Redneck Jokes!-Jesta's Court
A collection of redneck humor, including the famous 'You might be a redneck if' phrase.

  • You have ever had a land-speeder up on blocks in your yard

  • You burn your front yard rather than mow it

  • You have flowers planted in a bathroom appliance in your front yard

  • There are four or more cars up on blocks in the front yard

  • Your baby's favorite teething ring is the garden hose in the front yard

  • You think you are an entrepreneur because of the "Dirt for Sale" sign in the front yard

  • You have barnyard animals living in your house

  • A tornado goes through your trailer's yard and makes it look neater

    Redneck Mother
    Raising children, lettuce, and hell in Texas.

  • This is going to stand me in good stead back home as long as I don't set the yard on fire.I also went to Naomi Aldort's session 'How to Know What is Best for My Child.' That was an eye-opener

    True Tales of the Redneck
    A collection of short stories based on life in the south.

  • Recommended comedienne? - Larry The Cable Guy.  I just bought his first album (the one that pictures him dumping a woman out of her wheelchair) and it is hilarious.  He is unabashedly Southern and politically incorrect.  You may see some quotes from him posted on this website in the future.  (If I can get off my lazy ass and write them down.) Quote of the Month - ” Something I never thought I would hear on Easter Sunday, “I remember when me, Jerry, and Scott were in high school and we would line up our GI Joe’s in the yard, sit on the porch drinking beer and shoot them with our BB Guns.” - My Brother Brian

    Angela Gillaspie's SouthernAngel
    The "Redneck Bombeck" takes you all through the interesting feats of Southern

  • ! Normally, visiting the lavatory at 4am is uneventful, except for when you marry someone who ! Boys love football and girls love football players, and only young boys can come up with such ! To some, it's 'war paint, ' to others, it's 'putting on makeup, ' to me, it's '.' - Alabama is trying to make it illegal to have a heap in your yard! Don't know which way to hang the toilet paper? Gertie knows as she delves into Food Humor & Recipes Visit my page for: Irish Irish Potato Bread, Traditional Irish Stew, Irish Whiskey Pie, and more! : An emotional 'town meeting' on an explosive topic ..

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    The Joke Yard
    A collection of clean and not-so-clean jokes.

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    Redneck Adventures
    Oregon adventures through the eyes of a couple of rednecks.

  • : Our closest lake, full of fish! : The most comprehensive tournament fishing site on the net! :A trip to the ocean and upstream a bit! Then a little tour around the back yard! We've broken it up so it loads quicker now! : See what the Spinreel people have to offer tourists that want to experience the dunes a fun way! : Humor : Humor : What is GORSE, you ask? Myrna and some of the gran chillun's get ready to go to Wally world to gather up some fixin's and necessities! With any luck at all 'ole blue' will catch a deer or smash a possum!(MmmMmm Road Kill) We worked on it for weeks to get it down offin' the blocks so's we could eat agin! *toothless grin* On the way to wal-mart Myrna spotted this strip mall along side the road

    Long Live Squirrels
    The official site of the Squirrel Rights League. Background on various species,
    and networking opportunities for squirrel lovers. Images, chat, fact sheets, ...

  • In your backyard, city parks and woodlots, you see several squirrels and their cute antics

  • Also, some squirrel haters in their heartless rage hunt squirrels and even in their own yard or neighborhood

  • They are attractive backyard companions, and they also make great pets when tamed

    Saskatchewan Golfer
    Monthly online magazine with course and event information, news, classifieds,
    playing tips, jokes, and other features of local interest.

  • We're in a different league now - like a small Elk Ridge Golf Resort at Waskesiu.” The fairways of the 6, 756-yard, par-72 championship golf course are cut out of the Northern Boreal forest and share some of the same environment as other northern courses such as Waskesiu, Elk Ridge and Candle Lake

  • Twilight golf, night tournaments, driving ranges, miniature golf, and practicing in the back yard are just a few examples of how to use Twilight Tracer, say Firlotte

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    100 Redneck Jokes
    A collection of jokes and one-liners about rednecks.

    Redneck Cycles - Custom Motorcycles
    Custom motorcycle engineering - builders of one-off street bikes in the UK.

    Stink Yard
    Features a collection of reviews that concentrate on obscure horror movies.

  • 11/13/04 After a long sabbatical, Shortstick returns to review 'Session 9' in a not so typical Stink Yard review

  • Of course, the movie isn't the typical Stink Yard movie

  • The three collaborators at the Stinkyard: Roachito, Giggles and Shortstick found themselves in an existential loop while watching this Turdo Grande

  • In a shocking development, Shortstick actually wrote a positive review for the Stink Yard! - added 5/20/04 A no-brainer for best cheesy movie of all time

  • Best of The Stink Yard - added 5/12/04 You know all those slasher cliches that 'Scream' made fun of? Frightmare goes to the cliche well more than once and comes up empty every freakin' time

    Intricate Lines Graphic Design Co.
    Automotive graphics services; includes photo samples of vinyl decals and auto
    paint designs.


