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Links to news, parish resources, lives of the saints, and general information on
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About the Orthodox Christian Faith
Packed with resources on the Orthodox Christian faith and life; news on the
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Orthodox Church in America
Official site. Directories of the episcopacy and the parishes, information about
Orthodoxy, ministries and organizations, Fellowship of Orthodox Stewards, ...

Serbian Orthodox Church
Official site. Primarily in Serbian, with English versions of press releases,
photos of bomb damage to churches and monasteries, and links.

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    Encyclopedia Coptica: The Christian Coptic Orthodox Church Of Egypt
    Information about the Coptic church, including the Coptic Network Archives, icons,
    history, links, and articles.

    (Catholic Encyclopedia)

  • > > > Orthodox Church Orthodox Church The technical name for the body of who use the in various languages and are in union with the Patriarch of Constantinople but in schism with the

  • How 'Orthodox' became the proper name of the Eastern Church it is difficult to say

  • Gradually, although of course, both East and West always claimed both names, 'Catholic' became the most common name for the original Church in the West, 'Orthodox' in the East

  • It would be very difficult to find the right name for this Church

  • 'Eastern' is too vague, the Nestorians and Monophysites are Eastern Churches; 'Schismatic' has the same disadvantage

  • The Greek Church is only one, and a very small one, of the sixteen Churches that make up this vast communion

  • According to their common custom one may add the word 'Eastern' to the title and speak of the Orthodox Eastern Church ( he orthodoxos anatolike ekklesia )

  • The Orthodox, then, are the in the East of Europe, in Egypt and Asia, who accept the Councils of and (are therefore neither Nestorians nor Monophysites), but who, as the result of the schisms of Photius (ninth cent.) and Cerularius (eleventh cent.), are not in communion with the Catholic Church

    St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church
    Dallas, Texas. Theology and practice questions and answers, articles, Gospel
    homilies, weekly journal, current Julian calendar, parish and clergy directories, ...

  • St Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church Dallas Texas & more St Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church in Dallas Texas welcomes you! Most of us are converts to the Holy Catholic, Apostolic Eastern Orthodox Christian Church and, as we have found the "Pearl of great price", we also wish to share with you here (in English and ever growing amounts of Russian) concerning our beliefs, dogmas, doctrines and way of life

  • Homilies, hymns, explanations, resources Between Pascha and Pentecost Homilies, Synaxarion, Theology About St Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church, Dallas TX Driving Directions Regular Services Schedule Address, Phone numbers Our Journal Weekly Homilies, Catechetical Questions and Answers, Redeeming the Time, Typicon discussion List Includes and is specific to the Curriculum at Collin County Community College, McKinney Texas Powered by Search this site! We confidently recommend our web service provider, : excellent personal customer service, a fast and reliable server, excellent spam filtering, and an easy to use comprehensive control panel

    CopticChurch.Net - Coptic Orthodox Church Network
    Includes detailed information on Coptic Church such as its history, dogmas,
    liturgies, saints. Also contains a directory of Coptic Churches in the United ...

  • Contact Information Church Web Site: E-mail: Postal Address: 427 West Side Ave Jersey City, NJ 07304 U.S.A

  • The aim of CMP is to produce programming based on the apostolic teachings of our church in order to both enlighten, preach, and educate

  • The goal is to allow the congregation to share with the Church in the readings of this Holy Week

  • The eBook is also formatted so it can be displayed on projectors in churches

  • The CopticChurch.net & Tasbeha.org sites would like to extend our most sincere greetings during the Feast of the Glorious Nativity

  • Mark Coptic Church, Jersey City, NJ

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    Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople
    News and information, history, photos, interviews, messages, and a list of patriarchs.

    The Greek Orthodox Church in Australia
    Information about Orthodoxy, the Archbishop and bishops, the Ecumenical Patriarchate,
    encyclicals, and lives of the saints.

    Diocese of Sourozh
    The Russian Orthodox Church in Great Britain and Ireland. Includes directory and
    calendar, newsletter and information about the cathedral, biography and works ...

  • Its name is taken from an ancient see in Crimea that no longer has a bishop and is used to designate the diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church in Great Britain and Ireland

    British Orthodox Church
    A Diocese of the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria. Serving the people
    of the British Isles, and helping to restore British Orthodoxy.

