Spade Family in America
Focal point for members of the Spade family in America to share family history
and photographs.

Rules and tactics for two, three, four and six player regular and variant games.

Gives rules, information, variations, and links.

Yahoo! Games
Internet gaming community offering free multi-player games, downloadable games
and games clubs. Also news, reviews, demos, ratings, and cheats.


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Card Counter PRO Automatic Yahoo POGO MSN Spades Hearts | Card ...
Automatic card counter for use on online card games like Spades, Hearts, Pinochle
and Bridge.

  • SUPPORTS SUPPORTS WindowsXP/98/98se/NT4/Win2000/95 - All resolutions/All colors! Now has Yahoo backdoors BUILT IN! No need for Shove-It or CrapStorm What Does It Do? Card Counter PRO sits in the background watching the game

    Case's Ladder
    Parent site for multiple competitions, includes links to leagues in specific games.

    Alan's Hearts page
    Rules, variations, and strategies.

  • (listed in alphabetical order) provides a 'backdoor' into the Yahoo and Pogo game sites

    Rules, terminology, Hoyle's rules and links to online play sites.

  • On-line Euchre & Backdoors If you need to get back into your card game after a lockup or a disconnect but the site, room or lounge that you're playing in is full..

  • Benefits

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    Books, software, links and online play information.

    Bridge Info at the House Of Cards
    A collection of links, as well as software.

    Aziz the 'eight of spades'

    Alec Saunders .LOG
    A personal soapbox on world events, Canadian politics, and the technology business.
    Ingredients include a little wine, and a lot of VoIP.

  • We shopped at Ralph’s in Palm Desert today, and yesterday we shopped at Jensen’s.  Jensen’s bills itself as “finest foods”.  I don’t know what Ralph’s says about itself.  At Jensen’s we walked through the door, and were greeted by no less than three people wanting to help us.  At the fruit counter, Gabriel cut open sample after sample of different pieces of fruit for us to try.  His excuse “I haven’t tried that one yet… let’s try it together”.  And as we left, two cashiers competed to have us line up at their counters.  At Ralph’s, I got a surly look for paying for the last $1.65 of my bill with change.  Yes, Jensen’s costs more.  But boy, do they work hard for it


    Prindle Record Reviews
    Urge Overkill album reviews.

    You Am I
    Official site with news, tour information, discography and merchandise.

    GrandPrix Tournaments :: The World Series of Hearts, Spades ...
    Official home to The World Series of Hearts, The World Series of Spades and The
    World Series of Euchre. Also contains tips, tricks and strategies.

  • $125 Registration Fee charged at the door

    Video Poker Analyzer
    Play for fun or analyze odds to learn the best strategies.

    Danny DeVito News
    News about Danny Devito continually updated from around the net.

    Known as "Stich Ansagen" in Central Europe, which roughly translates to "Predict
    Tricks" or "Call the Trick". Play is from 1 to 13 to 1 card hands and even ...

    Adrian's Album Reviews: Ani Difranco
    Narrative and tracklistings for a number of her albums.

  • Ani Difranco &#8226 &#8226 &#8226 &#8226 &#8226 &#8226 &#8226 &#8226 &#8226 &#8226 &#8226 Ani Difranco 8&#189 ( 1990 ) Both Hands / Talk To Me Now / The Slant / Work Your Way Out / Dog Coffee / Lost Woman Song / Pale Purple / Rush Hour / Fire Door / The Story / Every Angle / Out Of Habit / Letting The Telephone Ring Playing gigs since the age of ten, having written nearly 100 songs by the age of 18 - Ani ( pronounced Arnie? ) Difranco started out selling copies of a tape she'd made of her songs at gigs

  • 'Fire Door' has particularly glorious lyrics that hold you, it has anxious vocals and guitars - vocals moving from strong to soft to tender, edgy playing and the whole effect is of something important, something that needs to be said, something real

  • Pick Yer Nose! Living In Clip 8&#189 ( 1996 ) Whatever / Whatever / Gravel / Willing To Fight / Shy / Joyful Girl / Hide And Seek / Napoleon / I'm No Heroine / Amazing Grace / Anticipate / Tiptoe / Sorry I Am / The Slant-The Diner / Flavors / Out Of Range / Untouchable Face / Shameless / Distracted / Adam And Eve / Fire Door / Both Hands / Out Of Habit / Every State Line / Not So Soft / Travel Tips / Wrong With Me / In Or Out / We're All Gonna Blow / Letter To A John / Overlap Ani Difranco live isn't so much different to Ani in the studio, actually - but the very fact that it is live of course, adds to the ambience, perhaps? Besides, the interaction between Ani and audience is really cool

    Adrian's Album Reviews: The Smiths
    One man's thoughts about several albums and readers' comments.


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