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1950s womens dress, photos, pictures, Boomer's Fifties Teen Idol ...
Photos and reviews of the dress fashions worn by Hollywood actresses.

  • The photos on this page, along with style, will show you dresswear colors and patterns that are worn in the 1950s

  • This coat is a familiar style for the 1950's

  • Pedal Pushers Audrey Hepburn helps set the trend in mid 1950s with tight fitting pedal pushers and short hair style, stylish dress for a motor scooter ride

  • Susan Cabot travels in style wearing a circle skirt, thin wool sweater, cinch black belt, and of course leather gloves

    Fifties Fashion, Hair, Food, Cars, Facts and History about the ...
    Images of cars, teen idols, drive-ins, and other icons.

    Star Trek Movies Detailed Movie Review
    Very detailed analysis of the movie, and listings of similar ones. Sign up to
    become a movie scholar on the site.

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    Photo by pictures.kazebeer.com

    Star Trek Movies Detailed Movie Review
    Analytical review of the plot, setting, theme, and structure of the Undiscovered
    Country, and links to similar movies.

    Katsilk, ooak fashion dolls, doll hair for rerooting, doll making ...
    Specializing in saran hair in a wide variety of colors for rerooting and restoration.
    Also vintage fashion doll repair kits, boxes, and videos.

  • Each order consists of two standard skeins which is more than enough to reroot a barbie size doll in most any length hair style

    Web ring for sites dedicated to rockabilly music and culture.

    Singer and entertainer from the UK. Site includes photos, MP3 clips, lyrics, CD
    information, and links.

  • Benefits

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    His Midlife Crisis, Her Midlife Crisis, or Your Midlife Crisis? We ...
    Features a forum of men and women supporting each other through midlife crises.

  • He changes his hair style, starts a diet and joins the local gym

    Fashion History Costume Trends and Eras, Trends Victorians - Haute ...
    Pauline Weston Thomas and Guy Thomas place costume alongside the social history
    of an era, focusing on fashion from 1800. Includes undergarments, haute couture ...

  • Sport meets street style in Glamour, glitz and corporate

  • The effects of past and present technology, changes in work, leisure, media and homelife that affect lifestyle trends, attitudes, fashion trends and shopping trendsetters are all covered in the various eras

    New York Times - If It's Brooklyn and the 50's, Shouldn't We ...
    Review by Stephen Holden (negative). [requires free registration]

    Ron's Lost in the 50's
    Restoration of a 1958 Chevy Impala convertible and 1955 Lincoln Capri 2dr hardtop.
    Includes other cars and music from the 50's and 60's.

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    SPLICEDwire | Brad Bird interview (1999)
    Rob Blackwelder interviews "Iron Giant" director, Brad Bird, for Spliced Online.

  • Not only is it a visual masterpiece with joyously cartoony style that evokes subconscious memories of classic Warner shorts and boasts a hero that is an ingenious, post-war comic book amalgam of gears and armor plating, with friendly, headlamp eyes and the demeanor of a lost puppy

  • But it's also a deceptively simple story that manages to combine the obligatory social commentary of any kids movie with brilliant observations about the American lifestyle during the Cold War

  • kind of had a bad experience with their previous film ('Quest for Camelot') in trying to emulate the Disney style

    Vintage clothing, vintage clothes, retro clothing store, 1970's ...
    Offering a unique variety of vintage belts and buckles from the 20's to today,
    including leather, plastic, vinyl, rhinestone-studded, funky and fun.

  • We also have a huge selection of second hand, used, & recycled clothing, iron-on transfer t-shirts, rock tees, gothic, batwing tops, trendy shirts & tops, low rise pants, corduroy and denim jeans, Carole Little clothing, and name brand boutique style clothing!

