PONG-Story : Magnavox Odyssey - the first video game system -
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  • Magnavox Odyssey First home video game console On this page: - (How Ralph Baer built the first video game) - - (its design) - - - - (misc photos) - - - Other links: - - - - - - - - - (printed circuit boards) - - - - Background: Note: The historical data contained in this section were extracted by permission from about his long experience of father of the video game

  • Once George had taken the final design of the game unit and antenna switch-box to the FCC labs in Washington and passed their tests, (another thing that millions of video game units would be subjected to in the incoming years), Odyssey went into production at the Tennessee plant

  • As just about everybody knows, PONG quickly became a great hit in some of the bars and arcades of America; PONG can clearly be credited with having starting the coin-operated arcade video game industry with a bang! Video games, both of the Home TV Game variety and Coin-Op Arcade Video Games, were launched

  • The rest, as they say, is (video game) history

  • The very first law suit in the history of video games: As mentioned earlier, Mr

  • Several years later, the arcade video ball & paddle game business having flourished, Magnavox filed a lawsuit for patent infrigement against Seeburg, Bally-Midway and Atari

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  • 'Podcasts have rapidly become a part of daily life for millions of Americans, and by partnering with Melodeo to bring Podcasts to wireless phones, our customers can now listen to their favorite programs wherever they go.' | August 08, 2006 Umundo, a start-up specializing in automatic content distribution technologies, has announced a new free service that lets you take video clips taken with mobile devices and publish them for viewing on Apple's Video iPod

  • Video clips and pictures are published to and viewed on popular web properties such as MySpace, My Yahoo!, Google and iTunes

  • 'A Umundo user can subscribe to mobile podcasts and will automatically receive and sync to his or her Video iPod clips and photographs sent by friends from their mobile phones, ' said Prashant Parekh, founder and CEO of the company

  • | August 05, 2006 The Washington Post has announced a, the Video Mash-Up, following the lead of vloggers and video podcasters that have encouraged mashups or remixes of their videos

  • Earlier in the year, for example, Rocketboom published a kit for making video mashups

  • The kit featured video of former host Amanda Congdon engaging in half of a conversation, so that anyone could edit in content to create their own versions

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  • Want to become the next viral video star? Looking for the latest underground video art? We review five of the top personal video sites

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  • Copyright © 2006 Woodworking Plans Video Game Cabinet Woodworking Plan J ust Like the Real Video Games! Let your kids experience a new dimension with our Video Game Cabinet

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  • The Video Rocker ™ is a comfortable, lightweight, space-saving rocking chair

  • It was specially designed for children and adults to be used for watching TV or playing video games

  • The Video Rocker™ is available in a variety of colors and fabrics

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    Genre and the Video Game
    An analysis of genre categorization as applied to video games in contrast with
    books and film, with definitions and examples.

  • Genre and the Video Game Chapter 6 of, by Mark J

  • One could easily substitute video game for film in the above quote; video games’ heroes are certainly more static than film ones, and plots are often even more predictable

  • And most of all, the interactive experience of playing a video game is even more of a cooperation between artists and audiences , who go beyond celebrating collective values by applying those values to the activity found in game play itself

  • Video game genre study differs markedly from literary or film genre study due to the direct and active participation of the audience, through the surrogate player-character who acts within the game’s diegetic world, taking part in the central conflict of the game’s narrative

  • Apart from the fact the video games often do not have happy endings (games usually end with a player-character’s death), Schatz’s four terms describe the action of most video games

  • If a film genre represents a range of experience for the audience as Schatz argues, video games fit the description even more closely

  • In some ways, player participation is arguably the central determinant in describing and classifying video games, moreso even than iconography - News & Information Homepage
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  • Classifieds: | 08/08/2006 - Updated 09:21 PM ET Essentials Video: At U.N., Arabs call for full Israeli withdrawal | Graphic: | Video: Latest headlines Central bank believes inflation will ease

  • BEST BETS Hog heaven Pop Candy Stock market answers Generation Next My USA TODAY Featured video Photos • &#149 • • Markets Quick Quote | Obesity Controversy over sugary beverages is renewed at a time when schools are re-evaluating their drink offerings

    Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within: PIB PC Game Review
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  • They should have started a good new series to start using the full motion video

  • If you're looking for an interesting game with full motion video, you should buy this game

  • Hey, look, the video version of Gabe has just has much of a fascination with mirrors and his hair as the animated one did

  • Perhaps a pause function for the videos? Nothing like being in the middle of a video and suddenly needing to do some mundane task like answering the door or phone

  • With all but the start or end videos, you can only view them once, so if there was anything interesting there, you would have to restore a saved game

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  • Here are some fun ideas: Video Scavenger Hunt - Players use video recorders to record themselves doing the silly things on their list


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    MUSEUM - Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum
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  • Mechanical marvels and odd Coin Operated games from the oldest gypsy fortune telling machine of the early 1900's, to the lastest video games are here to look at and operate

  • The coin operated games are the main attraction, and range from the oldest gypsy fortune telling machine of the early 1900's, to the lastest video games

  • The newer video games will keep the older kids fulfilled

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  • timrichardson writes to tell us that Slate is asking what happened to the ? The lack of any news at Apple's WWDC prompted the author to look at the promises made at the Consumer Electronics Show a la Viiv and other 'uber-consoles' in addition to the launch of Apple's downloadable videos and 'couch-surfing remote.' While some pundits blame the state of the technology this article claims that the PC and the TV provide two very different roles that aren't going to converge anytime soon

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  • August 9, 2006 | 10:08 AM EDT Montreal's gaming giant UbiSoft and Vancouver-based animation house Studio B Productions have topped the nominee list of Canada's video game and animation version of the Oscars

  • August 9, 2006 | 11:06 AM EDT | Photo Galleries » | Video » | Audio » | Independent Production » | · · · · · · · · · · ·

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  • it's a video game adaptation after all

  • Posted by John Campea at | August 09, 2006 Another Behind The Scenes Transformers Video Thanks to Jeff for the heads up on this

  • Looks like there is another behind the scenes Transformers video up

  • Ok, Zappy sent me this link to a collection of deleted scenes from Basic Instinct 2 (all of them are in 1 divx video file)

  • Read the posted by John Campea at | Navigation **NEW** **NEW** Search Web The Movie Blog The Movie Blog Sponsors - video conversion experts can transfer your fragile 8mm film and aging videotape to durable, easy-to-use dvd while restoring it to it's original film clarity or better

  • offers original as well as vintage movie lobby cards - wailing banshee films - corporate video production services in the uk and new york

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