The Sources’ Research
Indian Performing Arts Project

Milón Méla (The Fair of Coming Together)


The Sources’ Research is an ongoing theatre project conducted by Abani Biswas (India) in Europe and in India for the past 15 years.
The project combines workshops, performances, parades and festival activities. It gathers artists and masters of some of the most ancient Indian performing disciplines:

  • Baul musicians from Bengal
  • Masters of Kalaripayattu martial art from Kerala
  • Chhau dancers from Purullia (Jarkhand)
  • Gotipua Temple dancers of Orissa

The Sources’ Research p
roposes two currents of activity:

  1. Workshops focused on the work on one’s body, mind and heart, on the work with nature and with silence. The inspiration and the structure come from the work of the Theatre of Sources directed by Jerzy Grotowski in which Abani Biswas had participated from 1979 to 1982.

  2. Milón Méla - theatre activity that presents traditional performative techniques to a large public.

The Source’s Research has its own workcenter: Theatre House located in Santiniketan (India).

On the branch of a tree
A bird is eating a fruit

On a neighbouring branch
Another bird is watching it
It comes closer and closer
Till they realize that
Both of them are one and the same bird

Khata Upanishad


photos from India