Abani Biswas, director of the Sources’ Research – Milón Méla project currently lives and works in West Bengal (India).
His involvement in the field of performing arts dates many years back.
In the Sixties he participated in the work of Kalpataru Theatre Company that pursued the ways of the Western theatre
In 1973, together with a group of young artists, he founded the Living Theatre of Calcutta.
From 1979 to 1983 he participated in the multicultural project of Theatre of Sources directed by a Polish theatre master Jerzy Grotowski. This work has constituted for him the most significant experience, both on the personal as well as professional level.
After the conclusion of the Theatre of Sources project Abani returned to India and began to develop his work in the field of traditional performative disciplines.
He has traveled extensively in different rural zones of Bengal, Bihar, Orissa as well as in the South of India. There he met artists and various masters of different traditions, cultures and religions, and established long-lasting work and human relationships.
Since 1986, together with the essential work on research in traditional artistic communities, he launched the project The Sources’ Research – Milón Méla (in Bengali: The Fair of Coming Together).
In 1990 with his own resources Abani has created the workcenter Theatre House near Santiniketan (West Bengal).

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