River's Edge Rhymes
A compendium of predominately prudish poems to ponder about love and nature.

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  • & Sun.) Sterling Office Supplies 59 Autumn Haze Ct., Mt

    haiku in english
    A succinct history of haiku in North America, with insights as to why haiku
    flourished there and how North American haiku have influenced the worldwide haiku ...

  • Higginson (1985, 52) considers Autumn Haze by Amy Lowell to be 'one of the best hokku [haiku] by a self-styled Imagist': Is it a dragonfly or a maple leaf That settles softly down upon the water? However, this haiku has the same problem as Pound's Ts'ai Chi'h -- it is too wordy - Asia sweats on El Nino's return - February 20, 2002

  • A moderate El Nino would deliver widespread dry weather over the western part of the Pacific Ocean, including Southeast Asia with an increase in forest fires and smoke haze

  • However, with a weak to moderate El Nino scientists are hopeful that the severe haze experienced in 1997-98 will not be repeated

  • Regional fears Malaysia hopes heavy rain forecasts for March will help douse some of the forest fires currently ablaze, however drier El Nino conditions would exacerbate smoke haze in the region

  • Haze has been a regional concern since Indonesia drew harsh criticism from its neighbors in 1997 for its crude slash-and-burn agricultural production methods

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    Autumn Haze
    Local band performing classic and contemporary rock, blues and country music.
    Columbus, Georgia.

  • Search: The Web Tripod « | » Welcome to the Wide World of Autumn Haze is a Little Ole Band From Columbus GA We play a Variety of Music Specializing in Classic and Contemporary Rock Blues And Country We do Allot of Our Own Material that rivals that of some other bands we know!!! As of this moment in time the band consists of: On guitar and vocals Johnny H Lesch Johnny has been in around in the Music biz in Columbus for some time now!!! He has Played with Many other bands before coming aboard the Haze He started out his Musical career with a band called Prowler, and later he moved to the band Flashback Along with time in the trenches with a few other bands He is now Comfortable and where he Belongs with the Haze Just Click on the spinning Guitar to Blast off to Johnny's Page On Bass an Vocals We Have The One and Only 'MR

  • He played in a few other bands in this area Starting out with Flashback with Johnny he soon tried a short stay with the band the Rockin Iguanas and is now very much at home with The Haze check out Bob's personal page On Vocals and Keys We Have Our Super Front Man Blake Duncan Blake has spent his time in the trenches as much as anybody

    The Five Hundred Essential Japanese Season Words
    Five hundred traditional Japanese season words with authoritative English
    translations, seasonally organized, for the benefit of haiku and linked poem poets and ...

  • haze ( kasumi , )

  • blossom haze ( hanagumori , )

    Haze Gray & Underway
    Ship history from the Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships.

    Haze Gray and Underway
    Ship history from the Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships.

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    Autumn Sweater
    Random thoughts about yarn, knitting, and other things that occupy her time.

  • Hi Melissa...I don't think you read this normally, but hopefully you read my email and have found yourself here.Have you seen the green at Valentina's? I was thinking you might be able to use one, possibly in an off white wool/silk blend, not quite so fuzzy as Kid Silk Haze

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  • Unluckily for me, between the reminents of being sick for a month and jet lag, SXSW passed in a beautiful foggy haze, and not of the alcoholic variety either

  • Unluckily for me, between all the Project stress, the reappearance of IBS and Evil Fire Tummy, as well as jet lag, BlogHer 2006 passed in a beautiful foggy haze, and not of the alcoholic variety either

    David Baldwin - Binocular Astronomy Notebook
    Personal account of binocular observations, includes simple finder charts with
    notes assessing the significance of the objects observed, and links.

  • Muirden states "faint in binoculars, appearing as an irregular, extended haze ..."

  • Posted 02/10/2005 * * * * * The Dumbbell Nebula M27 ~ Planetary Nebula in Vulpecula [Chart showing M27 in relation to the stars of Sagitta] This evening in 10x40 binoculars M27 appeared as a small tight round ghostly haze of grey light

    New Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock
    Information about progressive rock bands, reviews, and a webzine.


    NYC Photos Gallery - New York City Photography through Pics ...
    A site covering New York City through many photo galleries and thousands of photos.

  • (Large Photos taken on a very hot and hazy day in Central Park) (Large Photos taken at around Ground Zero in the middle of Summer in the hour just at Sunset) (Visit Central Park in the Summer and catch all the luscious green, and the Haze too!) Hazy Day (The upper westside's waterfront nestled against the Hudson River and which goes on for miles) (Discover that little green beauty of ours, located in midtown Manhattan) (One of the highest points within Manhattan Island) (Experience a hazy sunset sky in a NYC Summer Park off the waters of the Hudson) Many photos from the coming year of 2006 in NYC to arrive our way ...stay tuned and have fun browsing! Visit the following for a complete list of pages on NYCPG or Our Latest Video Posting Beautiful Music Outside Grand Central Terminal As usual we found ourselves at the right spot at the right time to enjoy this truly lovely rendition of the timeless classic IMAGINE

    Overview of the history of Glenwood, WV.

  • Any clear, crisp, autumn day there could be seen a faint haze, the remnant of Indian summer, dimming the distant hills

    The West Highland Way: Introduction
    Stage by stage route descriptions with photographs and links to accommodation .

    Carson McCullers
    Biography of the American author.

  • "The late autumn sun laid a radiant haze over the new sodded winter grass of the lawn, and even in the woods the sun shone through places where the leaves were not so dense, to make fiery golden patterns on the ground

    Translated Chinese Poetry: Poems by Li Po
    Introduction and English texts from The Penguin Book of Chinese Verse.

  • O breeze of the spring, since I dare not know you, Why part the silk curtains by my bed? THE MOON AT THE FORTIFIED PASS The bright moon lifts from the Mountain of Heaven In an infinite haze of cloud and sea, And the wind, that has come a thousand miles, Beats at the Jade Pass battlements...

    DH Lawrence
    Comprehensive site and related book-link with good information on censorship.

  • may have caused the downfall of past civilizations"; tribal shamans "combine the spirit of place and the regeneration of the spirit of man." "Books to me are incorporate things, voices in the air, that do not disturb the haze of autumn, and visions that don't blot out the sunflowers....The miserable tome itself ..

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