  • Andrew's, Mickfield (which is an ecumenical Christian Centre in a restored mediaeval Church) is being host to ABBA SERAPHIM, Bishop of the British Orthodox Church, on FRIDAY 22nd SEPTEMBER

  • Visitors from the east should take the A1120 through Stonham Aspal, turning right just past the church; at the crossroads in Mickfield village turn left and take the first left to St

  • The British Orthodox Church has been a part of the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate since 1994

  • The British Orthodox Fellowship Would you like to discover more about the Orthodox Faith for yourself, at your own pace, and while you remain in your existing church situation? The British Orthodox Fellowship is a dispersed community of friends, enquirers and members of the British Orthodox Church who are united by a common interest in Orthodoxy, and a shared desire to experience it more fully

  • Why not read some more and join today? Are you interested in discovering more about the Orthodox Faith, but find that many of the Orthodox communities are rooted in a foreign culture? The mission of the British Orthodox Church within the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate is to share the good news of the Orthodox Faith with British people in their own culture


    Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia
    Official site. Clergy e-mail directory, news, and links to ROCOR sites. Russian and
    English versions.

  • Republication or retransmission of materials must include the reference: "The Official Website of the Synod of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia." 75 East 93rd Street New York NY 10128 U.S.A

    The Finnish Orthodox Church
    Brief history of the Orthodox Church in Finland written by John, Archbishop of
    Karelia and All Finland.

    Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada
    "Information on our Church, upcoming events, a parish directory, religious
    resources and links to other related sites. Can also help you -- through our Library ...

  • | WelcomeWelcome Ukrainian Orthodox Church of CanadaUkrainian Orthodox Church of Canada Óêðà¿íñüêà Ïðàâîñëàâíà Öåðêâà â Êàíàä³Óêðà¿íñüêà Ïðàâîñëàâíà Öåðêâà â Êàíàä³ Église ukrainienne orthodoxe du CanadaÉglise ukrainienne orthodoxe du Canada ³òàºìî³òàºìî

    Home Page of the Greek Orthodox Church in Canada
    Information about parishes, programs, and the Orthodox faith.

    The Antiochian Orthodox Church in the United Kingdom and Ireland
    Directory of parishes, resources, newsletter, teaching archive, deanery news,
    and oversea missions.

  • Gregory Hallam Orthodox Links To navigate this web site, Java must be enabled and if Internet Explorer is used, Security must be set to Medium a feed site for free subscription to changing pages Visits from 14 September 2004 to 29 September 2005: 24935 Visits from 30 September 2005 All Saints of Britain and Ireland Parishes (10 fully functioning parishes with regular Liturgies, plus the Cathedral parish in London) Missions (7 new churches and centres with monthly Liturgies or other service patterns) Parish and Mission Web Sites Search WWW Search This Site Join Antiochian Orthodox Deanery UK Ireland MSN Groups Let me know when this site changes ..

    Orthodox Authocephalous Church of Albania
    Official site. Biography of the Archbishop, overview of Church life, history,
    news, social outreach ministry, Theological Academy.

    Syrian Orthodox Resources
    Information on the spiritual, literary and cultural heritage of the Syrian Orthodox
    Church, one of the most ancient Christian churches.

  • Like an exquisite pearl hidden in an oyster, the spiritual heritage of the Syriac Orthodox Church, one of the most ancient Christian churches, remains obscure to much of the world today

  • SOR is not an "official" web Site of the Syriac Orthodox Church, but receives encouragement and support from its hierarchy

  • Revised English translation of the definitive work on the literary heritage of the Syriac Orthodox Church by the eminent scholar and late Patriarch Mor Aphrem I Barsoum published by

  • A three volume encyclopaedic work on the Aramaic heritage—language, history, and culture with a focus on the Syriac Orthodox Church in two volumes

  • Hans Hollerweger with over 400 color photographs is a pictorial guide to Tur Abdin in SE Turkey where the Syriac Orthodox faith flourished from the earliest days of the Christian Church until the beginning of the 20th century

    Coptic Orthodox Church Of Australia
    The site for the Coptic Orthodox Church in Australia, contains pictures of Egyptian
    monasteries, e-mail diriectory for the clergy and online chat.

  • Home W elcome to the Coptic Orthodox Church of Australia Home Page

  • If you havn't heard about the Coptic Church before I'll give you a rundown

  • Basically the Coptic Orthodox Church was founded many centuries ago by Saint Mark in Alexandria, Egypt

  • It's a church that's full of saints, and martyrs who died for our Lord Jesus Christ

  • At the core of the Coptic church's faith we have a simple but important doctrine: One is God; the Father of all


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