  • Vintage Straight Skirts, Vintage Pencil Skirts, Vintage Long Skirts, Vintage Short Skirts, Vintage Flared Skirts, Vintage A-line Skirts, Vintage Bias Cut Skirts, Vintage Ruffled Skirts, Vintage Plaid Skirts, Vintage Kilts, Vintage Wool Skirts, Vintage Gunne Sax Skirts, Vintage Wrap style skirts, Vintage Mini Skirts, Vintage Gogo Skirts, Vintage Calico Skirts, Vintage Psychedelic Skirts

  • Gabardine suits, 1940's suit, 1950's suit, 1960's suit, 1970's suit, vintage wool suit, vintage work suit, vintage knit suit Batwing Shirts, flannel shirts, denim shirts, iron-on transfer t-shirts, tank tops, halter tops, linen shirts, Asian inspired, Peasant style tops, and much more

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    Dragonswood :: A Pagan Meeting Place :: A Pagan meeting place for ...
    Dragonswood is a resource and magazine for Pagans of all paths and levels of

  • (9 bytes more) Post comments : on Sunday, August 20, 2006 - 05:41 AM GMT Posted by : AutumnLady Bog bodies’ shed light on Iron Age life Life in the Iron Age may have been nasty, brutish and short, but people still found time to style their hair and polish their fingernails — and that was just the men

  • One of the bodies, churned up by a peat-cutting machine at Clonycavan near Dublin in 2003, had raised Mohawk-style hair, held in place with gel imported from abroad

  • (Old Style)

    60's Slang
    Collection of some slang words used in the 1960's.

  • Wedgees A shoe style

    Muss My Hair
    Independent CDs by eclectic pop horizon-expander artists. Includes RealAudio
    clips, online purchasing, and movie downloads.

    New Page 4
    The nearly official site of this colorful and influential giant of the blues and
    blues harmonica. The site includes biographical information, photos, ...

  • A discussion of his unique and moving style, with sample audio files

  • ! Grammy-nominated keyboard player Rick Allen (Dukes of Dixieland) was a member of a Milwaukee-based group (with bizaare white-striped dyed hair, Skunk-style) which was apparently the first white rock group signed to Chess Records

  • More soon...) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ A SONNY BOY LOVE STORY, NEW YORK STYLE (Excerpted From Wedding Announcements New York Times May 7, 2000) “Cicily Wilson and Gregory John Speller were married yesterday by Richard Gilligan, a Roman Catholic deacon, at St

  • Here you will find a detailled discography and song list, a discussion of Williamson's harp style, a fine photo gallery, RealAudio sound bites and plenty more

    SHOWS FOR SENIORS of Los Angeles
    Provides low cost entertainment to seniors and senior centers throughout the
    local area. Provides contact information and senior locations.

  • We provide your convalescent, retirement, care or senior center with a fun, family style show featuring the funny antics of entertainer Mark W

  • 'THE LEGENDS OF ROCK AND ROLL' $150.00 Wearing a beautiful purple and black sequined jacket and cool 50's shades with the greased-back pompadour hairstyle, Mark W

  • - Fountain Valley - offers assisted living in a family style environment

  • - Santa Ana - offers assisted living in a family style environment

  • Wonderful lifestyle and comfortable housing, security, long-term health care

    John Lennon
    Reviews of the albums titled: Live Peace In Toronto '69, Plastic Ono Band, Imagine,
    Mind Games, Walls And Bridges, Rock 'N' Roll, Double Fantasy, ...

  • The second side is a pair of Yoko Ono tracks: 'Don't Worry Kyoko, ' a random rock riff that goes on for five minutes, and 'John, John, ' an atonal, 12-minute marathon of Yoko screaming over the band's random rumblings - some of her singing is eerie, in the style of traditional Japanese flute playing, but mostly it just verges on imitation guitar feedback (there's plenty of real guitar feedback already)

  • Lennon milks every style he knew to the hilt, from nihilistic protest songs (his masterful 'Working Class Hero'; 'I Found Out') to harrowing confessionals ('Isolation') to elegant, understated love songs ('Hold On'; 'Look At Me'; 'Love') to shuddering rockers ('Well Well Well') to introspective epics ('Mother'; 'God')

  • Anyway, there are some brilliant Lennon songs ('I'm Losing You, ' 'Watching The Wheels, ' 'Beautiful Boy'), huge hits that aren't terribly interesting ('Starting Over, ' 'Woman'), and minor pieces ('Dear Yoko'), all in the same Walls And Bridges style that walks the line between carefully-produced and over-produced


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