Learning Styles Online.com - including a free inventory
Includes inventory to identify personal learning styles.

Abiator's Online Learning Styles Inventory
Free exams, and some explanatory materials to help act on the results.

Paragon Learning Style Inventory
A self-administered survey that provides an indication of learning style and
cognitive preference. It uses the four Jungian dimensions used by the Myers-Briggs ...

International Learning Styles Network - Home
Fosters life-long academic, intellectual and personal success through the promotion
and dissemination of research, information, publications and other resources ...


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Learning Styles
Advice on identifying your learning styles (or preferences) and using this
information to enhance learning.

Lesson Tutor : The Seven Learning Styles
Linguistic, logical, spatial, musical, bodily, interpersonal, and intrapersonal
learning styles introduced and discussed.

Discusses the study conducted by Sheila Tobias about two groups of science students
that are separated by personal math class experience.

Oklahoma Institute of Learning Styles
Most of the research and applications are based on the pioneering work of Dr.
Rita Dunn and Dr. Kenneth Dunn.

  • In addition to seminars and training workshops, we provide individual learning style testing, prescriptions and counseling

  • Benefits

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    Learning Styles - take Learning Styles Test
    An online community for youth and adults with learning disabilities including
    Attention Deficit Disorder.

    Home of Learning Styles - Creative Learning
    Provider of learning techniques and assessment tools for improved learning and
    work performance. Allows for individual style differences can be optimised.

    Hispanic-American Students and Learning Style. ERIC Digest.
    Provides full-text access to the ERIC Digest of this name which examines how the
    learning styles of Hispanic students differ from other students.

    Attending to Learning Styles in Mathematics and Science Classrooms ...
    Provides full-text access to the ERIC Digest of this name dealing with how learning
    styles impacts the way students learn math and science material.


    Performance Learning Systems, Inc.
    Brings courses and degrees offered by colleges and universities to various areas
    for university credits.

    MBTI Personality Test: Understanding Your MBTI or Myers Briggs ...
    Informal, short test that helps people verify their Myers-Briggs personality type.

    Hay Resources Direct
    Provides self-scoring assessment tools on areas such as competency, learning,
    management development and values.

    Active Learning Site Home Page
    Offers information on this technique including bibliographies, links, classroom
    ideas, and workshop schedules.

  • These resources include: Active Learning Workshops VARK : A Starter Kit for Learning Styles is now located at Active Learning Active Learning Research Active Learning Most ideas about teaching are not new, but not everyone knows the old ideas

  • Charles Bonwell Active Learning Workshops P.O

    Learning Theories
    Links to learning theory sites.

    Math Help ,algebra, study skills, homework help, mathpower
    Gives study and math anxiety relief tips in a fun and casual way. Also, lists
    tutorials by students.

    Gregorc Associates
    Training, consulting and publishing firm directed by Dr. Anthony F. Gregorc, the
    creator of the Mind Styles Model; originator of the four style types: Concrete ...

  • Below are some of his current speech/keynote and workshop titles: The Mind and Its Styles Applying Mind Styles Research to Classroom Activities Designing the Schools Again for the First Time A New Administrative Role: The Minister of Defense Laws of Nature that Unerringly Control the Learning/Teaching Process When Educators Keep Their Words Giving Ichabod Crane the "Golden Handshake" Moral Leadership: A 21 st Century Imperative Training for the System-Thinking School Leader Building a Powerful and Productive Team and Board Not Leaving Children Behind is a Moral Issue for Educators Dealing with the Surge of "Dark Forces" in Present Day Personal and Political Activities Enlightened Citizenship: The Road NOT TAKEN and the Consequences The Top 10 Reasons Why Schools Won't Really Change: Ending Our Naivete and Enabling Activities Check the and pages on this site for brief descriptions of several of these presentations

  • The questions were gathered from graduate and advanced seminar students, workshop and presentation participants, clients, and from individuals who telephoned, wrote letters and sent e-mails

    Center for Applications of Psychological Type: MBTI and Archetype ...
    Offers qualifying, certification, and advanced education training for the
    Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality assessment tool. Publishes books, materials ...

  • Binder includes ready-to-go workshop exercises plus reproducible handouts on CD-ROM


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