    Junior's Juke Joint
    A virtual road trip to several Delta blues juke joints in both Louisiana and
    Mississippi. Features photos and maps.

  • It looks like a normal white frame house with a paved back yard

    Sarge Lintecum's Jungle
    Singer and harmonica player from Arizona. Biography, sound files, events, pictures,
    and CD information. Also includes poetry and Vietnam stories.

  • POW MIA [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] (Sarge's Jungle is best viewed at 800X600 pixels screen area or higher.) Sarge performing his Vietnam Blues Show Latest Updates: Look for Sarge on CMT! (Country Music Television) The show is: "Small Town Secrets, " the episode with Sarge is: "Cowgirls, Combines and Commandos." Sarge performs his song, "Buried In The Bone Yard Blues that he wrote for this show." Sarge's segment was filmed at the airplane bone yard in Tucson, Arizona

    Stofel, Robert: Stranded in Skin and Bones
    Blog for those confused, malcontent, or suspicious of modern religion, and weary
    from their attempts at trying to be perfect Christians.
    Coverage of football and basketball for regional high schools.

  • Here's this week's report: With me being a devout Ford man, nothing is finer than seeing a Chevy on blocks…in the front yard…in front of the tractor (not that there's anything wrong with a tractor in the front yard)…in front of the boats -- yes, plural, I said boats

  • Here's this week's report: This field reporting is tougher than I ever expected! I have searched miles and miles for some of my favorite yard items

  • I could not locate any yard jockeys (jockies, juockies?) around here anymore and I got thrown out of Lowe's for asking where the concrete non-politically correct horse-ridin' fellas were kept

    Behrendt, Aaron
    Includes photographs, thoughts, and links.

  • I went the whole nine; New foam can coolie, Mullet haircut and a six pack of Busch Lite! I even bought an old Chevy Camaro, removed the tires, painted it “Primer Grey” and put it up on blocks in my front yard

    To Kill A Mockingbird (1962)
    Detailed review, synopsis and discussion of thematic elements by Tim Dirks.

  • Radley walk by and quiets his pals, and then they run over and stare at the Radley house and yard: Jem: There goes the meanest man that ever took a breath of life

  • Dill's spinsterish Aunt Stephanie Crawford fills the children's myth-making minds with even more horrifying images of the fearsome Boo Radley - who hasn't been seen since his family locked him up years earlier: There's a maniac lives there and he's dangerous...I was standing in my yard one day when his Mama come out yelling, 'He's killin' us all.' Turned out that Boo was sitting in the living room cutting up the paper for his scrapbook, and when his daddy come by, he reached over with his scissors, stabbed him in his leg, pulled them out, and went right on cutting the paper

  • Scout is placed in a rubber tire, given a big shove, and is accidentally rolled into the Radley's front yard

  • He runs up the steps to the front door, touches it, comes running down, and then races out of the yard and back home yelling: 'Run for your life, Scout

    Wizard Needs Food Badly
    The blog of the unimpressed and the indifferent. Dig in!

  • It's the eyes that get to me...the 1000-yard vacant pederstare is almost too much to handle

  • It seems as if every other weekend this family opens their garage and pulls out all of the crap that they have stored in there and scatters it across their front yard

  • It turned, and the dog made of grass walked through the gate and into my backyard, where it laid down and died

    Holy Cow Tractor Pulling Team
    Modified pulling tractor owned and operated by Larry Piekarski, with information
    about tractor, driver, and team.

  • The plan is to run a tile down the highway right-of-way from in from of my house down the road across two other neighbors front yards and tee into the existing tile

  • The only problem is that about 1/2 of our yard got tore up and has no grass, and can't be fixed until the dirt has a chance to settle

  • The previous owner of my house cooperated with the farmer, but the tile isn't directly on my yard, so his cooperation was fruitless.The farmer installed a private tile to drain his three fields into a private ditch and which flows into a public ditch, a ditch I pay taxes to maintain, and a ditch I presently do no have access to due to the plugged drain.At this point, we bought the house, in '96

  • The funny thing, is this is one of the neighbors refusing to allow the county tile to be fixed, and now he is complaining about standing water in his yard

  • Our sump pump is the 'obvious' source of the problem, and he feels by making us move the pipe, his yard will dry up, but it won't

  • There is approximately 8 acres of land that drain through his yard, and we only contribute about .8 (or 10% for the numerically challenged) of the water


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