Theatre House


Theatre House – Khele Danga (Santiniketan)

Our Theatre House was established in 1990 as a center for practical research. Here, in natural surroundings, we have created conditions for study, training and performing work.
Theatre House is located within a large tribal rural zone cultivated with ancient methods.
There are no big cities in vicinity and we are only few kilometres away from Santiniketan- Bolpur (3 hours by train from Calcutta).
Santiniketan is well known all over India and abroad thanks to Rabindra Nath Tagore, Indian poet and Nobel Prize winner, who founded here the International University “Visva-Bharati”.
Situated on the edge of the forest, the center with its four houses provides accommodation for up to 40 people. The complex includes a kitchen with a large dinning-room, a central performance hall with a traditional clay floor and an outdoor performing space.

The center is provided with nearly 4 acres of land that include paddy fields, vegetable garden and fruit orchard, all cultivated with organic methods. There is also a large pond.
The diet is based on Indian cuisine prepared with homegrown food and homemade dairy products. The drinking water comes from two deep underground sources and is thoroughly filtered.
Each year from November to April there is a continuous work-activity. Traditional practitioners and artists from different parts of India come here and stay in short- and longtime residence. During the main workshop activity, from November to middle January participants from all over the world join us in our work and in an ongoing research.

In February the activity continues with the master Viswajeet Ghiri, who guides Yoga sessions.