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City of Atlanta Online
Information on government of Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Montague President and CEO Youthfest 2006 City of Atlanta Job Application Process Goes Online City of Atlanta Completes Purchase of the Quarry Mayor Franklin's Veto Letter Atlanta Lifts Watering Ban, State Restrictions In Effect Dr

    Wal*Mart Sucks' Journal
    Weblog of complaints by Wal-Mart employees.

    The Job Examiner -- Career, Educational, and Business ...
    Career and educational opportunities newspaper serving the Phoenix metropolitan area.


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    Courier News Online
    Features news, editorials, classifieds, and census data.

    Ottawa - Rockhurst Careers Group
    Job search, outplacement and screening services. Company profile, including
    services descriptions.

    Washington Education Association
    A listing of job openings in Washington state public schools for teachers,
    administrators, classified staff and higher education employees.

    Poynter Online - Romenesko
    News, commentary and links about journalism and media.


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    LabourStart: Where trade unionists start their day on the net.
    International news portal about labor and union issues.

    Pharmacy Jobs Nation-Wide and Pharmacist Employment in the US
    Listing of retail pharmacy jobs in Providence for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

    Lockergnome - Your Top Technology Information Resource!
    Windows 95/98/NT/2000 newsletter with 32-bit downloads of freeware and shareware,
    tips, and tricks.

  • Dedicated to the world of OS X, Carbonized and Cocoa downloads, terminal tips, GUI tweaks, cross-platform help, application skins, new fonts, and anything else we care to share with the Apple community-at-large

    Jobs in Arlington, Alexandria and Northern Virginia
    List of links to businesses seeking employees in Fairfax, and Arlington.

  • To learn more about the jobs with the companies listed, go to their sites and follow their instructions for the application process


    CRM Buyer: CRM News and Information for System Purchasers.
    An independent source featuring CRM product information, reviews and product

  • Thursday - August 10, 2006 Loyalty Lab, an on-demand CRM application for consumer brands, has introduced Loyalty 2.0, an upgraded product to help retailers and grocery stores incorporate e-commerce channels into their first-generation loyalty programs, and to better segment their customers

  • Called 'Centric CRM Spike Certified, ' the product is an integrated CRM software application designed to help companies acquire, retain, service and sell to customers

    I Want Media - Media News & Resources
    A portal site for media news, data and resources.

  • Disney will roll out a new Web site in 2007 that will include more video and community applications

  • The Seattle-based Loudeye will enable Nokia to offer 'a comprehensive mobile music experience, including devices, applications and the ability to purchase digital music.' Associated Press The University of California is joining Google's book-scanning project, throwing the weight of another leading academic library behind a venture that is under legal attack for alleged copyright infringement

    HBS Working Knowledge
    Management information and business articles.

  • Q: What were some of the projects? A: As an example, one of last year's teams was looking at an application of quantum dots for cancer treatment that had been proposed by an outside sponsor

  • But they then went away and came back in ten weeks with a new quantum dot application—and a patent disclosure

    BizWiz™ - The Internet's Largest Business Network and Business ...
    Marketplace and resource network which is a highly interactive business environment
    that connects business to business.

    The Daily Vidette
    Student newspaper of Illinois State University in Normal.

    The Americans with Disabilities Act: Statutory Language and Recent ...
    An overview of the Americans with Disabilties Act and related court cases.

  • However, United rejected their applications based on its policy of requiring uncorrected vision of 20/ 100 or better for its pilots

  • 33 Employment General Requirements Title I of the ADA provides that no covered entity shall discriminate against a qualified individual with a disability because of the disability in regard to job application procedures, the hiring, advancement, or discharge of employees, employee compensation, job training, and other terms, conditions, and privileges of employment

    Medfield Animal Shelter
    Pictures of dogs, cats, kittens and rabbits available for adoption, news, and
    their wish list.

  • We have placed a number of our pets in loving homes over the last few weeks, including: Petunia, Jolly, Otis, Danny Boy, Floyd, Kharma, Athena, Tangiers, Salty (he's back home!), Colby, Max, Snoop, Maeve, Pooch, Angelina, Sophia (she was reunited with her family), and Lucy (she was placed directly by her family with our help)! Medfield Shelter's Featured Pets are Maine Coon lookalikes that need a home together since they love one another needs a home where she will be cherished Shelter News Adoption Applications Available to Download Send your completed application to: medfieldshelter@gmail.com We are Now Taking Reservations for The August Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic For Cats As part of our ongoing effort to help reduce the population of homeless and unwanted cats in our area, the Medfield Animal Shelter hosts STOP (Stop the Overpopulation of Pets), a low cost spay / neuter clinic for cats each month

  • If you are interested in adopting a pet from us, please be prepared to fill out our adoption application, and be sure to bring along the following information when you visit: An ID with your current address The name and phone # of your landlord if you rent your home or apartment, as well as a letter from him/her saying you are allowed to have a pet

    The RFID Weblog: Main Page - Implementation and Application of ...
    Entrepreneur writes about information technology and RFID.

  • Other uses and applications of RFID have seen good adoption rates, but the much-vaunted passive RFID for the supply chain is sputtering right now from a market perspective

  • This system is based on the IBM WebSphere software platform and architecture which enables clients to reuse existing assets and hence build new applications faster at a low cost

  • The Application Level Events (ALE) Preview for RFID This tool enables developers to create applications which read and filter data from RFID devices and easily displays event notices on a web browser

  • The RFID Device Development Toolkit This tool has a collection of more than three hundred RFID specific resources, technical articles and tutorials which detail the steps involved in the development of RFID applications.and it also makes note of constraints associated with developing to mobile devices such as proprietary operating systems and limited memory


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