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  • All Recipe Title Ingredients | - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ------------------- - - - - » » » » » » Superfine Sugar Substitute Make your own superfine sugar by processing regular sugar in a food processor or blender

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    Beverage Recipes
    Collection of recipes inspired from descriptions in the Redwall series by Brian

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  • Yield: 7 1/2 cups This recipe donated by

  • Enjoy! This recipe comes from Sabian

  • Mint Tea Ingredients: Mint leaves 1.take mint leaves and place in bowl 2.boil mint leaves for 5 minutes 3.let cool or put in fridge This recipe was donated by Wiloak

    Eggnog Recipe (Egg Nog)
    A full, rich recipe passed down from a Grandfather.

  • 9/11 Search this site Eggnog Recipe (Egg Nog) This is my eggnog recipe

  • To lower the alcohol in the recipe, use lower proof whiskey and/or rum, or substitute a cup of milk for every cup of alcohol removed

  • Ingredients Fresh (separated into yolks/whites) 4 8 12 Sugar (divided into 2 equal parts) 1/2 cup (1/4c, 1/4c) 1 cup (1/2c, 1/2c) 1 1/2 cups (3/4c, 3/4c) White Rum 1/2 cup 1 cup 1 1/2 cups Milk (Whole or 2%) 1 1/2 cups 3 cups 4 1/2 cups Whiskey 1 1/2 cups 3 cups 4 1/2 cups Heavy/Whipping Cream (divided into 2 equal parts) 1 cup (1/2c, 1/2c) 2 cups (1c, 1c) 3 cups (1 1/2c, 1 1/2c) Ground Nutmeg (strongly recommended) Enough to sprinkle on servings

  • Eggnog Recipe Instructions You are doing things gently and slowly to preserve the eggnog's fluffiness

  • Notes Drinking responsibly: Albeit strong, this eggnog recipe makes a truly delicious drink -- I am quite biased of course

  • Nonalcoholic: If you wish to leave out the nog, this recipe can be made nonalcoholic by substituting an equal amounts of milk for the rum and whiskey and it is still delicious

  • Just exchanged email with a woman who said that this was her father's recipe as well

    RecipeSource: The Original Irish Coffee
    Simple recipe for one serving, using coffee, sugar cubes, and whiskey.

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  • : : : : : The Original Irish Coffee Search for Recipes: Search entire site Search just this area Browse by region: Browse by type: Other info: ---------- Recipe via Meal-Master (tm) v8.02 Title: THE ORIGINAL IRISH COFFEE Categories: Beverages Yield: 1 servings 1 c Coffee, fresh brewed 3 x Sugar cubes 3 tb Irish whiskey (1 jigger) Pour coffee into large mug

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    RecipeSource: Ginger Beer
    Yeast based recipe from the Harrowsmith Reader, requires cool storage.

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  • : : : : Ginger Beer Search for Recipes: Search entire site Search just this area Browse by region: Browse by type: Other info: Other Sources: * Exported from MasterCook * Ginger Beer Recipe By : Harrowsmith Reader Serving Size : 20 Preparation Time :0:00 Categories : Beverages Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method -------- ------------ -------------------------------- 2 gallons boiling water -- 256 oz

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    INeedCoffee - Recipes
    A directory of several dessert recipes made with coffee.

  • Search Friends of INeedCoffee / Recipes Recipes Drink You know the feeling of waking up each morning from a sleepy haze, stumbling out of bed blurry eyed wishing it was a Saturday

  • Drink A recipe for a popular coffee drink in Greece

  • Cold Coffee Recipe for Vegan Cold Coffee Drink Recipe for the Virginia Vapor drink

  • Cookie CoffeeCup Cookie recipe

  • Drink Coffee drink recipe

  • Coffee Holiday coffee recipe

  • Drink A coffee-mango based summer drink recipe

  • Drink A cold drink recipe

  • Dessert A blackberry and coffee based summer drink recipe

  • Mexican Mexican dessert coffee recipe

  • Recipe Coffee Cookies Hungary Brewing techniques and recipes from Hungary

  • Beverage Recipe for Thai or Vietnamese iced coffee

  • Beverages Get out your cocktail shaker, here are 4 recipes for cold espresso drinks

  • Dessert A recipe for making a coffee icecream milkshake and malt

  • Drink Take control of your iced-espresso destiny with this recipe that yields a beverage better than you can get from the coffee houses

  • Drinks (Alcoholic) A recipe for Mexican coffee Ice Cream A recipe for coffee ice cream

    Recipe Database @ Emeril's dot com
    Chef Emeril's recipes. Search function or wizard is available to sort through
    thousands of recipes.

