•  Workshops in India

The core of the Source’s Research project lies in the practical work.
Every year in the months of December and January a work-session takes place at the Theatre House in India.

The proposal implies the journey to India (Santiniketan, West Bengal), in an area, which is not on the tourist map itineraries.
The workshop is directed by Abani Biswas; we invite the participants to experience a well-structured process of work based on silence, music, dramatic actions, techniques of attention and observation, breathing and voice.
The residential workshop conducted at Theatre House is different from a multitude of various workshops that Westerners can attend in India in the fact that it does not offer exclusively the possibility of learning the traditional techniques.
It rather gives the opportunity to attend traditional and ritualistic modalities of expression, however, in an accurate manner.
People who participate in the laboratory are Westerns or Indians from the cities, and many are the guests that follow traditional spiritual and artistic practices and disciplines.
Participants participate in practical work sessions with Abani and with the following traditional masters and artists: Bauls musicians form Bengal, Chhau dancers from Jarkhand, Gotipua dancers from Orissa, and masters of Martial art Kalaripayattu from Kerala.
During the workshop many guests arrive in alternation to conduct demonstrations: other Bauls and Fakirs, the Patua storytellers and scroll painters, the Gotipua dancers from Orissa, traditional actors and music players.
In the middle of January (on 11th/ 12th/ 13th), Theatre House hosts for three days a large number (more than 100) of wondering monks of different currents of Hinduism. A large number of Bauls, Fakirs and local people from the neighbouring tribal villages also join in it along with the participants from abroad. The evenings are reverberated with the fires of the rituals, demonstrations and performances by the team of Milòn Mèla with the participants. A group of Patua story tellers and painters and an Indian master of Shadow Theatre also gave regular demonstrations.

At the beginning of February the activity continues with Yoga classes (Kumbhak Hata Yoga) guided by the master Viswajeet Ghiri.

For the coming-up dates see Calendar.

In the action that concludes the day's work a Baul chants an ancient Vedic text:

I have to ride my boat inside this river
In the right direction
I have to watch how I guide my boat
I have to know the flow of waters
I have to know the winds
In the right direction
Towards the other side

  • Workshops in Italy

Every year from the 5th until the 15th of August a residential workshop is being held at the Casa Laboratorio di Cenci (Amelia, Umbria).
The Source’s Research team and the Milón Méla traditional artists conduct the work.


In order to participate in the workshops no previous experience is required.
For more information please contact
Chiara Tabaroni at