countries Education The knowledge that is imparted in this required training is only the beginning of a lifetime exploration of adoption, how it impacts you, and how it will impact your child

  • Adventure Russia Adventure Russia, part of our Russian adoption program, is designed to promote older children adoption by allowing families to spend time with a school-age child in Russia prior to committing to an adoption

  • We are eternally thankful...' Forums &#183 &#183 &#183 &#183 Becoming Family Newsletter &#183 &#183 &#183 &#183 Seminars / Events Humanitarian Aid - THANK YOU! Thank you for helping to make our 2006 trip to Casa de Elizabeth Orphanage in Imuris, Mexico, a big success! About Us We specialize in international adoption to help orphaned children find safe, loving homes

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  • A 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Licensed Adoption Agency As of August 22, 2006, Adopt-A-Child was registered as an NGO in the Russian Federation 1-800-246-4848 Please Call us for More Information Adopt-A-Child, Inc is a full service, non-profit licensed adoption agency founded in 1992

  • Adopt-A-Child, Inc has created a program which simplifies the steps necessary for an international adoption

  • We guide you through every stage of the adoption with professionalism, personal attention and a high regard for detail

  • Read about our unique adoption programs and learn how Adopt-A-Child, Inc



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    Russian Adoptions - Adopting From Russia - Russian Adoption How to
    An overview of adopting from Russia. Russia's adoption requirements are laid out
    as well as information on needed paperwork.

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  • General Requirements for Russian Adoptions Requirements are flexible

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  • We have many talented readers who also enjoy writing adoption poems and many have shared adoption poems of their own

  • Some of the adoption poems have been written by adoptive parents, adoptees, or by birth family

  • Have you written any poetry that you would like to share with our readers? Perhaps during the search for birth family? While parenting a foster child? While deciding whether to place or parent? If you have an adoption poem that you would like to share for possible publication, please

  • If this form expires before the adoption is complete than it must be resubmitted along with all of the other needed forms and fees

  • With the recent slowing of the adoption process due to travel delays, problems with visas, and processing time from foreign governments; 18 months is not long enough for most adoptions

  • Today he has brought a rebuttal to a recent e-memo from the National Council For Adoption (NCFA)

  • Smith: ', I opined that the Florida Adoption Act and its putative father registry (PFR) requirements were confusing, contradictory, and virtually impossible for a man to follow

    International Adoption Agency :: Child Adoption Services Adoption ...
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    from China, Russia, India, Guatemala, and Vietnam in homes all over the United ...

  • Sponsor an Orphan - INTERNATIONAL ADOPTION AGENCY - Helping you fulfill a dream WATCH CHILDREN'S HOPE'S VIDEO FEATURING FAMILIES LIKE YOURS Click on the picture to see 'your' Threshold of Dreams 14 Regional Offices - Personal Service to You Accredited, Respected, Experienced, Assisting Families in All States

  • Children's Hope International adoption agency has done China adoption for more than 15 years

  • China adoption officially began in 1992 but as China's Children adoption agency we were active with Chinese child adoption for foreign families living in China in the 1980's

  • Our China adoption program has helped thousands of families like you

  • - Children's Hope International adoption agency is an accredited child adoption agency for Russian adoption

  • You will want that assurance in your adoption

  • Russia adoption authorities have accredited a limited number of international adoption agencies to legally do Russian adoption

  • If you are contemplating a Russian adoption, we hope you will contact us for further Russian adoption information

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    Families for Russian and Ukrainian Adoption
    Russian adoption site includes comprehensive information as well as chat.

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  • beaconhouseadoption060125 Beacon House is pleased to be an accredited agency by the Russian Federation for international adoptions from Russia

  • There has been no adverse effect on our Russia adoptions

  • Beacon House has been involved in hundreds of Russian adoption placements over the past few years, and has an experienced staff waiting to provide the personal attention you want for your Russian adoption! Beacon House is a not-for-profit, private child and infant adoption agency located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, providing domestic adoption, and services from China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Guatemala

  • The process is as follows: Families are invited to attend an interview at the National Adoption Center in Kiev, Ukraine to receive referral information regarding the children

  • Once a family decides on their forever child, Ukrainian adoption representatives will handle the remainder of the adoption matters

  • They arrange for a court hearing and the required official meetings, prepare the child's international adoption case and handle post international adoption certificates

  • Beacon House is a not-for-profit, private child and infant adoption agency located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, providing domestic adoption, and international adoption services from China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Guatemala

    Genesis Adoptions - International Adoption Agency - Russian ...
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    Includes photo album, news and program details.

