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Office of the Vermont Secretary of State
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    Office of Vermont Secretary of State - Elections
    Section of the SOS office concerned with the operation of elections and voting
    in Vermont.


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    United States
    As well as being accredited to Botswana, the ambassador is also the Secretary of
    State's Special Represen...

  • She spent the first three and a half years of her career in the Bureau of African Affairs, serving as a regional affairs officer, staff assistant to the Assistant Secretary, desk officer and press officer

    Office of Vermont Secretary of State Deb Markowitz -- State Archives
    Information, collections, and reference services.

    Resources, articles, and information for all levels of virtual assistants and
    office professionals.

    Article from the Catholic Encyclopedia.

  • Now when Greek manuscripts were eagerly sought after, and when Cicero dictated the canons of Latin style, the syllogism with its arena of disputation could not be give place to the orator's chair and the secretary's desk

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    Lawyer: FBI agent's job in jeopardy because she blew the whistle

  • Turner says she discovered the Tiffany globe on a secretary's desk in her Minnesota field office

    Liddy Defeats Wells/Dean
    Discusses legal and historical aspects of the defamation of character suit brought
    against Liddy by...

    From the desk of
    1996 letter from William J. Benson, claiming that the IRS was not established in
    accordance with the law.

  • (Last update: April 18, 2003) From the desk of William J

    God Among Directors: Kramer vs. Kramer
    Revised third draft of the screenplay by Robert Benton.

  • At the moment the office is filled to bursting with men and women, slumped in chairs, sitting on desks, all of them very tense

  • He sits back in his chair with his feet propped on the desk and a drink in one hand


    Screenplay for the film by Robert Towne.

  • GITTES' OFFICE CURLY drops the photos on Gittes' desk

  • A drop plunks on Gittes' shiny desk top

  • Never taking his eyes off Curly, he lights a cigarette using a lighter with a 'nail' on his desk

  • Gittes reaches into his desk and pulls out a shot glass, quickly selects a cheaper bottle of bourbon from several fifths of more expensive whiskeys

  • He shoves the glass across his desk toward Curly

  • A well-groomed, dark-haired WOMAN sits nervously between their two desks, fiddling with the veil on her pillbox hat

  • GITTES' OFFICE - GITTES & CURLY Gittes and Curly stand in front of the desk, Gittes staring contemptuously at the heavy breathing hulk towering over him

  • Gittes takes a handkerchief and wipes away the plunk of perspiration on his desk

  • 6 Gittes pounds the photos on the desk, shouting; GITTES I'll tell you the unwritten law, you dumb son of a bitch, you gotta be rich to kill somebody, anybody and get away with it


  • 45 ON HIS DESK is the Ingersoll watch, the crystal broken -- the hands stopped at 2:47

    Historic Merrell Inn, South Lee
    Accommodations with full breakfast in old stagecoach inn with fireplaces, private
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  • Sit in its copious wing chairs by a crackling fire or write a letter to a friend at the two hundred year old secretary desk

    Bobby Knight Coach Countdown
    Features about "the" coach, his accomplishments, fan commentary, records, Bobby
    Knight links. Also...

    Civil War Page: Maine State Archives
    Photographs, documents, history of Chamberlain, officers, links to 13th Maine,
    17th Maine, 19th Maine...

    Nigerian Crime
    Law enforcement official Jonathon Winer's 1996 testimony before a House Subcommittee
    on the subject...

  • Our goal at the Department of State under Secretary Christopher is to have every Bureau remember that it also has an America's desk, in addition to the desks maintained to cover foreign countries

  • The Global Affairs component of State headed by Under Secretary Wirth is especially focused on its role as America's desk

  • Among State's responses to this "America's Desk" orientation is our agreement to expand U.S

    Mathes, Rob
    Writer and performer, perhaps best known for his Christmas music. Includes biography,
    news, performance...

  • I eventually gave up the idea, knowing that most likely my score would collect dust of a secretary's desk somewhere

    National Gallery of Art - Shaker Crafts from the Index of American ...
    Photographic tour.

    As the Mouse Moves
    Daily soap opera depicting the NYC-based lives of a single woman, a party planner,
    and an international...


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