Charlotte's Sew Natural, unique fabrics, fabric supplies, sewing ...
Offers a selection of fabrics, patterns, notions. Also tips and techniques for
sewing and quilting.

  • Make a QUEEN SIZE quilt with 9-inch sampler blocks

    :: :: Reviews :: Lost in Translation (xhtml)
    Roger Ebert's review.

  • She sends him urgent faxes about fabric samples

    An Interview with head of the puppet department on Tim Burton's "Corpse Bride".
    Provides general overview descriptions and some photos about the creation of the ...

  • For each character there is a maquette made, samples of fabrics and samples of color were provided

    Elite Furnishings : Manufacturers and suppliers of upholstery ...
    A Tamworth, Staffordshire manufacturer of soft furnishings, upholstery, seating
    and bedding designed specifically for the Narrowboat and Caravan.

  • Yourselves can supply measurements or an appointment can be made for us to meet at your boat to measure and discuss your requirements on a one to one basis, bringing fabric samples and portfolio of past work

  • Samples can be sent to you on request


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    Webbing, Decorator Trims, Tassels, Fringe, Cording, Drapery ...
    Featuring decorator trim, tassles, fringe, bullion, gimp, chair ties, buttons,
    cording, fabric, and books.

    The Lotus of the Enochian Temple: Sample Visions, part I
    Rowe's visions of the Lotus.

  • The Lotus of the Enochian Temple: Sample Visions, part I Copyright 1993 by Benjamin Rowe Permission is granted to distribute this work in electronic form, with the these conditions: 1) No fees may be charged for the distribution or transmission of this document, other than standard charges for use of transmission lines or electronic media

    Master of Science thesis about an investigation of the role of fiber crimp and
    other processing conditions on needlepunch fabrics, involving possible ...

    Fiber Crimp and Crimp Stability in Nonwoven Fabric Processes
    Doctor of Philosophy dissertation about a study aiming to quantify the mechanical
    behaviour of fiber during crimp removal, and relating it to fundamental fiber ...

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    Acrylic Fibre: The generic name for fibres made from a synthetic ...
    Comprehensive glossary of technical terms and definitions for fibers, ropes,
    yarns and fabrics, dyestuffs and textile chemicals.

  • Defective A test sample or a test specimen or a set of test specimens that fails in one or more respects to comply with the relevant requirements of the specification or standard reference sample

    Free Craft Newsletter - March-April 98
    Young maiden wearing a chiffon toga. On a page of other items from the Free Craft

  • And, if you have not subscribed to this newsletter, please fill out our on-line subscribe as well as check out our other issues of The SEASONAL CRAFTS Spring Spring Bunny Painted T-Shirt design and sample by Kim Fortin Materials: A prewashed T-shirt, color of your choice (white or light colored shirt works better for painting) Fabric paint in pink for inner ear, nose and mouth, orange for carrots, green for carrot tops and grass, blue for eyes, the bunny can be any shade of pink, gray, or light brown and white A black permanent fine line pen for whiskers, to outline, the eyebrows, eyes and carrots Fabric paint brush Sandpaper 18" piece of 1/4" wide ribbon, color of your choice, tied in a shoestring bow Small safety pin Instructions: Trace the and apply to the front of the T-shirt

  • The company was so impressed with her work they hired her to do some samples for them which eventually progressed into her becoming a sales rep for the company

    Bizzi Bows - Handcrafted Hair Accessories, Bows, Veils And More
    Unique handcrafted hair accessories for all ages and occasions, specializing in
    custom designs. Designs include bows, headbands and communion veils.

  • to see samples

    Everything For Pontoon Boats|Pontoon Boat Seats|Pontoon Furniture ...
    Offers pontoon seats, tables, consoles, carpet, bimini tops, and ladders. Also,
    redecking kits, cleaners, and trailers.

  • Be sure to clean up the carpeting first and if you need help coming up with the best replacement pontoon furniture layout just send us an email or fax with your current layout and we'll come up with some sample furniture designs


    Cj's Quilting Page
    Many beautiful quilts to look at, or subscribe to the Quilt-Sampler email discussion
    group here.

  • Caja de Joyas The blocks for this quilt were demonstrations for a 'Block of the Month' class I taught, based on Diana Leone's book, 'The New Quilt Sampler.' The quilt acquired its Spanish name as part of a teaching trip to Madrid, Spain, in February 1997

  • Washington, PA), August 2000 Eastcoast Quilters' Alliance Gathering (Westboro, MA) November 2000 Special thanks to Brenda and all the DJ ladies (and Frank and Larry) for their friendship and encouragement! As if this wasn't enough...I decided to do it again! I'm teaching a class at a local shop, and decided I would need an 'in-progress' sample

  • * 6-person row robin with Amy, Ingrid, Roseann, Cathy and Lesley (picture of my row below) * Class plans and samples -- always in the works * Probably lots more I missed...but that's the beauty of a website! This is my start on a musical Row Robin quilt

    Dani's Cosplay Supplies
    Costumes, sewing, craft, props tools and supplies. Specialists in hard-to-find items.

  • Click for a sample picture and so we can mail you a swatch card

    Airsport Direct Air Rifles and Pistols
    Specialising in air rifles, pistols and CO2 guns for sports shooting and pest control.

  • We've seen the samples and the attention to detail is outstanding

    Yatsenko - The Late Sogdian Costume - Transoxiana Eran ud Aneran
    Article by Sergey A. Yatsenko. Two periods in the history of the Sogdian costume
    can be singled out: Heptalitian (5th to 6th cc.

  • A known sample of the beret ( type 4 ) has a much higher main part, if compared to a male one (pl

    Up-to-date illustrated dictionary of fiber and textile technology ...
    Reference for textile terminology, covering all types of textile terms, with
    special emphasis on the nature, manufacture and applications of man-made fibres.

    Texas - "Targeted Promotion of the Texas Hunting ...
    Links to hunting and fishing outfitters and leases in Texas plus articles and reports.

    Up-to-date illustrated dictionary of fiber and textile technology ...
    Comprehensive dictionary of textile terminology, focused primarily on manufactured
    fibers and fiber applications. Includes abbreviations, conversion tables for ...

    Heidi's Knitting Room
    Includes information, techniques and small projects. The techniques range from
    lace, trims, to cables. Many of these are applicable to any machine.

  • But that's another - standard gauge - chapter! :) I'm embarrassed to say that I cannot show off lots of finished projects as I seem to be making mostly's not my fault, honest, it's just whenever someone on the Bond list mentions this or that technique....

  • I have to go to and try it out! So dig through my samples and maybe you'll find one you'd like to try!! Monday, 16 February 2004 Here is my latest experiment, the It is knitted in one piece and seamed-as-you-go so that when you take it off the machine it is already together with no seams left to do by hand.

  • I knitted this sample with Lustersheen and keyplate 15


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