  • Why choose Genesis Adoptions as your Adoption Agency? Genesis Adoptions, a 501(c)(3) non-profit licensed adoption agency , specializes in adoptions from , and

  • It is our mission to give orphans and families their new beginning… With a dedicated team of adoption professionals, we offer adoptive parents extremely personalized service and counseling through the complicated adoption process

  • Genesis Adoption Agency is convienently located in Midtown Atlanta, Georgia

  • We welcome walk-ins and always have an adoption professional ready to answer any questions you might have

  • Check out our, which makes it very easy to compare all of our adoption programs

  • SEMINARS August 12, 2006 10AM September 9, 2006 10 AM *Seminars are held in the Genesis Adoption main office in Midtown Atlanta, Georgia

  • For details on upcoming adoption seminars, please call 404.870.3900 or Genesis Adoption

  • OPEN HOUSE Enjoy the opportunity to meet Genesis Adoption employees, prospective adoptive parents, and former clients in a relaxed environment

  • Please call today to find out more about our next hope house!! Our Adoption Classes include , and

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  • Adoption Associates, Inc: Domestic Infant and International Adoption Agency Futures built through adoption Call us now at 1.800.677.2367 September 11, 2006 Listed below are the families who brought children home from China, Guatemala, or Russia during August of 2006

  • An adoption agency you can trust With over 3, 000 children placed since 1990, Adoption Associates, Inc

  • (AAI), has quickly risen to the forefront of Michigan's adoption agencies with proven domestic infant and international programs

  • But more important than any number is the commitment AAI has to each child and parent: to guide families carefully through every step of the adoption process

  • Learn how we can help you make an adoption plan

  • Things to consider when deciding if domestic adoption is right for you

  • Adoption funding, donations, and products

  • News and stories supporting the mission of adoption

  • Latest Adoption News August 30, 2006 Significant program fee reductions are available through October 31, 2006 for families that have previously adopted from Russia through AAI or any other agency as well as families who are new to the Russia adoption program

    My Adoption Links
    Major collection of annotated links covering adoption laws and stories and
    organizations worldwide.

  • My Adoption Links last updated 4 August 2006 August Highlights , of course, remains the focus of the highlights

  • As far as new country pages, I finally completed (Democratic Republic of), and (new adoption group for Lesotho might be worth checking out)

  • I found a couple of interesting sites worth looking at this month (among the many, many sites I look at.) One of them is (an International Down Syndrome Adoption Grant Ministry and and Advocacy Group)

  • He replied "Enough to make a difference." Pages of Interest - links for photolistings, yahoo groups, international/domestic adoption) - Alphabetized list of agencies and facilitators listed in this website - NEW!! Looking for input!! - for Russian adoptions (last updated 8/4/06) - chat boards, inspirational, music, quilts, shopping, photos, web cams - Report from the Buckley Outpost

  • Latest story: My Favorite Martian (7/14/06) - listing of orphanages/links for countries that don't do adoptions (from Argentina to Zambia) Adoption Pages Agencies, Information, Groups, Process, Links A Adoption Links - Afghanistan - No Adoptions, but interesting links - Africa - African Orphanages (Benin to Morocco) - African Orphanages (Mozambique to Zimbabwe) - Albania - Algeria - Armenia - Azerbaijan - B Barbados - Belize - Resident requirements of 6 months


    Three Rivers Adoption Council: A full service adoption agency ...
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  • What's New At Three Rivers Adoption Council (TRAC) Meet TRAC's featured Waiting Children or might just be the perfect child for your family! Take some time to find out more about him

  • TRAC is a great source for adoption information

  • If you have any questions about adoption or waiting children that are not answered in the site try our new message board or send us an e-mail

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    Eastern European Adoption Coalition
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  • "When I Met You", subtitled "A Story of Russian Adoption"

  • I am not exaggerating when I say that this book gave me goose bumps, as it evoked tender memories of the many hours I have spent in Russian orphanages and the many adoptions in whicih I have been involved

  • In contrasting a child's life before and after adoption, it is respectful and insightful, explanatory and celebratory

  • - Dellory Matthews Poll Which is your favorite support list? A-PARENT-RUSS PEP-L PABT-L Bulgaria-L Romania-L Kazkhstan-L SEEA-L Other Copyright © 2005 Eastern European Adoption Coalition, Inc

    Russian Embassy: Adoption
    The legal requirements after adoption finalization, as well as a list of accredited
    agencies are provided.

