The Hunt for Red October: The Book and The Movie
A fan site comparing the book and the movie. Character list, trailer, links and

Mystery Guide - The Hunt for Red October
Review of the book along with ratings and some related links.

Filmtracks: The Hunt for Red October (Basil Poledouris)
Review, ratings, and related information.

The Hunt for Red October (PG)
"A leviathan relic of an age that no longer exists." By Hal Hinson. [Washington Post]


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The Hunt for Red October
"With its bad, treacherous Soviets on the one side, its freedom-loving Americans
on the other, and an indeterminate number of good Russian defectors in between.

The Hunt for Red October
"...more fun by suggesting how easily men can go wrong, how false assumptions
can seem seductive and how enormous consequences can sometimes hang by slender ...

Online NewsHour: Hollywood Blacklisting -- October 24, 1997
Excerpts from the PBS documentary "The Legacy of the Hollywood Blacklist."

In the Navy
"A clever game of cat-and-mouse between two men on opposite sides of an ideological
war who turn out to have more in common..." [Flick Filosopher]


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Matthew Robert Bowers' Movie Reviews: The Hunt For Red October
A fan review and several photos.

Becoming Tom Clancy: Letters from Tom
Four letters from Tom Clancy describing the events surrounding the publication
of his first novel, "The Hunt for Red October."

"The Hunt for Red October" / a review from Christian Spotlight on ...
Review from a Christian perspective by Tim Emmerich.

Borowitz Report
View of US current events. Features archives, appearances and books. Daily.


Sam Neill Images -- The Hunt for Red October
A collection of images and related links.

Aim Adventures-fly fishing, big game hunting trips,upland ...
Specializes in arranging hunting trips abroad. Information about big game, fishing,
bird hunting, and corporate retreats.

American Red Cross - Greater Manchester Chapter
Offer services from first aid and CPR courses to volunteer information and disaster
services. Donations, how to volunteer, and location.

Cool Hunting
Finding things in the intersection of design, culture and technology that excite
the imagination and inspire creativity.

New York State Hunting
A guide to large and small game hunting in New York State.

Imdb.comOctopus (2000)
Offers a review of the movie, and information.

Professor Hunt's Dog Page
List of links reviewed by the author accompanied by regularly updated editorials
on dog issues.

The Nitpickers Site
Index of nitpicks on the movie.


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