    It's The Law!
    A collection of strange, bizarre, and unusual laws about alcohol and drinking.

  • The entire Encyclopedia Britannica is banned in Texas because it contains a recipe for making beer that can be used at home

    Great Recipes Online: Beverage
    Small collection of assorted drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, hot, for
    holidays, and punches.

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    Recipe Index
    Searchable collection of recipes largely gathered from usenet groups.

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  • Senate dining room Very hot, very simple, very good beef stir-fry A tasty marinated fish appetizer from Mexico A non-alcoholic party punch recipe Shortbread-like biscuits Soft shortbread Rich shortbread cookies A high-cholesterol appetizer with shrimp, cheese, and bacon Fine pea soup with shrimp and champagne Steamed dumplings (meatballs) A spicy and simple sloppy joe A pizza-like dish smothered in escargot and mushrooms Nut-butter holiday cookie with a sugar coating Chocolate cookies with powdered sugar coating A nice body and face soap Two white soda loaves Aztec soup: a simple cheese, tomato, and beef soup An old-fashioned sourdough French bread The most lip smackin' pickles you ever tasted

  • Amazingly good baking-powder and yogurt pancakes A low-calorie frozen dessert with yogurt and fruit Zucchini with ginger and chili peppers Ladyfingers with cream and rum A Bavarian plum delicacy for dessert Enter keywords: in the recipes

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    Allrecipes Recipe Index: Beverages
    Cranberry and Russian teas as well as instant mixes for Russian and Spiced teas.
    Recipes rated and reviewed.

  • • *** ** -- this top-rated recipe featured In Submitted by: Lisa Rosenkrans Pineapple juice, apricot nectar and limeade concentrate are combined with lemon-lime soda

  • • ***** Only from Allrecipes • • Quick Picks • • • • • Submitted by: Iced tea is flavored with lemonade, vanilla and almond

  • • * **** Submitted by: I created this punch recipe when I went looking for a punch recipe for my Baby Shower

  • This recipe is the culmination of much experimentation in my kitchen

  • • ***** Submitted by: Stephanie Hock This recipe actually started out as ice cubes for my son to chew on while teething, but I threw a few in my ice tea and it was great! • * **** Submitted by: Bea A carbonated cranberry and pineapple refreshing cooler

  • • ***** Submitted by: KIMMIEORLANDO every time I make this super sweet, cool refreshing punch everyone wants the recipe! Sounds crazy, but trust me, you will go back for more! Made with white grape juice, lemonade and cucumbers! So easy, sooooo yummy! • *** ** Submitted by: RoseMary A delightful punch made with tea, grapefruit, orange and pineapple juice

    ChefTalk - Cooking Forums, Cook Book Review, Cooking Articles and ...
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    Tropical Recipes Refreshers
    Selection of fruit drink recipes.

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  • Tropical Refreshers wants you to discover the wealth of variety, taste and sheer delight of our recipes

  • Sangría Someone once said that there are as many Sangría recipes as there are Spaniards on Earth at any given time

  • Send us your favorite, along with its tale, if any (many, many recipes DO have tales surrounding them and Sangrías are no exception!), your name and any other information you want published, and we will gladly oblige

  • Remind guests that those who can knot, double-knot or triple-knot a cherry stem in their mouths with their tongues as the only tool, are demonstrating their prowess as kissers! ¡Salud! To see a full webpage of Sangría recipes, with liquor, Recipes with Parcha (Passion Fruit) Some marketing genius (doubtlessly) dubbed parcha 'passion fruit'

  • Some excellent recipes are possible with this tasty fruit

  • ¡Salud! Parcha suprema This recipe is only for those lucky people who have access to ripe, whole parchas

    Recipes: Thousands of recipes by home cooks like you @
    With chicken stock and Rosemary as ingredients.

  • All Recipe Title Ingredients | - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ------------------- - - - - » » » » » » Chervil, Substitute 1 teaspoon dried parsley flakes plus 1/8 teaspoon rubbed, dried sage can be substituted for 1 teaspoon chervil

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    All_Easy_Cookin' - Beverage Recipes
    Message board with a variety of beverage recipes submitted by members.

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    About absinthe in New Orleans
    Historical aspect and some warnings about drinking oil of wormwood. Links included.

  • Learned experts on the subject of absinthe also assert, after careful chemical study of the original recipes and processes, that the storied effects of thujone in absinthe are highly overrated

  • You may come across various 'recipes' on the net that purport to be for making your own 'bathtub' absinthe at home, and almost off of which involve steeping dried womrwood and various other herbs in vodka or grain alcohol


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