  • After that the passport will be mailed back to you); one passport-size picture of your child; notary certified copies of American passports of parents; Russian version of the notary certified copy of adoption certificate; Russian version of the notary certified copy of birth certificate (issued after adoption); consular fee in the form of a "Money order" for $50 (per child), payable to the Russian Embassy and prepaid envelope Express-mail or FedEx (if you have FedEx account number)

  • 20007 Attn.: Passport Section General information General information on adoption questions can be obtained at (202)298-5769 (from 2.00 p.m

  • US adoption agencies with official accreditation from the Ministry of Education of Russia (as of June 1, 2006) 1

  • Adoption Associates, Inc

  • Families Thru International Adoption Telephone: 1-888-797-9900 (812) 479-9900 Fax: (812) 479-9901 E-mail: Web: 3

  • The Adoption Center of Washington Telephone: 1-800-452-3878 (202) 452-8278 (703) 549-7774 Fax: (202) 452-8280 (703) 549-7778 E-mail: Web: 4

  • Alaska International Adoptions Agency Telephone: Fax: E-mail: Web: 6

  • Adoption Placement, Inc Telephone: (954) 474-8494 Fax: (954) 474-2251 E-mail: Web: 14

    Adoption Agency - Welcome to WACAP - World Association for ...
    An international and domestic non-profit adoption and child assistance agency.

  • 1 8 8 7 World Association for Children and Parents (WACAP), founded in 1976, is one of the most respected and experienced international nonprofit adoption agencies in the United States

  • When paying your WACAP adoption fees, pay by check rather than a credit card

  • (For general questions about WACAP and adoption, call 206-575-4550 or 1-800-732-1887.) Solving the identity crisis 8.2.2006 Read the 's profile of Tim Holm, president and treasurer of the Asian Adult Adoptees of Washington () and treasurer of the Korean Identity Development Society ()

  • The reports on the city's growing adoption community

  • (Lillian's interview is the third segment of the show; it starts at the 34:42 mark.) WACAP thanks KUOW for letting us explain adoption on the air

  • We've also applied to begin an adoption program there

  • Adoption on the airwaves 5.12.2006 KPLU 88.5 FM, based in Tacoma, Wash., recently broadcast a 5-minute segment on adopting from China by Diane Geng, an award-winning reporter for National Public Radio

  • We're always grateful for the chance to share our passion for adoption with the media

    Adoption Center of Washington
    Non-profit agency licensed in the District of Columbia and Virginia, which places
    children for adoption from Russia, China, Cambodia and Vietnam.

  •      |         Welcome to ACW! The Adoption Center of Washington is now accepting applications for the following countries: Russia, Vietnam and China

  • If you would like to help by donating items or offering your time please contact us at or 703-549-7774

  • The Adoption Center of Washington (ACW) is a non-profit, child-placing agency licensed in the District of Columbia and Virginia

  • The agency's purpose is to provide families for children who have an adoption plan made for them and to provide valuable medical or supportive services to children in orphanages who cannot be adopted

  • The director and staff have long term experience in infertility and adoption

  • Executive Director, L.C.S.W., specialized in infertility and adoption counseling in her private counseling practice

    Adoption Listservs and Adoption Forums by Country
    Validated listing of adoption support listservs and email lists.

  • Adoption Email Lists Directory Annotated directory of adoption mailing lists for adoptive families

  • Adoption mailing lists provide invaluable forums for adoptive families, but finding the right one can be confusing

  • This directory will help you find the adoption list that best meets your needs

  • Adoption listservs are organized by and by

  • Click here for Click here for International Adoption Lists By Country Adopting Abroad Adoption For Americans Abroad Mailing list for for Americans living abroad to share information and support about the adoption process

  • To Join: Send a blank message to OR register on the web at Listowner: Randy Barlow <> Africa Adoption Adopt Africa Mailing list for adoption from Africa

  • To Join: Send a blank message to OR register on the web at Listowner: Martha Osborne <> Australia Adoption Australians Adopt China A moderated list for Australians who are adopting or have adopted from China

  • Listowner: Diane Wright <> AEEA-L (Australia Eastern European Adoption List) For members of the adoption community who live in or who are from Australia and are touched by the adoptions of children from countries of Eastern Europe

    Lifetime Adoption - 1-800-923-6784 - Free Adoption Services for ...
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  • Website Updated Last on , 2006 Free Adoption Informational Meeting Learn more about our adoption meetings and seminars, helping adoptive families learn more about how they too can welcome home the baby of their dreams

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