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Tips from the Nation's Icebox
The Car Talk guys interview an International Falls native for expert advice on
winter driving.

Camping With Your Dog(s)
Tips on camping with dogs.

  • Your dog's weight is also a tremendous factor when considering dosage

    FAQ About Physical Resources for Big Folks
    Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about physical resources for big folks.
    No nonsense, practical tips.

  • Put one foot on each scale and add the weights indicated on each of them

  • This method may give you a slightly inaccurate weight

  • Another option is to find an accurate outdoor freight scale, and use it after hours to weigh yourself

  • You will probably need to bring someone else along to read the weight, since the display is usually physically separated from the scales themselves

  • Beam balance scales have a hook on the end of the beam from which you can hang a counterweight

  • This hook makes it possible to weigh a person who weighs more than the scale is marked up to

  • Your doctor should have some counterweights for just this purpose

  • Weigh a person on the scale (one whose weight the scale can measure)

  • Weigh the same person again

  • The difference between the two weights is the amount the stethoscope subtracts

  • Now, weigh yourself with the stethoscope on the scale

  • Add the amount the scale reads to the amount the stethoscope subtracts, and you have your weight

  • If a doctor chalks it up to weight or suggests weight loss as a cure, find another doctor


    New York Harbor Terminals
    Stevedoring (ILA) and vessel husbandry services.

  • - Hundred Weight EAN - Except as Otherwise noted OFBT - Open Flat Bed Truck LCL - Less Than Container Load C.F.S.- Container Freight Station DEFINITIONS: A

  • HEAVY LIFT: Refers only to single packages weighing 6, 001 lbs

    Wortliste deutsch/englisch.

    Advertising Terminology
    University of Texas in Austin dictionary of advertising terminology.

    Farmers for Justice
    A non-profit organization dedicated to fair markets for farmers in Western Canada
    and specifically...

  • Benefits

    Transportation Institute Maritime Glossary
    Commercial maritime vocabulary. Also includes international maritime signal flags
    and their meanings.

  • Container ships usually carry in the range of 25, 000 to 50, 000 deadweight tons

  • DEADWEIGHT - A common measure of ship carrying capacity

  • It is the difference between the number of tons of water a vessel displaces "light" and the number of tons it displaces "when submerged to the 'deep load line'." A vessel's cargo capacity is less than its total deadweight tonnage

  • The difference in weight between a vessel when it is fully loaded and when it is empty (in general transportation terms, the net) measured by the water it displaces

  • DEADWEIGHT CARGO - A long ton of cargo that can be stowed in less than 40 cubic feet

  • DENSITY - The weight of cargo per cubic foot or other unit

  • DISPLACEMENT - The weight, in tons of 2, 240 pounds, of the vessel and its contents

    United States Committee for a Free Lebanon (USCFL)
    Grassroots organization dedicated to educating the public about Lebanon's strategic
    and moral significan...

    The Beacon Hill News & The South District Journal
    Pacific Publishing Company serve the most ethnically and economically diverse
    areas, from the stately...

    Lexique ferroviaire anglais-français
    From "Le Rail Miniature" magazine, 1996, by the TRAQ Group (Transportation by
    Rail across Quebec)....


    Notes on American English
    Tabular presentation of the differences between American and British English,
    with a thorough explanation...

    Cato Institute: Amtrak at Twenty-Five, End of the Line for ...
    1996 policy paper says subsidies are based on myths.

    Journals of couple's travels in Canada, Mexico, Central America, United States,
    Europe, and northern...

  • I readjusted my baseball cap for the hundredth time, shifted the weight of my pack, and took another step

  • “It’s hot, ” I thought as I shifted the weight of my pack again

    Texas Power Wagon Journal
    Celebrates these Dodge military and civilian four-wheel-drive trucks. Includes
    contact information,...

  • (Ford and Chevrolet/GMC were yet to introduce theirs.) The "W" series trucks were produced in various weight capacities with a full range of engines, transmissions, cab configurations, cargo bed styles, and optional equipment.

    Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Affirmative Action
    Encyclopedia entry by Robert Fullinwider.

  • Philosophers might do “meta-ethics” but not “normative ethics.” This viewed collapsed in the 1970s under the weight of two counter-blows

    Navy Awards Vertical Takeoff UAV Contract
    Paper, with photos and specifications, describes contract for the Navy's
    next-generation unmanned...

  • Maximum gross takeoff weight was 2, 303 lb with a useful load of almost 1, 200 lb

  • Gross takeoff weight is 772 lb, with an empty weight of 331 lb

  • Important performance specifications include a maximum takeoff weight of 2, 250 lb, a service ceiling of 14, 500 ft and a maximum cruising speed of 165 kt

    Kiss Me Deadly - Evidence of a Style
    Alain Silver's extensive examination of the film's style, content and subtext.

  • The craning down and the hiss of the hydraulic jack as the screaming Nick is crushed under the weight of a car; the pillar of fire that consumes Lily Carver; the eerie growl of the black box; even a simple 'Pretty pow!' as Nick jams a fist into his open palm-these random acts have no organizing principles

    Weather Underground: New Bremen, Ohio
    Current conditions, forecast, and links to weather maps.


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