Computer Viruses In Unix Networks
Paper which examines in detail the problem of computer viruses as they relate to
Unix and Unix-like systems.

  • Computer Viruses In Unix Networks Computer Viruses In Unix Networks Copyright © August 1995, February 1996 by Peter V

  • The first computer viruses created were on Unix systems

  • Computer worms preserve themselves by migration while computer viruses use propagation

  • While the hostile algorithms that have captured the general public's imagination are viruses and worms, the more common direct problem on Unix systems are Trojan horses and time bombs

  • Example: cp /bin/sh /tmp/gotu ; chmod 4777 /tmp/gotu Trojan horses and time bombs can be located using the same methods required to locate viruses in the Unix environment

  • A virus or worm attack is more important because these programs are mobile and can integrate themselves into the operating system

  • Of these two forms of attack, the virus attack is the hardest to detect and has the best chance of survival

  • Worms can be seen in the system process tables and eliminated since they exist as individual processes while virus attacks are protected from this form of detection by their host programs

  • All of the methods used to detect and prevent viruses are also effective against the other forms of attack, therefore, the remainder of this paper will deal with the more serious problem of viral attacks

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